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Where’s the Beef? Robbery at Wendy’s doesn’t stack up

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 3 August, 2010

Atlanta police report that a man ripped off a Wendy’s drive-through for almost $600 late last Saturday night, but wasn’t happy with the amount and called up the restaurant to complain. Twice. “Next time there better be more than $586!”

Apparently the ski-masked and gun toting man walked up to the outside of the fast-food drive-through and demanded the cash drawer. The employee complied, and the robber grabbed the drawer and ran off. He discarded the drawer in the bushes and made off with the cash on foot.

Later that night after the robber had time to count the cash, he repeatedly called the restaurant in frustration to complain about the haul. The manager should have told him the drawer was now full again and he should come back… with the local authorities waiting for him. He obviously isn’t that bright, it might have worked.

Besides 586 bucks in a single cash register isn’t too bad. The managers are “supposed” to skim off excess money throughout the night and lock it in the safe. At least we did back when I worked in a fast food joint. There wasn’t supposed to be more than $150 in there. It’s not like someone is going to regularly roll up to the register and peel a $100 bill off a stack of cash to pay for a $5 value meal.

With the close proximity of fast-food restaurants always clumped together, he probably could have hit more than one and increased his nightly total. $586 at Wendy’s, $491 at McDonald’s, $611 at the Burger King, another $535 at the Dunkin Donuts… that would have been a decent night’s pull, and he wouldn’t have had to call back to complain…

Oh wait, hitting up the Dunkin Donut shop probably wouldn’t have been the best idea… that’s where all the cops hang out…

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Jack Hanna fends off Bear Attack

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 27 July, 2010

Jack Hanna recently encouraged hikers to carry bear pepper spray in a public service message for the National Park Service. If you don’t know who Jack Hanna is, he’s a TV host, Columbus Zoo keeper, and a frequent guest of the David Letterman show.

While encouraging others to do so, Hanna has also carried Bear Mace while hiking in the woods for over 15 years, and never had to use it himself… until this past weekend in Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Hanna and his wife Suzi were finishing up a 5-mile hike from Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park on Saturday. Another set of three hikers were also in close proximity. As the group continued down the path and turned a blind corner, a mother grizzly bear with two large cubs were making their way up the trail towards them, not 30 feet ahead.

This particular trail has a steep drop-off on one side, and a sheer cliff on the other, without any real escape path. “We thought of letting them go by, but the trail was cut into the rock and was too narrow,” Hanna said. “So I said: ‘Everybody talk loud and we’ll back up until we can get off the trail.’ “

Hanna reported it seemed more like 1/2 an hour, but in reality the five of them slowly backed up the trail for about 5 minutes. They met up with another 2 hikers, a man and his 10-year-old son coming down the path. Now the 7 of them were backing up with no visible place to go but backwards. Eventually a small rocky clearing granted the group as much of a break as they were going to get. Hanna instructed the group to “crawl up the hill and put your backs against the wall.”

The mother bear and one of the cubs kept on going up the path, passed by the hikers and wandered off into another clearing up the trail. The other cub lagging about 15 yards behind the other two bears took particular notice of the frightened but calm group and decided to charge directly at them. Although smaller than an average human, that 125 pound grizzly bear cub is very strong and vicious, armed with very sharp claws and teeth, and has the potential to attract some pretty hefty back up, namely his 125 pound sibling and 400 pound mama!

Heeding is own public service advice, Hanna pulled out his canister of pepper spray for bears, and readied himself as the bear rushed forward.

“At about 30 feet I unload my pepper spray, and the wind takes it,” said Hanna, but the bear kept coming.

“Then I unload the second spray,” said Hanna, but the bear still kept coming.

“Then the third time I unload that pepper spray right in his face,” continued Hanna, forcing the bear to break off the charge and flee.

“You can’t do anything with a grizzly; they can run a football field in seconds,” said Hanna, “There’s no way I could hit that bear with a gun.”

This was the same trail where a California man and his daughter were severely mauled five years ago by a mother bear and two cubs.

On average, 35 individuals per year are mauled by bears in the United States. Don’t become another statistic! Protect yourself with bear strength pepper spray and arm yourself against possible bear attacks with safe, humane Bear Pepper Mace.

