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Self Defense and Safety Training Seminar Warning

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 2 March, 2010

I just read an article about another neighborhood that has become fed up with their escalating crime rates. These residents are no longer going to tolerate these crimes without fighting back. The community has decided to host a Self Defense and Safety Awareness Training, much like many, many communities across the United States.

While these programs inherently seem like a good idea, you must also consider the false sense of security that often occurs after spending the hour or two “learning to fight back.”

I discussed this awhile back using the Kim Kardashian self defense episode from her Keeping Up with the Kardashians show. You can click that link to see that whole blog post.

There are a couple major problems with these one-time self defense classes.

Problem #1: Anyone can claim to be a self defense expert and decide to host a training class. It doesn’t matter if the class is offered for free, or they charge cash. The expert instructor may even be a black belt or otherwise trained in some form of martial arts, but if this individual is not well-versed with effective street worthy defense techniques, you are wasting your time, and unknowingly putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage if something unfortunate were to occur.

Problem #2: Once you learn these “techniques of mass destruction”, unless to habitually train and practice these moves, I guarantee you will forget them. Many people think that showing up for an hour session will grant them the keys to the self defense kingdom, and many times the instructor will reinforce these beliefs before you leave, telling you that you are all set to handle anything that comes your way. Then you leave, never giving these moves a second thought until you are put in a situation where you need to utilize those since forgotten techniques.

Problem #3: You give away your secrets beforehand. This typically happens when you try to show someone else what you just learned, and is one of the exact problems Kim Kardashian’s sister illustrated for us. Khloe went home and told her step-dad everything she just learned, and then tried to demonstrate. All of her techniques failed, crushing her recently inflated sense of security and confidence.

Ok, so how do I learn some meaningful self defense techniques then, you ask?

punch in the faceWell, solution #1 is difficult. You expect an instructor standing in front of a room of people to be competent and trustworthy. Many times, It may not necessarily the instructors fault, he might truly feel he is conveying effective methods for defending yourself, but has no real world experience to back up his claims that sound good on paper, or worked fine in a training dojo on targets who acted out their role in what we would refer to a perfect environment.

My best recommendation is to take anything you learn at one of these classes with a grain of salt. Carefully consider its merit, but also realize that you are not going to gain 10 years worth of martial arts training in an hour or 2. Keep your ego in check.

Solution #2 is easy. Practice, practice, practice what you have learned. Did I say make sure you practice?

The worst thing you can do in any situation, whether we are talking about self defense seminar information, buying pepper spray or a stun gun, or even playing basketball, is to not practice.

You need to practice enough to make sure you are comfortable enough to do whatever it takes, and effectively utilize these moves in a stressful situation. If you have to stop and think what that instructor told you, you fail. If you forgot what pocket you stashed your pepper spray, or never flipped the safety switch before until you had a thug in your face, you fail.

And we aren’t even talking about 3 hours of hardcore training every day. You can “get away” with 20 minutes a couple times a week if that is all you can squeeze into your busy schedule. Trust me, if you are ever faced with a situation where you need to kick someone in the groin, or douse someone with pepper spray, you will treasure all of the practice time you put in. This isn’t like winning a gold medal in the Olympics; well maybe it is, but a gold medal in living if your life just happened to depend on it…

Solution #3 isn’t rocket science either. One of your best defenses is the element of surprise. Most of the time, an attacker is not counting on you to fight back. Kim and her sister’s problem was they told her step-dad what to do, and what they were going to do. So to prove a point, the step-dad did not do “what he was supposed to do,” which flustered the Kardashian sister and rendered their entire “two hour” arsenal useless.

