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Doughnut Helps Police Catch Burglar

Posted by Rob on Friday, 13 February, 2009

Surprisingly, a box of doughnuts in a church’s kitchen was successfully used as evidence, and not simply scarfed down by investigating officers…

Apparently, a 22-year-old man broke into the Woodhaven Christian Church and stole some musical instruments. While police were investigating, a box of doughnuts was discovered in the church kitchen. Bonus!

You’d imagine that the police would be excited, but someone noticed a bite taken out of one. Deputies carefully removed the half-eaten doughnut and sent it to the Indiana State Police lab for testing. The fate of the remaining 11 doughnuts was not reported. But we can all surmise…

Police received confirmation that DNA left on the doughnut matched the 22-year-old, who was already in the Branchville Correctional Facility, serving a prison sentence for an unrelated home burglary.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Lost Cell Phone, Sleeping Bags and Drug Deals caught on 911

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 7 February, 2009

An 18-year-old guy from Mesa, Arizona was arrested on suspicion of breaking into a car early Tuesday morning. Nothing says guilty like leaving your cell phone behind, and then going back to the scene to ask the owner if you can get your phone back…

Apparently the Police were responding to a call from the victim, who reported that a garage door opener and money had been taken from his car. Before the police arrived, the vehicle owner noticed a man hanging out across the street from his house. The owner asked the guy what he was doing there.

So the guy admits that he broke into the car and took the garage door opener and some change. He tells the victim that he accidentally dropped his cell phone in the vehicle and wanted it back.

The owner tells the guy that he already called the police so he takes off. The Police found the guy nearby, fitting the description given by the victim.

The suspect handed over the garage door opener but told police he went to a store and spent the change he obtained from the vehicle to buy some cigarettes because he knew he was going to jail.

Good call.

Next there was a report that Police in Gainesville, Florida said a 46-year-old man armed with a screwdriver and wearing a sleeping bag as a cape tried to rob someone in a parking lot.

Apparently a man approached the intended victim early last Sunday morning and asked for money.

When the victim refused, the caped man threw off the sleeping bag and pulled the screwdriver from his pants. The victim quickly ran into a nearby store and called 911.

The suspect was arrested a few blocks away and charged with attempted armed robbery. Luckily the victim wasn’t injured or screwed out of any money…

The last winner in the news today goes to that guy in Cleveland who called 911 because he felt he was in danger. Police report the guy called 911 late Saturday night and reported that two men with guns were watching him.

The guy hangs up, mid-conversation, so the concerned dispatcher called back.

The guy answered, but asked the dispatcher to hold on a second. The dispatcher, who could still hear what was going on, listened in to the drug deal the guy was now making.

Voices can be heard on the 911 recording saying:

“What you need? A 10-pack? You need a 10-pack? All right.”

Police say “10-pack” is slang for a bundle of heroin.

The dispatcher called police, who found the guy at the location he originally gave and found cocaine in his pocket.

Not the brightest guy in Ohio. But then again, none of these guys are…

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Goldibear and the Three Humans?

Posted by Rob on Monday, 22 September, 2008

A twisted real life version of Goldilocks occurred in Billings, Montana where a man (more resembling a bear than the little blond haired girl), was found sleeping in baby bear’s bed, I mean a little boy’s bed.

Ok, it wasn’t bowls of porridge either, it was cheese from the fridge.

Apparently the mentally-challenged man broke into a house, ate some cheese in the refrigerator, made some sort of “mess in the bathroom” (no broken chair mentioned), then wandered into a bedroom. He found that the child’s bed was just right, and fell asleep in the unoccupied bed.

The mother (not mother bear) heard snoring coming from the room of her 2-year-old child around 8:30 in the morning and found a stranger fast asleep. The child, luckily ended up sleeping in the bed of his parent’s that night, and was not present in his bedroom when the burglar was on the prowl.

The mom ran to wake up her husband (not papa bear either, but it goes with the story) and called the police from a neighbor’s home. The father, armed with an unloaded shotgun, held the disheveled man until the police arrived.

