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Robber steals $6 from 11 people in California

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 11 March, 2010

Times are tough.

When the economy is as bad as it is, and many people are without jobs or having problems making ends meet, crime rates go up. As unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties… desperate people are resorting to desperate measures…

A woman armed with a gun in Thermal, California help up 11 people at La Chicanita Market this past Tuesday afternoon. You would think with those kind on numbers, she would get a decent amount of cash. However, this crime netted her and average of $0.55 per victim.

That’s right, a whole $6.00. Isn’t minimum wage like $7.25?

Police report the woman confronted one person who was entering the market and another 10 customers inside the store. Afterwards, the frustrated robber fled in an old car.

Nobody was hurt in this incident, except the robber who probably suffered from extreme disappointment.

In another low payout waste of a robbery attempt, a group of friends in Murfreesboro, TN faced a similar robbery. Different scenario, similar outcome.

Sometimes you just want to unwind and soak in a hot tub. What could be more relaxing then that? That is unless you are robbed at gun-point while kicking back.

Being held up was probably the farthest thing from the minds of the 7 friends that were enjoying an evening soak, Until a masked man dressed in black jumped the fence of their apartment complex. Brandishing a gun, the man demanded “Where’s the money?”

“Honestly I thought it was a joke at first,” said one of the victims, a resident of the complex. The robber got away with a backpack, about $20 in cash, a wallet, debit card and a few other items. Not that big of a score, but what do you expect from a bunch of people in bathing suits in a hot tub? At least the take was about $2.86 per victim.

Witnesses believe there was another man on the other side of the fence acting as a look out.

Police believe this incident may be related to an attempted carjacking by 2 men dressed in black and armed with handguns in the same general area.

As the old saying goes, Crime doesn’t pay.

In these past two instances, it may pay, but it’s just barely enough to be at all worth it.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, How much blood can you squeeze out a a stone anyways?

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Robber Calls 911 After Getting Punched in the Face

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

A 43-year-old man got punched in the face while attempting to rob an 83-year-old senior citizen this past Saturday in San Diego, California. It would have been funnier if it was the elderly man doing the punching, but a 35-year-old good Samaritan broke up this crime with a fist-to-face interruption.

The robber got so upset, he called 911 to report the assault on himself.

When the police show up, they figure out what happened and arrested the 43-year-old for abuse of an elderly person and attempted robbery.

The police located the elderly man and confirmed the story that while he was pinned against a wall and the would-be-robber rifled through his pockets, the bystander came to his aid.

Kinda reminds me of a similar story about a year back when another guy shouldn’t have called 911, but did anyways. Something about a man in New Hampshire getting ripped off by a drug dealer, so he calls 911 to report the drug dealer took his money and didn’t give him his drugs. The police showed up, and arrested the man for admitting to trying to buy drugs. I believe the drug dealer got away…

You would think people were smarter than that. At least there weren’t any chicken nuggets involved in these two incidents…

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Violent Altercation at Bowling Alley

Posted by Rob on Monday, 23 March, 2009

I have not gone to a bowling alley in a long time, but I do bowl an occasional Nintendo Wii bowling game here and there. Of course, the kids usually beat me since they play a whole lot more.

However, if I did go to the local bowling alley, I do know some of the informal bowling etiquette. Like if the person in the lane next to you is about to throw, you wait until he is finished before you take your shot.

I guess it is distracting, not that it would help or hinder my game either way.

But in Sacramento, California, at least one bowler was not aware of this unwritten rule at the Rocklin AMF Lanes last Wednesday and resulting in some bowling rage.

Joseph Hinkle, apparently a more serious bowler, got into an argument with some bowlers in neighboring lanes over their blatant disregard of proper lane etiquette.

This verbal altercation quickly escalated into a six-man melee where Ryan Scott David, wielding a 16-pound bowling ball took a shot at Hinkle’s face. BAM!

“I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years, and this is my first bowling ball attack,” says Rocklin Police Department’s Lt. Lon Milka.