When you practice, you need a good partner but you cannot rely on one way of doing things. A good example is if your technique required you to kick your opponent in the groin. One, you need your training partner to act the part, and act like they got kicked. The problem is: what is the correct way to react to a groin kick? What if they bend over and fall backwards, what if they simply drop straight down to one knee, or what if they collapse forward into your body? If you only ever practiced one way, how would you react if they did something off-script? You need to be prepared for an alternate finish. What if your attacker was jacked up on meth, and just stood there with no effect whatsoever? What if you missed the groin kick and hit them in the inner thigh, that reaction will be less than what you expected? I bet your Self Defense and Safety Training seminar instructor didn’t get in to that great of detail.

This is where enrolling in a good martial arts school could help. It would probably cost you up to $100 a month, but you would get regular training sessions a couple times a week, and some personalized instruction and feedback. Just make sure you are studying at a reputable dojo that teaches effective and realistic self defense. Something like a good American Kenpo or Krav Maga school.

Tae Bo and Cardio Kickboxing are great if you are looking to drop a few pounds and get in shape, but do not confuse exercise classes, sport karate or traditional tai chi styled martial arts with real world self defense. Train where you want; just realize what you are getting out of it.

Another option is instructional self defense DVDs. Now before you condemn video instruction, think about what you are getting and how often you watch YouTube clips to learn other tasks. Sure, you are not going to master a martial art by going through prepackaged white belt through black belt video correspondence courses, but instructional self defense videos aren’t bad.

What you are getting is an hour to a couple hours of self defense footage, but the difference between these DVDs and the training awareness seminar is that you can watch the DVD over and over again, practicing correctly and fine tuning your skills. You do not have to worry about forgetting what you learned 3 months ago and the local YMCA. Just rewind and review over and over, and you may even recognize the martial arts expert in the video, not just some Joe Schmoe local expert…

Or, if you can’t be bothered with learning all that martial arts mumbo jumbo, you can quite simply go the pepper spray, stun gun, TASER device or other self defense weapon route. These items are effective when used properly (meaning buy, practice, carry and deploy when needed).

Just like the self defense techniques, none of these self defense tools will do you a lick of good if you don’t carry them, carry them in inconvenient places, buy it and don’t know how to use it, or if you are simply unwilling to pull the trigger.

Don’t get me wrong, any extra information and awareness training you can get is a good idea. Anything that gets people to pay attention to their surroundings, and warns people to stay out of dark alleys at 2 AM is good. Just don’t fall into a false sense of security thinking you are invincible after a short seminar or that your new keychain pepper spray is a magical shield of protection. And don’t think avoidance is the key, sometimes bad things seek out good people in good neighborhoods or in broad daylight.

Teach yourself the difference between losing your purse and staying unharmed, or fighting for your life or the life of a loved one. Self defense isn’t an exact science; it is full of gut instincts, practical experience and practice, practice, practice.

Every little bit helps, just don’t rely on one sole mechanism to protect you. Always stay alert, use your head and assess the situation – the best you can. That is all you can be expected to do.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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William Wilberforce said it best…

Posted by Rob on Monday, 22 February, 2010

William Wilberforce was a British politician and a philanthropist. He was also a leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade. Yes, I had to Google him, but I found this quote on a dog training blog. The quote is quite versatile, and has been referenced many times for many different topics. Originally he meant it during an anti-slave trade speech.

“Having heard all of this, you may choose to look the other way … but you can never say again that you did not know.”
- William Wilberforce (24 August 1759 – 29 July 1833)

I was just reading a story about a home invasion in Tallahassee, Florida where a suspect was shot. The comments that followed the story were rather odd. Many people agreed that it was good that there was a gun in the home, while some others had a quite different reaction.

I have used the quote “When seconds counts, police are minutes away,” numerous times. Personally I see this as an accurate statement, in that when a crime of any form is actively occurring, you can either defend yourself immediately, or call the cops and wait for them to arrive a few minutes or more later. This is in no way an anti-police sentiment.

Seriously, while you call 911 and wait for the police to show up, do you honestly think the burglar, rapist, mugger or murderer will also wait for the police to show up before they finish committing the act? Do you think they will willingly allow you to even make the phone call in the first place? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that in a few cases, you will get your phone call off. But that is only if you had warning or someone else not immediately involved called it in.

