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McDonalds Parking Spot Rage

Posted by Rob on Monday, 8 March, 2010

It seems McDonald’s is just a magnet for making news headlines with some sort of shenanigans. McNugget Rage, Hamburger Rage, now Parking Spot Rage.

Apparently this incident happened back in July 2008, but the assault conviction just went through the court system. Jurors convicted 52-year-old Vernon Brant of third-degree assault on 85-year-old Richard Albers in a Loveland, Colorado McDonald’s restaurant parking lot.

Brant and Albers had exchanged words previously over Brant parking his contracting pickup truck and trailer across Albers “preferred” parking spot. This is the parking spot Albers has grown attached to, using it almost daily for some 16 years. I guess that is when Brant does not double occupy Albers’ space…

The boiling point occurred when Albers decided to get out of his SUV and walk up to Brant’s truck while he was still sitting in the cab, obstructing the parking space. Upon tapping or knocking (banging?) on the door, Brant swung open the door, knocking the elderly man to the ground.

A witness testified Brandt then jumped out of the truck and grabbed Albers, cocked his fist and said, “you want to fight, you son of a b____?”

The prosecutor argued that no reasonable man would open the door in that violent fashion. Brant seemed to show further poor judgment trying to condone his action by saying that he wasn’t sure if it was a “nine-year-old child or a man with a gun outside” the door.

“His own words: ‘Could have been a nine-year-old,’” the prosecutor told jurors. “That’s reckless, folks.”

The case seemed to go back and forth, citing the victim was to blame for starting the altercation by approaching the truck in the first place without leaving well enough alone. There were other readily available parting spots.

Then the case swayed back towards the defendant who obviously over-reacted… I think they were both rather equally at fault. Stubborn old man clinging to a particular parking space, stubborn contractor for taking the parking spot he knew was bothering the old man…

Can we all just get along? Perhaps Obama will get involved like the odd Beer Summit for the Henry Gates and James Crowley case in Cambridge, MA and suggest a Hamburger Summit for Albers and Brant at the White House?

I’m Lovin’ It.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Naomi Campbell is Out of Control

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 4 March, 2010

naomi_campbell_hit-meMost guys wouldn’t mind getting hit on by supermodel Naomi Campbell…

However, the 39-year-old is back in the news over allegations of punching a driver in the back of his head, forcing him to face plant the steering wheel of his Cadillac Escalade while driving through central Manhattan. That must have been some smack upside the head.

Miodrag Mejdina reported that the assault occurred after he had picked up Campbell from a Manhattan hotel and was in route to the Astoria Studios in Queens.

So far, the chauffeur is not planning on pressing charges while he is enjoying his 15 seconds of fame. I’m not sure, but do you get bragging rights about getting beat up by a girl, if the girl is Naomi Campbell?

A History of Violence

Let’s recap the rap sheet of this violence prone supermodel, who has allegedly shown “chronic abusive and repeatedly violent conduct toward her employees.”

2010 – Passenger Rage on a chauffeur in New York City when she slapped and punched her driver in March. Police dropped the matter after the driver chose not to pursue criminal charges.

2008 – Sentenced to 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to the Air Rage assault of two police officers on board a UK plane at Heathrow airport in London after her luggage ended up getting lost. Campbell cited verbal abuse and racist slurs by members of the British Airways crew as the reason for her violent outburst.

2007 – Pleaded guilty to reckless assault against Ana Scolavino, a former housekeeper, in an assault requiring 4 stitches. Campbell faced 5 days of community service and 2 days of anger management classes. Campbell blamed “her temper on lingering resentment toward her father for abandoning her as a child.”

2006 – Campbell was arrested for allegedly causing a housekeeper to suffer a bloodied head requiring several stitches after being assaulted with a cell phone in March.

2006 – Another former housekeeper, Gaby Gibson brought up charges seeking unspecified damages over the model’s violent behaviors in November.

2005 – Campbell allegedly slapped her assistant Amanda Brack and beat her over the head with her Blackberry. Brack accused the model physically and verbally abused her repeatedly by assault, battery and emotional distress spanning three continents.

2005 – Yvonne Sciò, an Italian actress reported Campbell left her “covered in blood” after beating her up in a Rome Hotel room, seemingly over the fact that Sciò had the nerve to wear the same dress as Campbell. “She punched me in the face. She was like Mike Tyson.” said Sciò.

1998 – Pleaded guilty to assault in Toronto in 2000, stemming from hitting her assistant Georgina Galanis over the head with her mobile phone in a hotel room and threatening to throw her out of a moving car two years prior. Campbell agreed to take anger management classes (which clearly have not worked) and paid off Galanis an undisclosed amount of cash. Her record was cleared after apologizing (and of course the pay off).

