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Where’s the Beef? Robbery at Wendy’s doesn’t stack up

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 3 August, 2010

Atlanta police report that a man ripped off a Wendy’s drive-through for almost $600 late last Saturday night, but wasn’t happy with the amount and called up the restaurant to complain. Twice. “Next time there better be more than $586!”

Apparently the ski-masked and gun toting man walked up to the outside of the fast-food drive-through and demanded the cash drawer. The employee complied, and the robber grabbed the drawer and ran off. He discarded the drawer in the bushes and made off with the cash on foot.

Later that night after the robber had time to count the cash, he repeatedly called the restaurant in frustration to complain about the haul. The manager should have told him the drawer was now full again and he should come back… with the local authorities waiting for him. He obviously isn’t that bright, it might have worked.

Besides 586 bucks in a single cash register isn’t too bad. The managers are “supposed” to skim off excess money throughout the night and lock it in the safe. At least we did back when I worked in a fast food joint. There wasn’t supposed to be more than $150 in there. It’s not like someone is going to regularly roll up to the register and peel a $100 bill off a stack of cash to pay for a $5 value meal.

With the close proximity of fast-food restaurants always clumped together, he probably could have hit more than one and increased his nightly total. $586 at Wendy’s, $491 at McDonald’s, $611 at the Burger King, another $535 at the Dunkin Donuts… that would have been a decent night’s pull, and he wouldn’t have had to call back to complain…

Oh wait, hitting up the Dunkin Donut shop probably wouldn’t have been the best idea… that’s where all the cops hang out…

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Robber steals $6 from 11 people in California

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 11 March, 2010

Times are tough.

When the economy is as bad as it is, and many people are without jobs or having problems making ends meet, crime rates go up. As unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties… desperate people are resorting to desperate measures…

A woman armed with a gun in Thermal, California help up 11 people at La Chicanita Market this past Tuesday afternoon. You would think with those kind on numbers, she would get a decent amount of cash. However, this crime netted her and average of $0.55 per victim.

That’s right, a whole $6.00. Isn’t minimum wage like $7.25?

Police report the woman confronted one person who was entering the market and another 10 customers inside the store. Afterwards, the frustrated robber fled in an old car.

Nobody was hurt in this incident, except the robber who probably suffered from extreme disappointment.

In another low payout waste of a robbery attempt, a group of friends in Murfreesboro, TN faced a similar robbery. Different scenario, similar outcome.

Sometimes you just want to unwind and soak in a hot tub. What could be more relaxing then that? That is unless you are robbed at gun-point while kicking back.

Being held up was probably the farthest thing from the minds of the 7 friends that were enjoying an evening soak, Until a masked man dressed in black jumped the fence of their apartment complex. Brandishing a gun, the man demanded “Where’s the money?”

“Honestly I thought it was a joke at first,” said one of the victims, a resident of the complex. The robber got away with a backpack, about $20 in cash, a wallet, debit card and a few other items. Not that big of a score, but what do you expect from a bunch of people in bathing suits in a hot tub? At least the take was about $2.86 per victim.

Witnesses believe there was another man on the other side of the fence acting as a look out.

Police believe this incident may be related to an attempted carjacking by 2 men dressed in black and armed with handguns in the same general area.

As the old saying goes, Crime doesn’t pay.

In these past two instances, it may pay, but it’s just barely enough to be at all worth it.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, How much blood can you squeeze out a a stone anyways?

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Gun? What gun?

Posted by Rob on Monday, 18 May, 2009

A 17-year-old in North Carolina attempted to holdup an internet café after requesting a Mountain Dew by pointing a concealed banana under his shirt at the owner.

“Is that a banana in your shirt or are you just happy to see me?”

The café owner and another customer grabbed the teen and the weapon was revealed to be a fruit, not a firearm. The police were called just after 1 AM and as the owner and customer held the teen in a chair, the would-be robber ate the banana.

I suppose using a banana is more realistic because trying to just point your finger under your shirt to resemble a gun isn’t quite as believable.

“If he had had a gun he would’ve shot me,” owner, Bobby Ray Mabe said. “But he had a banana.”

“And the deputy said, ‘Aha! He ate the evidence,’” Mabe said. “But we had the banana peel, and they took a picture of it.”

Now if he was able to stomach eating the peel too…

The teen was later charged with one count of attempted armed robbery and the Deputies joked about charging him with the destruction of evidence.

Apparently he was also charged with a robbery of a nearby Kangaroo Express that occurred just before the internet café incident.

Perhaps he stole the banana at the Kangaroo Express?

Be Safe, Be Prepared. Eat your bananas, they have lots of potassium.

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Failed Ninja Robbery Attempt

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 28 April, 2009

In yet another story where some fool makes ninjas look bad, we have a ninja robbery attempt in Weymouth, Massachusetts last week. Witnesses say the man was dressed up like a ninja, and used a ninja sword while trying to rob a dry cleaner.