More often than not, your opportunity to dial the phone will come after the incident has ended and the police will be able to come take your statement if you are still able to give one. The cops just cannot be everywhere at all times. It would be nice, but it ain’t happening.

The most troubling comment on this Florida home invasion story was some holier-than-thou guy that was quite offended by someone using the “minutes away” quote, claiming it was riot inciting.

“Who are you to think you are better at protecting yourself than the police?” was his follow up.

Are you serious? Obviously this individual has lived in a bubble his whole life and has never been in any situation where any sort of violence or crime has ever affected him, a loved one, or anybody he knew personally.

I would have to imaging that him facing armed home invaders at 2 AM in the morning that would not allow him to phone for help might be the only way to change his tune. Which is unfortunate, hopefully his bubble is never popped. Not all bad things go away when you turn off your television set. There are for real bad guys in the world.

Some people need that proverbial 2 x 4 to come crashing down on them. Preferably not in a “Last House on the Left” fashion.

And it’s not just William Wilberforce that will tell you “I told you so.”

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Non-Believer Finally Changes Her Mind

Posted by Rob on Monday, 15 February, 2010

Over the past several years, I have received many, many orders for self defense products. Whenever I get a new order, I check the name to see if I remember them as a past customer making a repeat purchase. If I remember the name, I’ll look back through previous orders to see what they purchased last time. More often than not, they are now buying something for a friend or family member the second or third time.

But this past weekend, I received a surprise order from a name I remembered for a different reason. We’ll call her Amanda. For about a year and a half, I have been receiving “hate mail” as I called it from good old Mandy on a fairly regular basis. I never really bothered me much, and I never felt the need to respond, but I’ve put up with her calling me violent, saying I promote violence, and even once calling me a “warmonger”, all because I sell pepper spray, stun guns and other less-than-lethal self defense weapons.

She obviously visited the website and blog rather often because she routinely commented on various new products and statements I have made on the blog over the past several months. All expressing negative opinions. I just kind of laughed her off, she seemed to have quite a bit a free time. I did wonder if she was singling me out, or going after other dealers too?

Like I said before, I never responded to her e-mails, but she was persistent nonetheless, seemingly knowing I was at least reading them. Since she never purchased anything from Worth Protection Security, I didn’t feel the need to waste anytime dealing with her critique. I’m in business to sell self defense products to willing customers. If I spent all my time trying to convince people that didn’t want to protect themselves that they should, I’d never get anything done. I’ll write some general persuasive blog posts to argue my case, but I’m not going to one-on-one argue with someone. Even If I feel my point is more correct .

Now that I mention it, it did seem like I hadn’t heard from her in awhile, so I guess I was about due for some sort of contact. So imagine my surprise, when the next time I see Mandy’s name, it is on a order form, actually buying some of the products she previously condemned?

Mandy wrote a rather long message in the comment field of the order, which was good, because I was rather shocked to she her purchase. In her comments, she very eloquently states that she was wrong in her past objections, and I was right. She went on to tell me that one of her closest friends was attacked and severely beaten late last month, and is still recovering in the hospital. She is expected to spend several more weeks in bed, but isn’t expecting any permanent damage.

Her friend did, however confess to Mandy “I wish I had something I could have used to defend myself.” Talk about a wake-up call, which Mandy says those words “hit her like a ton of bricks.”

Her order included 2 canisters of Mace Pepper Gel, a couple of Wildfire pepper spray key chains, and a couple other self defense products. I imagine she was tooling up herself and her friend at least.

Unfortunately, the non-believers and even the on-the-fencers wait until something up close and personal happens to themselves, a family member, or a friend before they decided to protect themselves. It took this brutal attack on a close friend to change Mandy’s mind, but it shouldn’t have had to get to that. But, some folks need brutally vivid evidence to walk right up to them and smack them straight in the face.