The man was charged with burglary, although he pleaded not guilty in District Court.

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Keep your family, porridge, cheese and the rest of your belongings safe and secure.

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Truck Theft, Sub Sandwiches and Missing Gorillas

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 3 September, 2008

Couple winners in the news today.

First we have a 22-year-old truck burglar in Tampa, Florida. Looks like he was doing the rounds in a parking lot when the owner of the truck he was breaking into shows up. A fight breaks out and the suspect flees the scene. The owner chases him to a construction site where the burglar ducks inside a Portable Toilet and attempts to hide.

The truck driver sees the man enter the construction site restroom, and tips the entire housing over. Needless to say the toilet had in fact been used a number of times, and the spill covered “him in huge amounts of human waste.”

Not cool.

Next we have a 25-year-old drunk driver in Iowa City, Iowa. Early Sunday morning a police officer sees the drunk man driving without his headlights on and pulls him over. The driver is arrested and put into the police car. While driving to the station, the man offers “free sub sandwiches” to the cop in exchange for letting him go.

Apparently the man has some sub shop connections and free food at his disposal. The officer declined the offer. Perhaps if the man worked in a donut shop a better deal could have been made?

The last unusual crime story of the day is the apparent theft of am 8-foot mechanical gorilla. AN outdoor flea market in East Machias, Maine displays, well used to display this primate statue at the entrance to the marketplace. All of the sudden in broad daylight, the flea market owner noticed this rather large and heavy monkey was missing.

At first, he asked his clerk if he had wheeled in inside, but the clerk thought the owner must have moved it. Which in either case would have been a feat, as this huge gorilla has a concrete base and some heavy electric motors that moved the arms up and down when running.

“Who the hell would ever steal a gorilla as heavy as that thing was?” said the owner. A Maine State Police Officer said he believes the 8-foot-tall, concrete based, electronic moving armed gorilla might be “decorating some college student’s apartment.”

That must be some determined group of college kids pulling off a prank of that magnitude. It would be one heck of a conversation piece at the next frat party.

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Hot Weather Theft Warning

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 5 August, 2007

As the hot summer weather continues, I’d like to warn you
that homeowners and apartment dwellers need to be aware
that opportunist thieves are out there looking to take
advantage of the warm and sunny weather.

It is important at this time of year to be extra cautious
while trying to keep cool, and ensure that you do not leave
your windows open when rooms are unoccupied. Although this
may help keep your home cooler, it may also serve as an
invitation for a burglar to easily slip into your house.
Make sure you take extra care in the safety and security of
your home.

The chance of falling victim to crimes of opportunity can be
lowered by reducing the opportunities that the criminals
have. Another word of caution goes out to those relying on
window unit air conditioners to keep cool. These air
conditioners, often found in bedrooms, tend to drown out
background noise in other rooms of the house at night. While
this may sound nice, as well as cool, this is an increased
opportunity for someone to slip into your house at night and
take a look around without you hearing the rustling. These
units have also been known to be easily pushed into a house
to gain easy access at street level. Sure it may make a
thud, but if no one is home in the middle of the day, it is
an easy access point.

Burglars don’t like to work too hard getting in, and don’t
want to be heard while on the prowl. Please be cautious on
how you choose to keep cool during the remainder of the

Am I telling you to lock all your doors and windows, remove
your air conditioners and sit inside your house sweltering
from the heat? Of course not, but please take some extra
precautions without leaving your house opened up inviting
the wrong crowd.

Be extremely cautious of what windows you leave opened and
how secure your air conditioners are, especially at ground
level. If you are leaving the house, make sure you lock up.
No excuses, no matter where you live. Nice neighborhoods are
where the burglars come, it is where the nicer stuff is. It
might be time to invest in some sort of room alarms.
Burglars hate loud noises that draw attention.

Even an electronic barking dog may do the trick if you do
not have the real thing. Just make sure you take some
measures before it is too late.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to
you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection
could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth
Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your
personal well-being?

Yours in safety,

Rob Cook

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