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Concealed carry is coming to Virginia campuses

Posted by Rob on Monday, 9 November, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009; 1:49 PM
by Ken Stanton

“I’m making a bold prediction: this year, the bill will pass to allow state-permitted individuals to carry on Virginia’s public campuses; next week, we will be making the case for it.

November 9 – 14 is Defense Education Week, hosted by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at colleges across the country, where the issue will be brought forward as we advocate for self-defense rights on campus. The argument is simple: there are no grounds to deny the right to carry on campus lawfully and responsibly for the purpose of self-defense.

Campus is not immune to crime, and students, faculty, and staff who have permits should have the choice to carry while on campus, with their firearm being a last resort should their lives be endangered. Such permitted individuals must be 21, have had a background check, and have received training, some of the best measures in the country to ensure responsibility when carrying.”

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Join Chuck Norris and NRA in Defending the Second Amendment

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 28 October, 2008

As a Second Amendment supporter, you know there are two kinds of politicians — those who truly support our freedom, and those who just talk about it.

Now, in this final critical week of this campaign, we have an American patriot with a vital message for all of us.

Award winning movie and TV legend Chuck Norris has stepped up to the plate to warn gun owners about politicians who pay the Second Amendment lip service when they want YOUR vote — but oppose our rights once they’re safely in office. Click here to see an important new NRA TV commercial featuring Chuck Norris.

Every gun owner – whether they are a hunter, a target shooter, a collector or someone who owns a gun for self-defense – needs to hear this important message. Take Chuck’s advice and visit That’s the website of your NRA’s Political Victory Fund, where we tell you straight up who the good guys are and who the fakes are.

These days, anti-gun politicians don’t tell the truth. The biased media doesn’t either. For that reason, only you have the power to spread this powerful message of truth — with a little help from your NRA and Chuck Norris.

There are only seven days left before the most important election of our lifetime. Now is the time for action.

Please forward this message to everyone you know. Send it to your family, your friends, and every voter you know who values freedom and believes in the Bill of Rights.

Join Chuck Norris and be a force of one. Every vote counts in every election. We are all counting on you to make a difference this November. Do this for FREEDOM. Can the NRA and Chuck Norris count on you?


Chris W. Cox
Executive Director, NRA-ILA

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Stop! Or This Granny Will Shoot!

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 21 August, 2008

A burglary at a neighbor’s home a few weeks back prompted an 85-year-old Pennsylvania woman to arm herself with a .22-caliber revolver. She kept it at the ready near her bed in the bedroom. The thought of having a weapon in the house let her rest easier as several homes were being hit in her area.

This past Sunday afternoon, the woman heard what ended up being a 17-year-old punk breaking into her house. “I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun,” Leda Smith said. “I said ‘What are you doing in my house?’ He just kept saying he didn’t do it.”

Pointing the gun at the perpetrator, the grandmother forced him to dial 911 and confess his crime and told the operator to send the police to pick him up. Still holding the revolver, she then had the 17-year-old lay face down on the ground, arms and legs spread, and waited for the State Police to show up.

The boy was charged with attempted burglary and related offenses in juvenile court, but his name was not released due to his age. “It was exciting,” Smith said. “I just hope I broke up the (burglary) ring because they have been hitting a lot of places around here.”

Happy ending for the old lady this, but I wouldn’t suggest 85-year-old women store fully loaded, unlocked .22-caliber revolvers, out in the open, on their nightstands in the bedroom. Lucky for her the kid broke into another room first and didn’t come across the weapon before she did. Lucky for her it was only a punk kid, and not a deranged lunatic that would have rushed the old lady, and probably taken it away from her.

I’m pretty sure the woman has not received much, if any firearms training. It’s hard to say if the woman would have actually pulled the trigger if necessary and I’m sure the potential for an accidental discharge would have been pretty high. That 17-year-old was rightly scared with a shaky old lady waving a loaded weapon at him.

At the same time that I applaud her efforts of defending herself and her household, I have to imagine she could be taking other effective and safer measures. One option would be to have some simple and inexpensive home alarms installed. If a loud window or door alarm announced the presence of this kid before he even made his way into the house, he would have ran away and avoided the confrontation all together.

Perhaps a shot of pepper spray would have been as effective as pointing a gun at the kid. Sure everyone remained unharmed in this instance, but if push came to shove and the lady actually shot and killed this kid, it would have been far more tragic than if he got a quick coating of pepper spray.

I believe in defending my household as much as any of my other fellow card-carrying NRA members, but the thought of an 85-year-old woman, living alone at home, thinking a .22-cal is the answer kinda scared me.

Perhaps she would consider buying a dog? Now she has protection and companionship. I love my dog… yeah, she should buy a dog.

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Owners

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 26 June, 2008

The Second Ammendment, written more than 200 years ago says, “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Individual Americans indeed have a right to own guns, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday for the first time in history, striking down an extremely strict gun control law adopted 32 years ago in Washington, D.C. The previous ban included a ban on private handgun possession and the requirement that all firearms kept in your home must be unloaded, disassembled or bound by a trigger lock.

“Unlike the elitist view that believes Americans cling to guns out of bitterness, today’s ruling recognizes that gun ownership is a fundamental right — sacred, just as the right to free speech and assembly,” Republican presidential candidate John McCain said.

McCain rightly applauded this ruling and criticized his Democratic presidential opponent Barack Obama for comments he made back during the Primary political campaign.