Mandy did mention that she fully intended to carry her personal protection items from now on, not just buying them and leaving them at home. That is extremely important. There is nothing worse than actually owning a self defense product, and not having it on your person when you need it most. Carrying a stun gun, TASER, pepper spray, or a telescopic steel baton should be as habitual as putting your wallet in your front pocket (tip for you), or grabbing your car keys on your way out the door. I’ll never go anywhere without first patting myself to make sure I have everything I need on me at all times, wallet, cell phone, keys, and self defense items.

This means even on short, quick runs to the convenience store to grab a coffee, or slurpie. That means even when you to go to the doctor’s or dentist’s office, or even the post office. I carry something on me everywhere I go, except for checking in at the airport (but you can pack self defense items in a checked suit case to be retrieved immediately after landing).

As the late, great SGM Ed Parker once said, “He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.”

Don’t be the one that waits, don’t be the one that hesitates, and don’t let a friend, family member or yourself get severely beaten before you are ready to take action. Be Safe, be prepared, and act now. Protect yourself and loved ones now, and avoid Mandy’s situation.

Hopefully you may only need to protect yourself or a loved one once in your lifetime. Personally I hope you never have to, but wouldn’t you rather be ready for anything, instead of wishing you had something while lying in a hospital bed?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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How To: Fighting Stance

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 14 February, 2010

Your fighting stance is one of the most basic, yet most argued body positions in the martial arts. Every style of martial arts has their own variation of how to hold your hands, where to place your feet, and how to angle your body. And every martial arts practitioner will attempt to try to convince you why their stance is better than yours.

To a degree, each of these variations has it own merits, and fits nicely within the style and techniques of said art. However, many of these traditional martial arts do not translate very effectively to confronting an opponent on the street. I have practiced sport Tae Kwon Do for many years when I was a teenager. It was lots of fun, a good workout and I won lots of ribbons, medals and trophies.

While sparring in a tournament ring for points, you may lose a match and not get a prize. In a life threatening street fight, you could be seriously injured or lose your life. Don’t think a Billy Blank’s Tae Bo workout position will help you much. Sure it is great for cardo, not so great for real self-defense.

So let’s start with the basics. Turn your body to the side, step back with one foot, knees slightly bent, and hands up. Sounds easy enough right? Well, let’s break it down and go into some more detail. We are going to base this version of a fighting stance on an American Kenpo Karate Neutral Bow, but go ahead and simply keep calling it a fighting stance.

Assuming you are right-handed, the first thing you would do is fortify your stance by turning your left foot 45-degrees inwards. Next, you will want to step your right foot backwards, putting your power hand and leg in the back (more on striking in a later post). Contrary to many 90-degree facing styles, you will want your body facing 45-degrees towards your opponent.

Imaging you are straddling a line on the ground. If you were to look down, you want your front toe and your back heel to roughly line up on opposite sides of the imaginary line at that 45-degree angle. If your feet are too far to either side, correct your stance. The more you practice, the easier this becomes and you will soon not even think about it.

Your feet will be shoulder width apart, with your chest, hips, toes and knees facing 45-degrees. Your head will be facing directly in front of you, eyes on your opponent.

Turning to the side will make your body an even smaller width target, but staying at a 45-degree angle keeps more of your weapons available. This stance is slightly more of an open stance than turning completely sideways, but is far more functional with less wasted motion when using your rear arm or leg. Remember you have two feet, two hands, two knees and two elbows at your disposal.

One of the most important pieces of this stance is having a strong foundation. Bend your knees slightly and keep your feet approximately shoulder width apart. You do not want your feet too close or too far apart and throw off your balance. You want to feel comfortable and be able to move around freely and quickly.

Do not lock your knees and stay on the balls of your feet. This will help your speed and help prevent injury from a low kick. Bent knees still have some give; a locked leg has nowhere else to go. Keep this in mind when striking your opponent. If an attacker’s knee can no longer support him, he will be unable to fight or chase you. Two-way concept here.