Someone get this woman a Valium. Who is her anger management instructor, Jack Nicholson?

So if you were assaulted by Naomi Campbell, would you take it like a man and love it, hit her back, douse her with pepper spray, or just settle for the undisclosed amount of cash? Inquiring minds want to know…

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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FIFA 2009 Soccer Video Game Rage

Posted by Rob on Monday, 25 January, 2010

This story comes out of Rome, Italy and its a doozy.

“Mario is obsessed. He’s forever playing on his PlayStation, and we bought him FIFA 2009 because we didn’t want him playing violent games,” says the mother of a 16-year-old, who bought the soccer game for her son a few days earlier for his birthday.

No Grand Theft Auto, no Assassin’s Creed II, no Modern Warfare… how about a sports game? the next best thing that actually going outside and getting some exercise.

I suppose FIFA Soccer 2009 makes sense, unless the game lets you headbutt other players like what happened to Italian defender Marco Materazzi. Remember him? He was the guy Zinedine Zidane headbutted in the 2006 World Cup finals. That was a tad violent.

So apparently Mario’s soccer tactics were not up to his father’s standards. The father-son argument broke out when the dad offered some tips to improve the son’s game play. Well, Mario wasn’t having it so the father flipped off the TV is response to what must have been some inappropriate behavior and backtalk.

Now even more angry, first his dad talks smack about his l33t skillz, then dad has the nerve to punish him by turning off the TV… Mario storms into the kitchen. Too cool off you might wonder?

Not quite. Mario grabs a 15-inch kitchen knife and goes Assassin Creed on his father, stabbing him in the neck and throat. Mario then returned to the kitchen, weapon in hand and proceeds to wash off the knife in the sink, and places it in the drainboard. While his mother watched her son clean up, she was unaware how the knife got dirty until her husband staggered into the kitchen, holding his neck.

“I saw Mario come back into the room, he seemed calm, he went to the sink and I noticed him washing a knife,” the mother reported to the local newspaper. “Then my husband came into the room with a hand round his neck, dripping blood.”

The 16-year-old then shut himself in his bedroom. Police reported he did not resist arrest when they arrived on the scene. The father is recovering in the hospital.

So much for calming the boy with a national pastime sports game. I’m betting the Sony PlayStation is about find its way to the garbage bin. Perhaps Mario needs to read a good old-fashioned paperback book.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Andy Dick Arrested Yet Again…

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

In the news again, Andy Dick was arrested, this time in West Virginia on two felony counts of first degree sexual abuse.

Apparently Andy Dick was talking to a guy Friday night and then “unexpectedly and without invitation grabbed the victim’s crotch, repeatedly groping then kissing him.”

A guard at the bar added that Andy Dick “grabbed his crotch and began laughing” when the security guard tried to give him an armband. The security guard should have pulled out a TASER device.

A third victim said Dick also tried to kiss him but told him “I’m not down with that.” He says he has no intention of filing another complaint against Dick, “He’s nationally known as a weird guy.”

Dick is facing up to 5 years of jail time if convicted. He is still on probation from the incident at a Buffalo Wild Wing in 2008, when he was arrested for sexual assault when he allegedly groped a 17 year old female, grabbing her tank top and bra, and pulling them down, exposing her breasts outside a bar.

After copping a feel, he copped a plea to battery that time. This is becoming quite habitual, I can’t see it likely that he will get off again. In court I mean…

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Latest Fast-Food Fad: Hamburger Rage?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

As if calling in an emergency 911 for running out fast food, or punching out the drive-through window for McNuggets wasn’t bad enough, now we have an episode of Hamburger Rage. Again at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Apparently this time, a customer not lovin’ the preparation of her sandwich demanded a refund.

Now this part still confuses me. In these past couple McDonald’s Rage incidents, the upset customer requested a refund and was refused. Since when can you not get a refund at a fast food restaurant? Isn’t the customer always right? Satisfaction Guaranteed? I mean it is a $3 burger, give or take.

I suppose if the customer already wolfs down the meal and then demands the cash back, that’s not cool. But if you order McNuggets, pay for them, then are told they don’t have any, I think you should get your money back.

This woman in Missouri who was captured on surveillance video appears to have enjoyed quite a few burgers in her life… The incident in particular on December 27, 2009, shows her demanding a refund for the subpar sandwich, then turning to a fit of Hamburger Rage after being denied her couple of bucks back. Employees did at least offer her a new burger.

Caught on tape, she tosses a bucket of water over the counter at the employee, a basket of straws, some cookies, a wet floor sign, pushed off a display case and a couple cash registers… Luckily there wasn’t many other objects within her reach.