Our bear pepper spray has the strongest EPA approved animal repellent rating (2.0% Capsaicinoids) with an extreme blast range of 20-30 feet! Regular human pepper spray is not the same as bear pepper spray. Strap a can of Bear Pepper Mace to your side before you head out on your next outdoor adventure and store another can in your pack. Feel secure that you have a personal defense spray that can stop a possible bear attack. Bear Pepper Mace. Accept no substitutes.

Hopefully you go 15 years or more before you ever need to use it, just like Jack Hanna. But don’t be caught without it when you really, and I mean really need to use it.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Ninjas Thwart Mugging in Australia

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 20 May, 2010

Where is the worst place to try to mug someone? Probably a tie between in front of a police station and a doughnut shop.

Where is the second worst place to try to mug someone? Probably in an alley next to a martial arts school.

Well the latter was the location that a 27-year-old German medical exchange student was targeted in Australia. Apparently after he got off a train, three thugs jumped him. The victim suffered minor injuries after getting roughed up and ended up losing his cell phone and iPod.

The situation may have been worse but a student ninja was leaving the Ninja Senshi Ryu martial arts school at the time of the assault and called a number of resident ninjas to the rescue of the victim, ninja stars blazing! Ok, so they weren’t chucking ninja throwing stars

“We started running towards them and they took off. They would have seen five of us in ninja gear… all in black with our belts on, running toward them,” says the ninja sensei, Kaylan Soto.

Of course if these ninjas were not student ninjas, perhaps the assailants would not have even seen them coming… until it was too late! Hi-ya!

Police reported that they arrested a 16-year-old and 20-year-old suspect, charging them with robbery. They are still seeking the third suspect.

Too bad the ninjas didn’t have colored masks and turtle shells on during class. That would have been a sight to see… Cow-a-bunga Dude!

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Can my 18-year-old Daughter Carry Pepper Spray on her Keychain?

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 22 April, 2010

I think I’ll dip into the Google keyword phrase hits again today for the following:

- Can my 18-year-old daughter carry pepper spray on her keychain?

- Can you get expelled for having pepper spray?

Although pepper spray and Mace defensive sprays are legal in all 50 States, some specific locations, cities or states have regulations on to the purchase, possession and use of Aerosol Defense Sprays. For general guidance, please see our pepper spray laws page, if you have specific questions you should contact your local Police Department, campus security office or other authorities.

Aerosol Self-Defense Sprays are meant for defensive purposes only and can only be sold to or generally used by persons 18 years of age or older.

Many federal buildings, local court rooms, school districts, airports and other facilities have additional strict policies on possession of weapons and self-defense products, even if the use and carry is allowed in that particular city or state.

Unfortunately, even law abiding citizens carrying self-defense products for defensive purposes are labeled as bad guys if you wander into one of these locations and forget you have a 1/2 oz. pepper spray on your key chain.

Which brings up an interesting Catch 22.

Now your 18-year-old daughter who is a senior in high school, is not allowed to carry a pepper spray keychain to high school, which she wants to protect herself from robbery, abduction, rape or worse while walking home.

See Also: Student expelled for eyebrow shaver in purse and Two teen girls arrested in accidental pepper spray discharge.

Perhaps your 18-year-old daughter who is a freshman in college may be allowed to carry pepper spray, depending on the rules, regulations, and how forward thinking and safety concerned her college campus security is.

See Also: Pepper Spray Allowed on Portland State University Campus.

In any case, if either the 18-year-old high school senior or college freshman pulled out her keychain pepper spray at Columbine High School or Virginia Tech and stopped a shooting massacre, they would be considered a hero. That is unless the school continued to enforce the zero-tolerance weapons on campus policy… Like they did when they suspended that 17-year-old Eagle Scout in upstate New York who had a 2-inch pocket knife stashed away in the trunk of his car in the school parking lot with some camping gear back in October 2009. Excessive much?

Can you imagine the headines: Female Teen Thwarts Shooting Spree at Local High School, Gets Suspended for Carrying Pepper Spray on School Grounds?

teen girl with backpackI still wonder how many sex offenders would think twice before attempting to snatch a 12 or 13-year-old kid on the street if there was a chance that the child was taught how to responsibly use and carry a simple keychain pepper spray? I mean what do they have to lose now? The kids are defenseless to a 40 or 50-year-old grown man.