“I have always believed that the Second Amendment protects the right of individuals to bear arms,” Obama said, “but I also identify with the need for crime-ravaged communities to save their children from the violence that plagues our streets through common sense, effective safety measures.” And what safety measures might these be?

For many decades, the proper interpretation of the Second Amendment has been argued whether it guarantees the right to bear arms to individuals or to citizens in a militia.

Justice Antonin Scalia say a citizen may prefer may prefer a handgun for home defense because “it can be pointed at a burglar with one hand while the other hand dials the police.”

This landmark ruling paves the way for reconsideration of other weapons control legislatation including other gun restrictions in other areas other than D.C., as well as those affecting other means of self defense such as pepper spray, stun guns and tasers.

Hopefully all law abiding citizens will soon have the luxury or owning whatever means of self defense they are comfortable with carrying from non-lethal options, to less-than-lethal, and up to lethal weapons if the situation so warrants it.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Yours in Safety,

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Guns Don’t Kill, People Do.

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 4 June, 2008

This anti-weapon, anti-gun, anti-Taser babble is really getting ridiculous by all these ignorant bleeding heart liberals. Let’s get one thing straight, again…

Guns don’t kill, people do. Tasers don’t kill, people do.

It is not the weapon performing the action, it is the physical being behind the implement. You can be killed with a #2 pencil quite easily. You can be beat to death by a heavy glass bottle or mug. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT THE INANIMATE OBJECT IS! A knife is not going to stab someone by itself.

One of the latest stories coming out of New Zealand. This time, a man charges a police officer with a knife and is fatally shot. Are guns bad? No. Stupid people charging police officers with deadly weapons are bad. Give me a break.

The following quote in defense of the “justified and unavoidable” shooting was awesome. “You have been watching too many Hollywood movies if you think police are supposed to go into hand-to-hand combat and disarm the offender using a Stephen Segal move.”

But this story goes on further to criticize the police for use of excessive force. “Have the Queensland police never heard of Tasers or pepper spray?” was one of the comments. I don’t know, have the Queensland citizens never heard of not resisting arrest?

But wait, the other half of the media is reporting all the crybabies trying to ban the Taser because they are trying to blame a few deaths out of the hundreds of thousands of non-lethal deployments of Tasers in the field. So far, these taser-related deaths have been proven to be not directly related to the actual Taser. But what if 0.01% of the cases were actually Taser related? Aren’t those odds a hell of a lot better than being shot by a pistol?

The police have a job to do and everyone knows it. If you have yet to figure that out and decide to refuse to listen to orders, resist arrest, or attempt bodily injury on a cop then you typically have 3 consequences. His gun, his baton or his taser. None of the options sound pleasant, but realistically you get what you ask for.

I have watched tons of the YouTube videos and COPS shows on TV. Just about every clip when a Taser was used was a perfect example of why it needed to be deployed. Seriously, sit there and watch some. Guy/Girl gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop. Police approach and give a simple order such as “Can I see your license and registration. Stupid guy/girl refuses and starts yelling at cop. The police officer attempts to calm person down and warns he has a Taser if he doesn’t calm down and comply. Guy/Girl hops out of car still yelling and swearing, then aggressively runs towards cop. Cop tases guy/girl and arrests them.

Ok, I am failing to see why there are 100 YouTube comments complaining about police brutality after those clips. It was pretty obvious that most rational thinking people would not act that way or condone this type of behavior. If I am told by a cop I will get hit with a Taser if I don’t calm down, I tend to believe him, not test it.

Sure, there are isolated incidents when someone, police officer or normal civilian (doesn’t matter) uses a Taser or other “Self-defense” weapon with poor judgment. But again, it is not the inanimate objects fault. One bad cop is not a reason to ban Tasers, it is a training issue that needs to be corrected. That one cop in particular would need to be disciplined, retrained or fired. Not responsible for banning one of the most effective tools in a police officers arsenal. And some fool receiving justified and unavoidable force that happens to result in his untimely death, is sad, but also not a reason to cause such an uproar.

This is the same as the Anti-Gun Laws that people are trying to pass. Look it up. Many cases of the cities where restrictive gun laws are passed are high crime rates before and after. Listen to the following statement. IF YOU TELL A NON-LAW ABIDING CRIMINAL TO NOT CARRY A GUN, HE WILL CONTINUE TO NOT FOLLOW THE LAWS AND CARRY ANYWAYS. If he actually decides to not carry a gun for whatever reason, the NON-LAW ABIDING CRIMINAL will carry a knife, baseball bat, #2 pencil or whatever other makeshift weapon he feels like and continue to commit crimes.

The only difference is the law abiding citizens will not be able to carry whatever self defense weapon is being singled out. News flash: the criminals do not care, or they would not be criminals. Is there less crime in Massachusetts because you can not carry Tasers, Stun Master Stun guns or easily obtain pepper spray or Mace? No. Is there less crime in DC because it is a Gun-Free Zone? No. Would those places be better off with weapons? Well put it this way, when there is less fear of retaliation or resistance, criminals has far less to lose when attempting to commit a crime. They already know you do not have a weapon to defend yourself with. They however probably do.

Gun Free Zones (and self defense weapon restrictive areas) mind as well put out welcome mats and post signs saying “We have no guns or self protection tools at our disposal, please feel free to enter at your leisure”. I’m sure those cars and houses with the gun stickers saying “This car/house is protected by Smith & Wesson” provide more of a crime deterrent.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Yours in safety,


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