Your weight should be distributed 50/50 between both of your feet, with your heels only slightly off the ground. Your shoulders should be square over your hips and your back should be straight. If you feel any twisting, leaning or other discomfort, you are probably out of position. Once you settle into it, this should be a very compact, comfortable and natural feeling stance.

The last major component is your hand positioning. You want to keep your guard up to protect your face, without losing protection to your body. Your front fist should be just below your eye level, with your arm bent at a 90-degree, but cocked at a 45-degree angle. Your back fist should be closer to your chin, with your elbow about a fist width from your body, arm also cocked at a 45-degree. Keep your pinkies facing towards your opponent; don’t twist your hand into an awkward position.

Resist the urge and correct any chicken flapping of the elbow. You will need to be able to block shots to your side, rib cage and other vital areas with minimum movement. Your front arm needs to be high enough to protect your face, but not obscure your view. Each arm will accommodate the slight adjustments needed to go up or down depending on the incoming attack, while still protecting your opponent’s main targets.

Remember to keep your hands close enough to your body so that you can properly block, but not too far away, leaving other parts of your body open for an attack. This will take practice, but eventually become instinct.

Don’t chamber your rear hand. If you don’t know what this is, good. There is no practical street application for this. Seriously. Also, if you are left handed, follow the previous directions in mirror image. Once you get good at one side, you will also want to practice your off side too. No exceptions, you do not want to be one sided.

There are many other considerations, especially when adding other stances, moving around, blocking and striking, but we have to start somewhere. “Putting up your dukes” is about as basic as we can get. Practice, practice, practice.

That is it in a nutshell, Fighting Stance 101. As I said earlier, there are several variations, some with minor tweaks, and some with major differences. The best fighting stance you can possibly use is the one you are most confident with and are successful at defend yourself with.

If you had to emulate the fighting stance of a famous martial artist, at least pick a successful UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter with good form. Stay away from the Hollywood movie actors that have cool looking choreographed fight scene moves and crazy stances. I liked Kung Fu Panda as much as the next guy, but I’m not trusting any of his self-defense moves on the street.

In addition, the Karate Kid’s crane stance only worked once, and that was back in the 80s. Although if you busted it out on the street, your attacker might fall to the ground laughing and you might be able to get away. Not suggested however.

Remember, there is no shame in getting away, you know the saying, to live and fight another day. Nevertheless, if push comes to shove, and shove comes having to defend yourself, make sure you are ready.

It also wouldn’t hurt to sneak a canister of pepper spray, a stun gun or telescopic steel baton into your fighting stance. In fact, get yourself two steel batons and you can go all Jeff Speakman on an assailant. It would take some practice, but Jeff Speakman (American Kenpo Instructor/Actor) is the man. If you can find it, buy or rent The Perfect Weapon (1991). Last time I checked it was only available on VHS though. You can probably YouTube all the good clips if you want.

If you are looking for some more details, you can check out some of the instructional fighting DVDs available, such as Combat Karate with Dale Comstock.

Like I said previously, there are as many fighting stances as there are martial arts or fighting systems. Your basic goal is preventing your opponent from hitting you in the face, while allowing you to strike them in one of their vulnerable areas. If you can do that standing square forward with your arms at your side, more power to you.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Rachael Ray and her Vicious Attack Dog

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 13 February, 2010

If Michael Vick was still involved on the fight circuit, he might be giving celebrity chef Rachael Ray a call to see if her red-and-white pit bull Isaboo is available.

Apparently this hell hound has attacked at least five other dogs, while going all Mike Tyson like in his last incident, biting off another dog’s ear.

Ray is now “grief-stricken” and afraid for her dog’s life, as he will likely be put down after his violent history. Ray was even injured in one of the previous attacks when she attempted to intervene in her dog’s antics.

This last time, the talk-show host was walking the pit bull down a Greenwich Village street in New York City.