I feel like I need to do a Jaime Oliver: Food Revolution like TV show. Rob Cook: Self-Defense Revolution has a cool ring to it…

As I’ve said before, I’m not talking about arming a bunch of kids and letting them duke it out, or spray it out on a whim. Before someone goes all liberal on me, children or teenagers can be responsibly taught incremental self defense concepts over the course of their entire schooling. I’d see no problem with a responsible 14-year-old girl carrying a key chain pepper spray after being taught how, when and why to use it.

If we can hand out condoms during sex ed. in middle school, why not pepper spray and self defense during phys. ed?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Does Mace work on Geese?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010

I monitor which keyword phrases produce hits to the blog off of Google for SEO. Every now and then I get an unusual phrase showing up that directs a Google visitor to the site. So far this week, the best one was “Does Mace work on Geese?”

I’ll have to admit, I never really thought about using pepper spray on a goose. I do have several geese living at our pond. We start out with our regularly returning goose family at the beginning of each spring, and they hatch about a 1/2 dozen chicks (which grow very fast in to fully grown geese). Then by the end of the summer, there are several other geese attracted to the pond. I haven’t ever counted, but we end up with a well over 50 goose gaggle.

I’m not going to go out and hose one down with pepper spray to see what happens. I don’t want a goose-hugging hippy PETA agent on me, and I like my geese as I have never been attacked by one. But I’d have to make the educated conclusion that – Yes, Mace and pepper spray would in fact affect a goose, if you are being attacked by one.

Pepper Spray is an inflammatory agent, when someone – human, canine or bird is sprayed with OC pepper spray, they would become temporarily blinded by the burning spray dilating the capillaries in their eyes. Additionally, if the target is capable of breath, the breathing tissues suffer instant inflammation, restricting all but life support breathing, as well as causing nausea and the target to cough uncontrollably.

So pepper spray should have little to no effect on a vampire or zombie goose, but a regular old Canadian goose would have a rough time.

The problem with pepper spraying an aggressive goose is that their heads are very small compared to a human. If you have a stream spray pattern on your pepper spray, you will find it extremely difficult to hit the target goose in the face. You would be much better equipped with a fogging model, which requires you to be less pin-point accurate.

It seems if there appears to be a goose attack epidemic somewhere requiring Mace, Alfred Hitchcock’s estate should be notified that The Birds may be ready to get remade into The Geese… I guess it could happen.

Have you ever been attacked by a goose?

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Assault and Battery, Weapon Type: Other (4-foot python)

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 14 April, 2010

29-year-old Tony Smith was arrested last night for assault and battery at a hotel in Rock Hill, SC. Apparently the victim of the assault, 47-year-old Jeffery Culp had asked the suspect to turn down the loud music in his room previously that night. Words were exchanged and eventually turned into Culp getting smacked across the face with the head of Smith’s 4-foot python. (Snake whipped?)

When the cops showed up, Smith was found on the balcony still holding the weapon in question, his pet snake in his arms. I’m sure the snake wasn’t too happy being used as a blunt striking weapon. Can you give snakes aspirin for headaches?

Smith handed off the snake to a family member and was arrested. The police report classified the weapon type as Other. I suppose they don’t get snake assaults often enough to warrant that specific of a weapon type as a common listing…

It was not reported if the victim was actually injured during the attack or otherwise traumatized by the incident. It was also not reported what kind of music was blasting in the room in question? Perhaps some old school Whitesnake?

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Call Ahead Convenience Going Too Far

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 24 March, 2010

The fast pace of today’s society is moving at lightning speed, and nowhere is the demand faster than in the good old US of A. We want fast food, fast cars, 24/7 communication, fast computers on faster broadband internet connections, 1 hour photos, instant music download, same day repairs, and faster than fast service from the businesses we patronize.

I’m all for faster service and convenient accommodations. Drive through windows at banks and fast food restaurants are good. Free delivery at pizza joints, call ahead seating or curbside carryout… Some people even pay a nominal extra fee for this without question. Whatever allows for quicker transactions or lazier customers, we live in a fast pace, fast food world.

But somewhere you need to draw the line. And I’m not just talking about the speed for quality trade off. Somewhere common sense must kick in…

Let’s take this pair of would-be bank robbers from the fast paced area of Fairfield, Connecticut. Police arrested the 16-year-old kid and 27-year-old Albert Bailey in the parking lot of a People’s United Bank before the crime actually occurred.