I’m not sure how good David’s bowling game was going, but he hit a split on Hinkle mouth, knocking out one of his front teeth. Which I guess is better that David getting a strike as far as Hinkle is concerned.

David was charged with assault with a deadly weapon and Hinkle was rushed to the Sutter Roseville Hospital with facial injuries and his tooth in a cup of milk.

They serve milk at bowling alleys?

His tooth is expected to set back in place.

Mark Miller is a spokesperson for the US Bowling Congress, the national organization that regulates the sport of bowling. Miller stated that much like golf or pickup basketball games, violations of unwritten rules occasionally lead to conflict.

He added that while an experienced league bowler would know to hold back when a neighboring bowler is about to throw, it is less likely that a beginner would know.

“It’s not like when you start to bowl you are handed a piece of paper. There is not a formal way where a newcomer will be taught that,” Miller says. Perhaps bowling alleys should put up a sign.

The vast majority of these conflicts are usually solved “pretty casually” and without violence. Not that this helps Hinkle’s smile at the moment.

So the next time you go bowling, try to mind your bowling manners. And if you see a 16-pound bowling ball coming at your face, DUCK!

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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California Carjack Warning

Posted by Rob on Monday, 9 February, 2009

An e-mail titled “A Warning from Whittier Police” (in California) has been circulating the internet recently via e-mail and blogs since late January. The text reads as follows:

“I am sending this to all of you, per the advice of the Whittier Police.

Last night on my way home from work, I was followed off the freeway without realizing it. A lot of people take the Telegraph off ramp to go home. Then I turned left on Norwalk going north.

This Van pulled up on my right side and told me that my right rear tire was going flat and that I should pull over and let him put my spare on. I was only 2 miles from home and in an industrial area where no gas stations, etc. so told him NO THANKS, and kept going slow the rest of 20 the way home. When I got home I told Richard what had happened and he checked my tire. The tire was perfectly OK. That’s when I realized what had happened and it scared me to death.

According to the Police there are allot of car jacking going on, then they rob you of everything (money, jewelry, etc) due to the economy. The best thing I could do was to let the gals at work know to be more than careful of their surroundings. It’s happening all over Southern California, not just LA or Orange Counties.

Please my friends, be very careful out there.”

Although the ruse of trying to convince a motorist that they have a flat tire (or any other serious auto problem) and need to pull over immediately has been around for awhile, the possibility for an actual account is valid. Carjacking, robbery, assault, rape or worse could happen as a result, as well as the chance you actually have a softening tire that may need repair.

Several years ago I ran the front end of my 1989 Mustang partially into a ditch. You kinda of had to be there to truly see the scenario, but when the tow truck came, the only way to pull it out was at an angle that caused my rear axel to become bent.

Besides the now bent rear axel, the car was fine. It only went far enough into the ditch for undercarriage just past the front tires to hit the ground, leaving the tires freely spinning in the air. So when it was pulled out safely, the car was drivable, with the exception that one of the back tires wobbled. Pretty bad I guess, but I couldn’t drive and see the tires at the same time.

I don’t know how many people tried to legitimately flag me down and let me know my “rear tire was about to fall off”. It wasn’t, and it took me months to get around to fixing it.

I swear I would have left it longer if I wasn’t being bothered so much by so many concerned people letting me know there was something wrong. The car was mostly fine, I just wanted people to stop honking and waving at me.

I know, my freaking axle is bent, thanks for reminding me of the ditch incident!

But I digress, back to Whittier, California. The local police can basically neither confirm or deny the intent of the van in question but did post the reply on their blog:

“The originator of this email did in fact contact the Whittier Police Department to report the above facts and a report was taken.

For clarification purposes, the Whittier Police Department did not advise the caller that “there are a lot of car jackings going on”. The Department has not received any other reports that involve these sets of circumstances, which led to a car jacking.
While there is no definite way at this time to determine the true intent of the van driver, motorists are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the Whittier Police Department.”

Usually these internet rumors that get forwarded all over the internet have both some merit, and some exaggeration to them. You would tend to believe that they are well intentioned when created.