Apparently, the ninja wearing a ski mask and a sword in a sheath on his belt, walked into a Tedeschi convenience store around 8 AM in the morning. Mistake number one, he should have snuck into the store at night… you know, all sneaky-like in the shadows.

“All the witnesses said he was dressed like a ninja,” says Police Sgt. Richard Fuller. “He was in all black including the black ski mask. And they said it was a ‘ninja sword’ (he was carrying).”

Alarmed by the seemingly armed ninja entering the store, the convenience store clerk started to call the police. The ninja noticed the clerk on the phone. Good pickup, Mr. Ninja.

Next, the man rips off his ninja mask and asks the clerk if she is calling the police on him. Mistake number two, a ninja never reveals his true identity.

When the clerk says she was in fact calling the police on him, he gets scared and walks out of the store. Mistake number three, a ninja doesn’t walk out a door, he drops a smoke bomb and disappears!

So now the ninja walks down the street and enters a nearby Galaxy Cleaners.

The agitated ninja draws his sword and points the katana at the dry cleaner clerk, demanding all of the cash. This clerk tells the gullible ninja that she could not open the drawer.

The ninja now flees the second scene, again, without a smoke bomb cover. What a lame attempt at being a ninja. Mistake number four, if you are lame, you are not a ninja.

The Ninja Master from the Deadliest Warrior show would have been very disappointed.

Police are still searching for the man, who since he pulled off his mask, witnesses can say appeared to be in his late 20s and gave a facial description.

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Mountain Dew Does a Would-Be Robber In

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 5 March, 2009

We have another “Be a Better Criminal” tip: If you are going to rob a store, do not use your debit card during the holdup.

I know, it seems common sense to most folk, but 33-year-old Shawn Thomas Lester from West Virginia gets credit for this useful bit of information, much at his own expense.

Apparently, the scholarly Lester walked into a convenience store, grabbed a Mountain Dew and wandered up to the register. Once there, he told the cashier he had a gun and he demanded all of the money.

Before the cashier could comply, another customer walked in, flustering the would-be robber. The quick thinking cashier then asked Lester if he was going to pay for the soda.

Since Lester had no cash on him, seemingly why he was trying to rob the store in the first place, he whips out his bank debit card to pay the $1.47 for the soft drink. Knowing that this might be a bad idea, Lester used some West Virginian logic and signed the receipt “John Doe”.

Ah ha, that will make his identity less obvious. So now Lester, I mean… So now, John Doe leaves the store with a drink, but no cash. At least he wasn’t thirsty any more.

Now one could argue that Lester himself was also the victim of a crime. $1.47 for a freaking soda?? Give me a break, that’s highway robbery!

Much to the surprise of Mr. Doe, even West Virginian police were able to quickly trace the true owner of the debit card. John Doe my arse.

When the police arrived in Charleston to pick up Lester at his residence, Lester told the police he was just kidding around about the gun and holding up the store. I’m sure the arresting officer at least laughed to himself as he arrested the funny guy.

All kidding aside, he was charged with armed robbery, but luckily not stealing the soda. Grand theft beverage holds a pretty steep penalty.

So if you are taking notes, our “Be a Better Criminal” Tips now include: pull up your pants so you don’t trip or get a wedgie, don’t leave your getaway van running with the keys inside, eat the whole doughnut, leave the cell phone at home, and now don’t use your debit card at the scene of the crime.

I know I could come up with more tips, but I’ll just wait for other would-be criminals to bring them to our attention. It’s funnier that way.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Do the Dew.

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Little Old Lady Stops Robbery with Pepper Spray

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 31 January, 2009

Here’s a heart warming report out of Jacksonville, Florida. It took place after a robber tried to snatch a purse from a 77-year-old woman at a Kangaroo Express.

A “one-man crime spree” was brought to an abrupt halt by a 77-year-old woman with a can of pepper spray, Jacksonville police said Wednesday.

A 20-year-old guy was arrested Tuesday about 5:30 p.m. shortly after a robbery at a Kangaroo Express store in the 8300 block of Baymeadows Road. The Chief of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the man entered the store, pulled a gun and pointed it in the clerk’s face, then demanded money.

According to the police report, when the contents of the cash register didn’t satisfy him, he decided to snatch a customer’s purse. The unwilling victim, Gladys Gehrig, fought back and responded with a container of pepper spray attached to her key chain.

“She got him good in the face,” said the police.

Police picked up the suspect a short distance away.

This creep was linked to six other robberies throughout the month of January on the city’s Southside by witness ids and some surveillance footage.

He was charged with 14 felonies and held in lieu of bail.

Don’t mess with this Grannie’s purse!