Apparently the pair decided to test out the speed and helpfulness of the customer service department at the bank and called ahead so the bank would have a full bag of cash ready for them to steal when they got there. I mean they don’t want to waste anybody’s time…

10 minutes later when the speed demons arrived to quickly collect their loot, the police apprehended the guys. Police commented that the suspects were simply “not too bright.”

Hopefully they get a speedy trial.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Be Fast, but not too Fast.

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Start Packing your Bear Pepper Spray and Bear Mace

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

Even if I forget to pay attention to what time of year it is, the seasonal influx of bear pepper spray and bear mace orders from those in bear country remind me that the bears are waking up from hibernation. I did notice my Canadian Geese have come back north and settled in our pond again, but if you frequent Yellowstone, Glacier National Park or any other areas inhabited by grizzly or black bears, you have no doubt noticed some of them stirring too.

bear-sprayWhether it is bear tracks, bear droppings, animal carcasses or an actual human-bear encounter, now is the time to pack the bear spray.

Coming out of hibernation, these bears are hungry and aggressive. Later on in the season, while still dangerous, bears are more peaceful unless there is an available food source. You do properly store your food while in the woods don’t you?

Since 1992, half of the people ended up injured from bear encounters when people defended themselves with a firearm, according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services investigations. Those that defended themselves with bear formulated pepper spray ended up escaping injury most of the time, while those that were injured received less severe injuries and shorter attacks before the bears vacated the area.

Your best bear safety tip is to avoid the heavily bear populated area and heed all seasonal bear closure notices. Most of the time, the bear closures are only temporary, covering certain areas with increased bear activity that eventually lessens. If the park says stay out until June 15th or June 30th, wait until July. This is for your safety and the safety of your family, not the convenience of the park rangers.

This is still early on in the season, not all bears are out and about yet. And the temperatures may still be pretty cold in some areas. It is best to store your pepper spray for bears in a chest holster, which would keep the canister warmer than the frigid temperatures. Bear spray will still operate, but it may spray out slower and not quite as far. But make sure your bear spray is still readily accessible. You may only have a few moments to act, and you will not have time to dig it out from the bottom of your backpack.

I would always have at least 2 canisters on me, one readily available clipped to my hip or chest, and at least another can of bear mace in my pack. Have each person in your party carry the same. You never know if you are going to run in to one bear on your way in and one bear on your way out of the woods… If you do use at least a partial canister of bear spray, replace it when practical. You want a full 9 oz. can in the event you face a potential bear attack.

If you are deploying mace bear spray, take a quick account for the wind and adjust your aim accordingly. Pop the safety and aim towards the animal but slightly down, as the spray with fog out and upwards. Shoot off a brief warning shot when the bear is just out of range of your spray. If the bear continues advancing or charges, spray again creating a wall of fog between you and the bear so he runs into it.

Once the bear is distracted or turns away to wander off, immediately leave the area and seek shelter. Do not run, and do not take your eyes off the animal, but attempt to get back to your vehicle or nearby building or ranger station if available. Under no circumstances should you chase, follow or otherwise taunt the bear. Let him leave freely, and don’t give him a reason to return. Don’t forget to pull out your backup canister from your backpack and attach it to your hip or chest.

Campers, hunters, hikers, fisherman, and other outdoor enthusists be warned.

Watch out for the bear signs, check out the park webpage and as always, Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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New Yellow TASER C2 in stock

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 13 March, 2010

yellow TASER C2<br /> Spring has almost sprung. Daylight Savings Time springs forward this weekend, and the thugs that have been waiting out cold days are starting to stir.

In honor of the upcoming warm and sunny weather, we proudly introduce our latest TASER Device, our Spring Yellow TASER C2 with Laser. Same thug dropping power, stylish new color.

The TASER C2 series has almost 100% effectiveness rating, combining the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology.

The TASER C2 has a 15-foot range and the lithium power magazine. The integrated LED light is included to illuminate the darkness before firing and a trigger safety cover is provided preventing accidental activation. All colors of the TASER C2 transmits 50,000 volts of electrical pulses along the wires and into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Spring is in the air.

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For Trade: Bookmarks, Follows and Backlinks…

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 11 March, 2010

Click on the Help Us, Help You link here or above in header links.

We are willing to reciprocate any Social Bookmarkings, Facebook Fans, Follows, in-content links, blogroll links, etc.

For more details and trade options, check out the Help Us, Help You page.

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