Even if the entire story was concocted from fiction, one should stop for a moment a think about the scenario. Not so far fetched, and not just in California.

The Auto Visor Pepper Spray (PS-4) contains a formula of 10% Oleoresin Capsicum with 2 million Scoville Heat Units that can immediately stop an attacker in his tracks. Additionally, the police will have no problem identifying who you sprayed with the UV marking dye contained in the pepper spray.

The Pepper Spray with the Auto Visor clip is a simple way to make sure you always have your pepper spray available for emergency protection. If someone comes up to you in your vehicle and poses a threat, you will be able to reach up, grab your pepper spray, and spray it out the cracked window at your assailant, if necessary.

Just a heads up. Be Safe, Be Prepared, Always use your head…

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Pepper Spray (Not) Out Of Stock

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 5 February, 2009

Due to recent reports of kidnappings and attacks around the Bakersfield, California area, self-defense items are flying off the shelves at the few local outlets that stock these items. Within the past couple weeks, there have been at least two reported kidnapping and one attempted abduction against women.

This trend is not uncommon after such events as personal protection is now on the minds of both men and women. Sadly, it seems to take a tragic event to remind people that the need is real to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Many of the local stores that carry Pepper Spray, Mace and other personal protection items are running out of stock because countless people have come in looking for items to better protect themselves.

“Since the attacks, we have seen Pepper Spray fly off the shelves and other self-defense modes such as Tasers and firearm sales have increased since then,” says one of the local employees.

Shana, one of those customers looking to buy self-defense items says she works at a restaurant during the late shift and is very concerned over the recent attacks.

“I have to walk out to parking lot a night time. I have had a couple strange men approach me in the parking lot. It scared me to death so I want to make sure I am protected and defend myself,” says Shana.

Besides pepper spray, people concerned about their safety and want to buy personal protection have many options. Knives, stun guns, kubotans and telescopic steel batons can be used at close proximity to your attacker. C2 Tasers shoot electric prongs up to 15 feet, giving you some distance and of course, firearms are available plus many other items.

Male customers buy items of self-defense for the women in their life as well as for themselves.

“I’m buying self-defense stuff for my sister, girlfriend and my mother. I’m looking into getting them pepper spray on the key chain. It’s easy to use and better for self-defense,” says John, who is concerned about the safety of himself and others.

The best place to purchase the widest variety of these self-defense items are online retailers, such as Worth Protection Security. We even have one of the lowest prices available for keychain pepper sprays, starting at $4.88 each.

Local outlets are typically few and far between, and usually only have a few items to choose from. Then, if there is a local incident, their meager supply runs out quickly. has plenty of pepper spray available, and even if we are short on one kind, we have plenty of other models. Way more than the local shops stocking 5 at a time.

Don’t wait for the news report.

Protect yourself now. You never know, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. How about you?

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More Runaway Amphibians

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 3 February, 2009

Following the lead of the 10 rare turtles missing in Singapore, two snakes in San Luis Obispo, California decided to take in the sights Sunday night and stroll out of their terrarium.

This time, one big python and another freaking huge python escaped from their owner’s home and wandered away. Luckily the smaller, 12-foot python got bored and only made it under the owner’s porch before it decided to camp out.

The larger one, a 23-foot, 130-pounds of orange reticulated python, coincidentally the world’s longest snake species, was more adventurous and was found in someone’s backyard several blocks away, basking in the sun.

While the snakes were loose, Police quickly warned the residents that though domesticated, these pythons were large enough to make meals of small children or pets.

Both snakes ended up captured by Monday afternoon, and no injuries or missing pets were reported. Local authorities said the owner of the reptiles will not be cited as “There is no leash law for snakes.”


Can you imagine looking out your sliding glass door and seeing a 23-foot orange snake lounging around your backyard? Or worse yet, if you were lounging around in a chair in your backyard and the snake slithered past you?

Not sure what pepper spray or a stun gun would do to a snake that big… And I wouldn’t want to be the one to find out.

