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Who Would Win a Fight, a Taser or a Stun Gun?

How many volt stun gun should I buy?
I’ve seen them online from 80,000 volts to 2 million volts. Does the voltage really matter? What is the difference between lower and higher voltage?
Is it the amount time the attacker is disabled, or the amount of pain he will feel?
What is the advantage to buying higher voltage [...]

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Ah, Mr. Taser… Your reputation precedes you…

Taser. Just speak its name and the threat of its
jolt can stop a man in his tracks.
“Taser, Taser, Taser!” was all a Salt Lake City
police officer had to shout when he couldn’t catch up
to a fleeing suspect this past Wednesday. Police
said the man suddenly threw himself on the ground
and immediately surrendered.
Tasers use compressed [...]

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What did you give for Valentine’s Day this year?

Flowers, candy, jewelry or an expensive dinner may keep you
out of the doghouse with your significant other but what
happens if some thug tries to ruin your Valentine’s night?
Sure a stun gun or pepper spray might not get the same
initial reaction, so don’t totally ditch the flowers and
candy… But what else could be a more appropriate [...]

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Your Life is Worth More than the Cost of a Taser

It simply amazes me how much money people will spend on
certain things, and not give a thought about how to protect
themselves. What is your life worth in dollars? What about
the life of your spouse or other loved one? Most people
would say can’t put a price on it.
How about some values on things we can assign [...]

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Don’t Tase Me Bro!

“Don’t Tase me, Bro!” was yelled by Andrew Meyer as he
was pinned to the floor by police. After the prankster
disrupted a question and answer session with US Senator John
Kerry, and then resisted arrest he was tasered while being
caught on tape.
Meyer’s voice became louder and more aggressive as he
continued his rant. When he refused [...]

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A Taser of Heroic Proportions

I was watching Heroes the other night on TV. If you have not
ever seen it, it is on Monday nights on NBC. It is a pretty
good show with the main premise of ordinary people who woke
up one morning with extraordinary powers, eventually leading
up to trying to save the world from an bomb that will
destroy [...]

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