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Dogs Trap Postal Worker, Attack Car Tires

A mail carrier is already the perfect candidate for
carrying an electronic dog repeller and Mace Muzzle
canine spray.
In Hanover, PA, a female mail carrier ended up trapped
inside her vehicle for nearly two hours as two dogs
attacked her tires. Two dogs, one a rottweiler and the
other a pit-bull mix, flattened three of them.
When the mail carrier [...]

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Encountering an Unfriendly Dog

Man’s best friend. Usually. But sometimes an unfriendly dog
may threaten someone on the street. Now if you are
trespassing on someone else’s property and you chose to
ignore the “Beware of Dog” sign, that is your own fault.
However, if you are minding your own business and an
aggressive dog crosses your path, that is a different story.
Dogs [...]

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