“As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog’s ear off before its handler could pull it away,” says a witness to the attack. Luckily a vet was able to reattach the victim dog’s ear.

Rachael Ray and her attorney husband, John Cusimano offered to pay the medical bills and any additional costs. Can you say lawsuit?

As bad at these several attacks on other canines is, Ray is extremely lucky that her precious Isaboo hasn’t yet attacked a person or worse yet, a child. Which seems may just be a matter of time, given his track record.

So next time to see Rachael Ray strolling down the street, or trying to peddle her All Natural Pet Food Line, make sure you have your Mace Muzzle canine repellent or an Ultrasonic Super Dogchaser before Isaboo makes a 30-second meal out of you or your dog.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Tom and Jerry Vs. Tommy Vercetti

Posted by Rob on Monday, 1 February, 2010

Back in the day (and by that I refuse to admit it was that too long ago), we used to play “cops and robbers” or “cowboys and indians”. Opps, am I still allowed to call that game that or is there a newer politically correct term? When we played video games, we were playing Centipede, Pac-Man and the original Donkey Kong. Yes, the one when Mario was second billed to a monkey.

We used to actually play dodge ball in gym class! We watched violent cartoons like “Bugs Bunny” and “Tom and Jerry”. And it seemed like society was pretty normal, at least it seemed the news wasn’t reporting as much crime and adolescent mayhem.

More recently, children are exposed to the likes of Tommy Vercetti, the popular character from “Grand Theft Auto 4 – Vice City”. He is a perfect stereotypical bad guy that gets what he wants by any means necessary. Not the best role model.

Computer games don’t affect kids, I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music.
Marcus Brigstocke

You are always seeing reports about how today’s video games are negatively influencing our youngsters to such an extent that they actually want to gravitate towards violence. The sad part is that some misguided adolescents actually find it funny and amusing, while killing “school mates with a gun”, slashing your dad’s throat with a knife over a video game, or just trying to rob a jewelry store for kicks and laughs.

I suppose this is a far cry from a cat and mouse smacking each other silly with a frying pan or wooden mallet, then immediately getting up and returning the favor before running away. Did we just understand action/consequence better back then? I mean I would watch the cartoons, laugh, and then NOT hit my brother with a frying pan. I knew the difference. What is so different today?

Take for instance that botched “Benson Jewelry and Loan” robbery attempt a couple years ago by Brandon Bowie and Kendall Tealer. Fortunately for the owners, but unfortunately for the would-be burglars, there was a gun behind the shop counter for security.

While Bowie pulled a gun on one of the owners, the other owner pulled their gun on 18-year-old Bowie and 17-year-old Tealer. Bowie was shot and fell inside the business and ended up paralyzed, Tealer was shot then collapsed and died outside when attempting to flee. The authorities found in favor of the store owner, and deemed he acted in self-defense when he fatally shot the two armed robbers.

It was later reported that both of those burglars had a disturbed childhood and a history of criminal activity already at an early age. You can bet it wasn’t from watching “Tom and Jerry”, but is quite similar to something you might see in Grand Theft Auto I, II, III or IV.

Nonetheless, the important thing is that in this unfortunate day and age of violence, you can never be safe enough. I personally consider those people with Pepper Spray cans or TASER Devices for self defense to be much wiser than those wandering around oblivious to the possibility that they may need to protect themselves. Even worse, when you might need to protect a loved one from harm.

It’s nice to think you will just run away and make it, but that is pretty weak when you leave your wife in high-heels lagging behind, or your children unable to catch up.

You see, some people understand that dangerous opportunities don’t leisurely stroll up to you and wait until you are ready after knocking. They just run right up, violently knock you over and can leave you completely lifeless.

Your best bet is to be alert, and be prepared, packing self defense weapons at the ready, backed by having practiced using said items so you are both competent and confident using them. It is NOT enough to have pepper spray with you, if it is buried at the bottom of your purse or if the first time attempting to use the device is at the brink of being attacked. Epic Fail.