Besides the surveillance tape, there were several other customers witnessing this fiasco, kids included. What a message this woman sends to today’s youth.

Unfortunately this woman calmed down enough to vacate the premises before the police showed up to haul her away. Authorities are asking anyone who recognizes her picture from the video to call in.

I’m sure they will find her; you know another fast food employee at any of the other several local joints she probably frequents will soon get a sighting.

Several, several years ago I had a stint working as a manager in a competing fast food establishment. I was “in-training” behind the counter with the training manager a few steps behind me.

An irate customer comes up to the counter and tosses a burger across the counter in my direction, stopping just before falling off on my side. Then the customer just stands there, like I know what the problem is already.

Having a good night so far and knowing the training manager is well within earshot, I politely ask the guy “How can I help you?”

The customer’s response was “There are freaking tomatoes in here!”

Looking down at the half-eaten item, I recognize this sandwich in particular is supposed to have tomatoes on it, so I politely reply “There are usually tomatoes on that, would you like another one without?”

Getting more upset, probably in part to my politeness, he responds “I already asked for no tomatoes and got this crap, now I just want my money back!”

In retrospect learning from the recent few McDonald’s episodes, I suppose I should have refused to refund him, to see if he would have spun into Hamburger Rage. Unfortunately back then, my response was “Hey, no problem.”

As I slid over to the register to retrieve his $3, he quipped in “Don’t those idiots back there know how to make a freaking hamburger correctly?”

I just kind of ignored it, knowing the 16 year-old punks in the kitchen probably could care less about what the ticket said anyways. I started to hand back his cash, but at this point the training manager stepped in. She grabbed an employee application and slid it in his direction across the counter and said “Here you go!” before I could hand him his money.

Now puzzled, the customer replied “What is this for?”

She told him “Since you seem to think you’d be able to do a better job, we’d love to have you aboard. Should we start you in the kitchen or straight to management?”

He just looked down, took his money and quietly left as she stood there smiling.

I worked there for another 6 months or so, waiting for the proper opportunity to “hand out an application”, but it never presented itself.

I wonder if it would have worked on the Burger Rage woman in Missouri last month?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Bus Brawl over News of Michael Jackson’s Death

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 30 June, 2009

It seems the news of Michael Jackson’s death sparked a heated and potentially fatal debate on a Florida bus.

According to Police reports, bus passenger James Kiernan received a text message about the pop star’s death on his cell phone while riding the bus through downtown North Lauderdale this past Thursday.

the 60-year-old Kiernan proceeded to read the late breaking news aloud to the other passengers on the bus.

Apparently the bus driver quickly voiced his opinion “Michael Jackson should have been in jail long ago,” referring to the myriad of child molestation charges and other questionable activities that have plagued Jackson’s personal life over the past several years.

“The world just lost a great musical talent,” retorted a sympathetic Kiernan.

It was then that another passenger, Henry Wideman entered the exchange and escalated the debate into a swearing match. It was reported the Wideman then further escalated the situation by pulling a knife and chasing Kiernan down the bus aisle.

The driver, who seeming fueled the initial altercation, called his dispatcher to report the scuffle to the police. He then pulled the bus over at a nearby convenience store and waited for police to arrive.

54-year-old Wideman was arrested and booked on the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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Alms for the Poor? Church Thief Strikes During Mass.

Posted by Rob on Monday, 29 June, 2009

Patricia Adams has been charged with two counts of petit larceny and was then released with a ticket to appear in court later.

Apparently during services at Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church in New York this past weekend, Adams leaned over a church pew and stole cash from the purse of a parishioner kneeling down praying in front of her.

An usher watched the sinful act as it happened and called the police. When Adams attempted to leave the church after mass ended, the police arrested her, recovered the money and returned it to the unsuspecting victim.

To make the story worse, this was not the first time the 46-year-old Adams helped herself to someone else’s purse during mass. In May, the woman stole cash from a purse left on a pew when another parishioner went to the altar to receive communion.

Looks like someone is in need of a trip to the confessional.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Watch where you leave your purse and who is behind you, even in the house of the Lord.

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Pork and Beans Rage in Gilliam Louisiana

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 19 April, 2009

After partaking in alcoholic beverages for the better part of the day, two brothers, 54-year-old Willie Casst, and 63-year-old Agusta Wells decided it was about time to get some dinner.

So what meal caps off a hearty day of drinking? Pork and Beans? Mmmmm.

Well, when the drunken pair got ready to fix supper, an argument broke out in the kitchen, apparently over the succulent can of pork and beans.

As the melee that ensued, Wells wound up and threw a punch at his brother but missed. Casst escalated the situation and grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Wells in the left arm and shoulder blade.