So for all those whiners claiming the average citizen is incapable of defending themselves and the best bet is to offer no resistance and “let bad things just happen”, take a page out of this 77-year-old woman’s book and get a clue.

You do not need to be a victim. Tool up with some self defense gear, practice using it so you are comfortable enough to deploy it, have a plan, and be safe.

Send the Message to Yourself and to Others That You Value Your Safety…

When there is no where to run and words alone cannot ward off a would-be-attacker, a Stun Gun, Taser or Pepper Spray may level the playing field.

It is Better to Have It and Not Need It… Then to Need it and Not Have It…


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How do you pepper spray yourself in the face?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

There are always stories about people using something designed for good, but using them for something bad. Guns, tasers, pepper sprays and any like instrument can be used for either good or evil intentions, all depending on the wielder. It is unfortunate, but as I have said many times, it is not the object at fault, it is the individual. These guys will go to any length to find something to do harm with, be it a firearm, a self-defense tool, a 2×4, a lead pipe… just about any object could be used as a weapon.

This story is sad for several reasons. Apparently this guy in Council Bluffs, Nebraska went into a store, brandished a handgun, demanded cash and was given a sum of money out of the register. Bad situation, but it should have ended with the criminal leaving the store.

This robber, not yet satisfied with the take, forced the already compliant 20-year-old female college student into a back office looking for more cash. The report didn’t say if there was in fact more money in the back, or if the guy got any more anyways.

The story continues, and as the guy walks out of the office, he pulled out a canister of pepper spray to douse the girl. As much as I do not understand why this was necessary, I am at a greater loss for what actually transpired.

“He pulled out pepper spray and pushed the button. But the nozzle was pointed the wrong direction. The spray hit him in the face.

The robber turned the Mace around and sprayed it at the clerk, who was able to duck. She was sprayed in the side of the face and shoulder.”

How is that even possible?

Pepper spray does not come in aerosol cans like spray paint or cooking spray. They come equipped with a safety mechanism that forces you to hold the dispenser properly and slide and push the trigger to engage the spray. I can not even picture the awkwardness needed to maneuver your hand the wrong way, force the trigger to go off and spray backwards into your own face.


I have always been a strong proponent for extensive practice using any self-defense device to ensure the proper use and efficient deployment in a stressful situation. Always carry it in the same place, practice retrieving the device quickly and effortlessly, make sure you can confidently deploy the weapon as required for use…

But I would never have thought it would be necessary to note that you must make sure you point the nozzle in the correct direction, one because of the common sense aspect, and second, because it is virtually impossible to uncomfortably twist your hand into the awkward position required to spray yourself in the face with mace. Or so I thought.

So now I’d like to formally issue a warning for carrying pepper spray:


I suppose I can refrain from adding a resounding DUH! to the end of that statement.

Now I can understand the possibility of wind blowing pepper spray back towards yourself, if you were to spray into a strong wind (Don’t do that either) or perhaps if you were in a closed-in area and deployed pepper spray, there is a chance it may affect you too, but I am still challenged to figure out actually how someone would actually spray themselves in the face.

Dude, perhaps the pepper spray was a bad idea. Leave it for the adults to use.

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Grand Theft Eggbeater?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 17 December, 2008

The masses never fail to amaze me.

A guy in Tampa, Florida was robbed at gun and knife-point when 2 (culinary inclined?) men entered his home and demanded a particularly unusual item.

An eggbeater.

Police apprehended the suspects outside the now eggbeater-less man’s home. Caught red-handed, one of the suspects still had the incriminating eggbeater in his left pocket. He was not afforded enough time to make an omlet or scramble an egg that the two men must have been sorely craving.

Since this crazy story wasn’t written with much detail, we can only speculate on what might have gone down.

“Your eggbeater or your life!”

“You know egg-sactly what we want, hand over your beater!”

“That’s a real purdy eggbeater you got over there in your utensil drawer…”

If its not bad enough, now we have to worry about people armed with guns and knives poaching eggbeaters. I understand the pressures of the holiday season, all the baking that needs to get done, but really a wisk or a fork would work fine in a pinch. There is no need to go postal and steal eggbeaters.

So I am wondering if these guys actually needed the eggbeater for personal use or if it was intended to be a hot Christmas present for that someone special? I mean I haven’t been in the eggbeater market recently, let alone in southern Florida, so perhaps there is an extreme shortage of good eggbeaters available down there. There is only a week until Christmas, perhaps you were unaware of the top hard to find gifts this year.

You know, Tickle-Me-Elmo, Nintendo Wii, Pampered Chef Eggbeaters…

Make sure while finishing up your holiday shopping, if you happen to see a beater left on the shelf at Walmart, grab it fast! Maybe I should check the going rate of eggbeaters on e-Bay? I might be missing out on some quick sales if I can head to the local Dollar Store and stock up.