Self defense and personal protection, by definition is personally defending and protecting yourself. When seconds count, the police are minutes away. And like that story last week from Toledo, Ohio, you can’t even count on people driving by in broad daylight.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Product Review: Telescopic Steel Baton

Posted by Rob on Friday, 29 January, 2010

If you haven’t been formally introduced previously, let me introduce you to Mr. Telescopic Steel Baton. Baton, Reader. Reader, Baton.

A telescopic steel baton is neither a high school coach’s whistle, nor a walking stick. We are talking up to 26″ of solid steel thug-bashing pain-on-a-stick. Not to knock personal alarms which do serve their purpose, but nothing beats a solid whack to the ribs, or hobbling blow to the knee quite like a telescopic steel baton. Just ask Nancy Kerrigan.

When fully collapsed and stored, your baton will only take up about 9″, give or take depending on if you purchased the 18″, 21″ or 26″ models. The sizing corresponds to then strength and size of its wielder. A big burly trucker would probably pack a 26″er, a 5’5″ petite woman may prefer the 18″.

But don’t let the difference between the sizes sway you. Each one is going to get the job done with a quickness and cause some serious injury and trouble for any would-be attacker.

Talk about walking softly and carrying a big stick, quite the physical and psychological advantage.

No one is trying to strongarm you into buying self defense products but you have to believe in the statistics spread over the past few years, all pertaining to violence at different levels. Day by day, our environment is coming up with prominent signs of danger.

It used to be the dark damp alleys you had to worry about, now you could be victim of an assault during your leisurely stroll through the park in the middle of the afternoon, or taking your morning jog before work.

Just last week, there was a story in the news about a 26-year-old autistic woman in Toledo, Ohio that was raped on the sidewalk by a 15-year-old thug on her way to the library. This occurred in the middle of the day, with several cars just driving by. The woman was followed by the attacker, knocked to the ground, threatened with scissors, had her sweatpants pulled off, and was raped while yelling for help in broad daylight. The attacker then stole her cell phone as he fled the scene.

Eventually one woman, who had already driven past, gave the incident she just viewed a second though, and decided to call 911.

Of course the police arrived well after the assault and rape was over. It was even reported immediately after the attack, the victim attempted to borrow the cell phone of a man walking down the street to call the cops, and the man refused and kept on walking. La la la, I can’t hear or see you…

Are you serious?

I’m thinking minimum someone should have pulled over along side, laid on the horn for the duration and phoned the police right then and there. Next best, someone armed with pepper spray, a stun gun or perhaps a telescopic steel baton could have intervened and given this punk a working over. Let the cops clean up when they got there.

The juvenile delinquent was found later, and sure enough, it is reported that he suffers from mental issues. As if that wasn’t evident from his public display of aggression…

I am counting a number of people that could use a good wake up whopping to knock some sense into them.

Just a flick the Telescopic Steel Baton and it will automatically extend itself to the maximum attitude-adjusting capacity. This will engage a rather satisfying sound, as the positive locking system snaps into place. This serves a dual purpose, one to let you know your baton is ready for business, and secondly, your soon-to-be target will know he is about to be pummeled. If he had a lick of sense, he might even turn tail and vacate the area right then and there.

In addition, these trusty sidekicks have a couple of other features besides its low public profile and solid steel construction. It in encased in a comfortable foam handle for easy gripping and maneuverability, and it has an optional LED light to double as a flashlight.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Don’t Just Stand There, Take Some Action.

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Happy New Year

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 2 January, 2010

Happy New Year!

To welcome in 2010, I’d like to repost the link to a previous year’s New Year’s Resolution post. Although the old post is still valid, I resolve this year to write a *new* New Year’s message next time.

New Year’s Resolutions: Personal Safety for Yourself and Family!

Make 2010 the year you are serious about the safety of yourself and loved ones. Take your safety into your own hands and protect yourself from harm.