Deputies did not know exactly what it was about this meal that set things off. Besides the fact that pork and beans suck, unless it was the ones with the cut up hot dogs inside… that’s not too bad.

“The one who got stabbed [Wells] said it was over pork and beans. That all he would say. The other one [Casst] said, ‘Take me to jail,’” says Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Cindy Chadwick.

He will probably get a better meal in the slammer. Maybe a can of Spam? At least he won’t have to share.

Wells was taken to the North Caddo Medical Center in Vivian for medical treatment and Casst was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Keep Away from those Beans.

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Violent Altercation at Bowling Alley

Posted by Rob on Monday, 23 March, 2009

I have not gone to a bowling alley in a long time, but I do bowl an occasional Nintendo Wii bowling game here and there. Of course, the kids usually beat me since they play a whole lot more.

However, if I did go to the local bowling alley, I do know some of the informal bowling etiquette. Like if the person in the lane next to you is about to throw, you wait until he is finished before you take your shot.

I guess it is distracting, not that it would help or hinder my game either way.

But in Sacramento, California, at least one bowler was not aware of this unwritten rule at the Rocklin AMF Lanes last Wednesday and resulting in some bowling rage.

Joseph Hinkle, apparently a more serious bowler, got into an argument with some bowlers in neighboring lanes over their blatant disregard of proper lane etiquette.

This verbal altercation quickly escalated into a six-man melee where Ryan Scott David, wielding a 16-pound bowling ball took a shot at Hinkle’s face. BAM!

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years, and this is my first bowling ball attack,” says Rocklin Police Department’s Lt. Lon Milka.

I’m not sure how good David’s bowling game was going, but he hit a split on Hinkle mouth, knocking out one of his front teeth. Which I guess is better that David getting a strike as far as Hinkle is concerned.

David was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Hinkle was rushed to the Sutter Roseville Hospital with facial injuries and his tooth in a cup of milk.

They serve milk at bowling alleys?

His tooth is expected to set back in place.

Mark Miller is a spokesperson for the US Bowling Congress, the national organization that regulates the sport of bowling. Miller stated that much like golf or pickup basketball games, violations of unwritten rules occasionally lead to conflict.

He added that while an experienced league bowler would know to hold back when a neighboring bowler is about to throw, it is less likely that a beginner would know.

“It’s not like when you start to bowl you are handed a piece of paper. There is not a formal way where a newcomer will be taught that,” Miller says. Perhaps bowling alleys should put up a sign.

The vast majority of these conflicts are usually solved “pretty casually” and without violence. Not that this helps Hinkle’s smile at the moment.

So the next time you go bowling, try to mind your bowling manners. And if you see a 16-pound bowling ball coming at your face, DUCK!

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Mountain Dew Does a Would-Be Robber In

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 5 March, 2009

We have another “Be a Better Criminal” tip: If you are going to rob a store, do not use your debit card during the holdup.

I know, it seems common sense to most folk, but 33-year-old Shawn Thomas Lester from West Virginia gets credit for this useful bit of information, much at his own expense.

Apparently, the scholarly Lester walked into a convenience store, grabbed a Mountain Dew and wandered up to the register. Once there, he told the cashier he had a gun and he demanded all of the money.

Before the cashier could comply, another customer walked in, flustering the would-be robber. The quick thinking cashier then asked Lester if he was going to pay for the soda.

Since Lester had no cash on him, seemingly why he was trying to rob the store in the first place, he whips out his bank debit card to pay the $1.47 for the soft drink. Knowing that this might be a bad idea, Lester used some West Virginian logic and signed the receipt “John Doe”.

Ah ha, that will make his identity less obvious. So now Lester, I mean… So now, John Doe leaves the store with a drink, but no cash. At least he wasn’t thirsty any more.

Now one could argue that Lester himself was also the victim of a crime. $1.47 for a freaking soda?? Give me a break, that’s highway robbery!

Much to the surprise of Mr. Doe, even West Virginian police were able to quickly trace the true owner of the debit card. John Doe my arse.

When the police arrived in Charleston to pick up Lester at his residence, Lester told the police he was just kidding around about the gun and holding up the store. I’m sure the arresting officer at least laughed to himself as he arrested the funny guy.

All kidding aside, he was charged with armed robbery, but luckily not stealing the soda. Grand theft beverage holds a pretty steep penalty.

So if you are taking notes, our “Be a Better Criminal” Tips now include: pull up your pants so you don’t trip or get a wedgie, don’t leave your getaway van running with the keys inside, eat the whole doughnut, leave the cell phone at home, and now don’t use your debit card at the scene of the crime.

I know I could come up with more tips, but I’ll just wait for other would-be criminals to bring them to our attention. It’s funnier that way.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Do the Dew.

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