That is unless the are all being played with by 4-year-old in the middle of the night and had to be confiscated by the police as evidence…

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Self-Defense is a Personal Choice

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 10 June, 2008

I was going through some old notes and found this little
nugget from awhile back, not sure why it didn’t get posted
back in last August (2007), but since it was a pretty good
article, I’ll post it now.

Self-Defense is a Personal Choice, you can choose to take
action, or choose stand by and allow things to happen.

“Three cheers and a replacement bottle of fish sauce for
Ross Vannarith, the owner of a Methuen, MA liquor store who
fought off a would-be robber with the help of his son and a
bottle of the salty condiment.

Vannarith had just returned from the Methuen Package Store on
Route 110 when he saw a man pointing a gun at his daughter
behind the register. Vannarith crept up behind the man and
wrestled him to the ground, where he and his son beat him
into submission with the first thing that came to hand, a
bottle of fish sauce. It was, Vannarith noted later, their
last bottle of the southeast Asian condiment.

Police arrested Douglas Brown of Lowell and charged him with
armed robbery. It took about 40 stitches to close the wounds
in Brown’s head.

Police have not charged the Vannariths with any crime
related to the beating. Nor should they. People have a right
to defend their lives and property.

Vannarith showed courage in taking on an armed robber. But
it was a risky decision. Police usually recommend offering no
resistance to such robbery attempts. A few dollars lost is
far preferable to a life lost.

But it sends a poor message as a society if we simply
surrender to any thug or hoodlum who walks through the door.
If we all offer ourselves as willing victims, there will be
no check on criminals at all.

The decision whether to resist or submit to a criminal’s
demands is an intensely personal one. It depends on an
instant reading of the circumstances and a realistic
evaluation of one’s options. No one knows truly what he or
she would do until faced with the decision in real life.

So while we applaud the bravery of those like Vannarith who
resist the thugs of the world, we in no way condemn those
who choose a more prudent course.

It keeps the criminals off-balance, too. It’s good that
they never know whether they’ll get an easy score or a
beating they’ll not soon forget.”

What do you think you would have done in a similar
situation? The choice is up to you.

now to take control of a situation before it gets out of
hand. Most of the time, attackers don’t expect you to
fight back, and when you do, you significantly increase the
chance they they will give up or become unsuccessful in
committing the crime to the extent possible.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but
the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth
more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your
belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

Yours in safety,


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The Thrill of it All

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 7 May, 2008

A 15-year-old gets busted in Bremerton, WA for stealing
candy bars. The kid is riding his bike away from the
store when a cop responding to the shoplifting report
stops him. “You been stealing candy, son?”

“Nope, Not me!” responds the boy, chocolate in his teeth
and the smell chocolate on his breath. Kinda caught brown
handed. Besides the incriminating chocolate residue, a
couple of witnesses identified the boy who eventually
confessed. As if that was still neccessary.

As well as confessing to stealing the candy, the boy
also stated he was hungry and did it for the thrill.
That part is probably the most disturbing. Stealing
candy for the thrill of it.

What happens when stealing candy isn’t as thrilling
anymore? What is the next level thrill fix? What if fix
after fix eventually becomes the thrill of armed robbery,
assault and battery or worse?

Hopefully this 15-year-old got hauled back to his house
and his Dad “took care” of any more immediate thrill
vacancies. But even that is becoming less and less of
the case in our undisciplined society.

Taking this to the next level, this is what you may be
faced with. Today, criminals are getting younger and
younger, and with this comes a certain lack of discipline
and a less maturity to the consequence of their actions.
Alarmingly, you may very well be faced with a adolescent
or young adult with an unmatched ruthlessness or worst
yet, a group of negatively like-minded youths. Looking
for a thrill…

Take the recent beating of a high school girl by a group
of other high school girls. This was that bunch who
thought it was a good idea to kidnap the girl, bring her
to a house, severely beat her down, all while filming a
video of the attack to upload to YouTube. Thrilling
isn’t it?

We are not dealing with the best and the brightest here.
Expect the same or worse on the street.

Your first priority should be to know how to protect
yourself, and your second priority is to teach that skill
to every member of your family. You don’t have to be a gym
gorilla or an NFL lineman to do the job. In fact, those
guys would only win a small percentage of battles with a
street thug anyways.

The key to self defense is to walk softly and carry a
powerful tool. Get some pepper spray or get a stun gun.
Pick up a Taser or a telescopic steel baton, whatever
suits your fancy and gives you a thrill. The thrill of
knowing you are more likely to make it home at night
if something unfortunate occurs. The thrill of your
children or loved ones that count on you to be home,
knowing you will make it home…

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to
you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection
could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth
Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your
personal well-being?

Yours in safety,


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