So if you missed it the last couple times around, here is the link again. If you read it last year, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a second glance.

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Concealed carry is coming to Virginia campuses

Posted by Rob on Monday, 9 November, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009; 1:49 PM
by Ken Stanton

“I’m making a bold prediction: this year, the bill will pass to allow state-permitted individuals to carry on Virginia’s public campuses; next week, we will be making the case for it.

November 9 – 14 is Defense Education Week, hosted by Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at colleges across the country, where the issue will be brought forward as we advocate for self-defense rights on campus. The argument is simple: there are no grounds to deny the right to carry on campus lawfully and responsibly for the purpose of self-defense.

Campus is not immune to crime, and students, faculty, and staff who have permits should have the choice to carry while on campus, with their firearm being a last resort should their lives be endangered. Such permitted individuals must be 21, have had a background check, and have received training, some of the best measures in the country to ensure responsibility when carrying.”

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He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day

Posted by Rob on Monday, 27 April, 2009

I have been watching a really good show lately, Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV.

On each Deadliest Warrior episode, they pit two of the most feared warriors in history against each other. Viking vs. Samurai, Ninja vs. Spartan, Pirate vs. Knight… Gladiators, Green Berets, Shaolin Monks, all your favorites get to play.

With real life weapon comparisons and testing, ballistic, forensic and medical expert analysis and computer simulated battles, the show ends with a hypothetical battle, performed by real actors based on the computer’s data analysis. Very 300, Braveheart or Troy like.

Throughout the show there are martial arts or fighting experts of each discipline giving historical background, demonstrating the weapons, techniques and talking smack the whole time.

It is a pretty cool show, even though there is some expert biased and entertainment theatrics thrown in there. The computer can’t take every possible consideration into account, and you can’t actually pull 1000 of each warrior from history and stage an real series of fights to the death and take notes.

No one runs away in these battles. Except the Ninja. While he didn’t run during the computer simulations, the representative Ninja Master did state that he might have just run away and come back to kill the Spartan in his sleep.

So when do you run away?

Demosthenes, an Athenian orator and statesman was also an infantryman at Chaeronea. In August of 338 BC, a great battle took place between the Macedonians and the Athenians.

Demosthenes fled from the battlefield as Macedonia ended up victorious, and 3000 Athenians were killed. Demosthenes was criticized for deserting the battle, but to anyone who called him a coward, Demosthenes responded, “The man who runs away may fight again.”

From that line spoken almost 2500 years ago, the modern day version “He who fights and runs away will live to fight another day” is derived.

So again, when do you run away?

If some punk is trying to steal your wallet at knife-point, you may opt to give it up and hand it over. Hopefully that was all he wanted and leaves. But what if it wasn’t?

What if your kids or spouse was there? I am betting your kids cannot run as fast as you can, or your wife in high heels…

I have made the joke before about the guy that just needs to outrun his buddy, not the bear chasing the two of them. Not really an option on the street… especially with other loved ones involved.

You don’t even have to get all Spartan or Samurai either.

A quick shot of pepper spray just might painfully distract some loser long enough to shuffle your kids to the car and get away or escort the wife to another safe location and call the police. Sucks if you don’t have any.

A stun gun, Taser or other self-defense option may also help. You aren’t trying to stand toe-to-toe in a fight to the death, your intent should be to only stick around long enough to disable your attacker and get away to safety.

Don’t be unprepared. All of the historical warriors had quite the arsenal and knew how to use it. But you aren’t going to need to carry a katana sword, bronze shield or composite bow. Although I bet no one would mess with a guy decked out in a Spartan warrior armor and weapons. At least not to his face…

Pepper spray on the keychain, personal alarm in your pocket, stun gun on your belt. It doesn’t matter what items you choose, just pick a couple and learn how to use them. You won’t necessarily get a spot on Deadliest Warrior, but then again, maybe you can keep yourself out of the Evening News as a victim to a crime.

Be Safe, Be Prepared. This is Sparta!

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