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Self Defense. It’s so Easy, Even a Caveman Could do it.

Self Defense. It’s so easy, even a Caveman could
do it.
And no disrespect to our Neanderthal brethren.
They carried some big clubs and spears back in the
Paleolithic day. I would challenge any of today’s
breed of criminal to play woolly mammoth and go
toe-to-toe with a caveman and see what happens.
But today, walking down the street with a huge [...]

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Rest In Peace Crocodile Hunter

The first anniversary of the Crocodile Hunter’s death is
upon us. Steve Irwin, environmentalist and television
“crocodile hunter” was killed one year ago by a stingray
barb that pierced his chest during filming on Australia’s
Great Barrier Reef. More lethal than any stun gun or
taser could ever be accused of…
Irwin, who was 44 when he died, became world-famous for [...]

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Make Your NEXT ATM Transaction Safer

I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but the recent movie
trailer I have seen a few times on TV looks pretty good.
Also being a fan of Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel, I can’t
wait to see it. The movie NEXT is about a guy Cris Johnson
(Nicolas Cage) who is a Las Vegas magician. He [...]

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