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Dog Bites Boy, Boy Bites Dog. Take That!

An 11-year-old boy in San Paulo, Brazil is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull dog as he played in his uncle’s back yard. But this isn’t just one sided, the boy actually retaliated and bit the aggressive canine back. A group of stonemasons were working nearby and intervened, chasing the dog away [...]

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More Tips for Encountering Aggressive Dogs

Being a lead animal services worker for Public Health
in Wisconsin, Pat Comfert has a number of suggestions
on what you should consider if ever confronted by an
aggressive dog.
If approached by a dog and you are not sure of its
intentions, Comfert advises “stand like a tree”. Offer
the animal a decoy, such as a jacket, backpack or
briefcase [...]

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Dogs Trap Postal Worker, Attack Car Tires

A mail carrier is already the perfect candidate for
carrying an electronic dog repeller and Mace Muzzle
canine spray.
In Hanover, PA, a female mail carrier ended up trapped
inside her vehicle for nearly two hours as two dogs
attacked her tires. Two dogs, one a rottweiler and the
other a pit-bull mix, flattened three of them.
When the mail carrier [...]

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