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Wrong House Home Invasion Causes Scare in CA.

Posted by Rob on Friday, 15 August, 2008

No matter what the subject matter, there will be skeptics, opponents and non-believers. Personally, I’d rather converse with like-minded people rather than try to convert opposing or narrow-minded viewpoints. You either believe in something or don’t, only you can change your own mind. Usually when you do change your mind it is most likely the result of a personal change in belief rather than a persuaded thought change by someone else. I’m not saying people can’t change by the help of others, but it seems most of the people that need to hear something are too stubborn to listen. Their loss, you can only try so hard.

Usually in my field, if someone is resistant to utilizing some form of self defense, I will briefly speak my case, then back off. In some cases I may speak my case longer or more persuasively, depending on who I am talking to. But for casual acquaintances, brief mention is fine. If I am able to plant a seed in their head for them to chew on later, all the better. But I can not be responsible for every human being that doesn’t heed my opinion and do something to protect themselves or loved ones. I have myself and my loved ones to worry about.

Besides the ultra anti-violence, turn the other cheek types, more often people are just complacent. Many times the main objections are a false sense of security because of the ever popular “It can’t happen to me” syndrome. I live in a nice neighborhood, I pay attention while out in public, I don’t walk down dark alleys… The truth is, sure, most people are safe, most of the time. But what about the time when you are not looking for trouble, but trouble is looking for you? Of worse yet, what if trouble found you by mistake?

The other day in Stockton, California two guys knock on a door at 4 PM in the afternoon’s broad daylight. Posing as salesman, the two attempt to strike up a conversation with the 57-year-old woman who answered the door. When she declines interest in the solicitation, the men proceed with their actual agenda and pull out a set of black, semiautomatic handguns.

The guys force their way into the house and hold the guns to the head of the woman and the 61-year-old man also at home. Once inside, the men demanded the “drugs and money” that were allegedly hidden in the house. The confused homeowners, unable to comply with the request told them that they didn’t have any.

One of the suspects took the homeowner into the kitchen and ransacked the freezers in the kitchen and garage, since apparently people storing drugs and money hide them in the freezer? While still in the living room, the other suspect admits to the woman held at gunpoint that maybe they picked the wrong house by mistake? Hrrm, perhaps…

Not wanting to leave empty handed, the suspects demanded other items of value and ended up leaving with a coin collection, telephone, camera, laptop computer and some other items. Not exactly the stash the home invaders were looking to score.

At the time of this botched home invasion, an 11-year-old boy was also home in another room. Hearing the commotion, he was able to sneak out to the safety of a neighbor’s house and call the police. Smart kid. Unfortunately, the police arrived after the suspects had fled the scene. Luckily no one was hurt, and the suspects accepted the blunder and just took off with some property.

This very easily could have ended up much worse if the attackers were angered and resorted to physical or fatal violence by their error in target, of if that was the original intent from the get go. You never know, but this set of homeowners was certainly not looking for this trouble. It wasn’t even a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were home at their house, mistakenly targeted by strangers looking for someone else.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen to you personally or to a loved one before you realize that the need for some sort of self defense tactics can be a real personal reality. No one goes around looking for trouble, but if trouble shows up and you need to do something about it, you had better be ready then, not later.

I won’t tell you I told you so if you wait too long. You will realize that all by yourself and change your own mind.

Be safe, Be prepared and have an plan of action.

Yours in Safety, Rob

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I Would Kill for a Taco Right About Now…

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

Did you ever crave something so bad that you thought to yourself “Gee, I would kill for a taco right about now?” Most rational people would dismiss this as a passing thought. Some of us may even be motivated to go to Taco Bell and indulge in our craving.

Then some might even take it a step farther in the wrong direction. In this case we have a meeting of two taco cravers in Fontana, California. The first guy rationally decides to purchase some tacos at a street-corner taco stand this past Sunday night.

Now this guy was really craving tacos, so he bought about $20 worth. That’s alot of tacos. I’m not sure how much each they are at this street-side stand, but Taco Bell gets a about buck per, so we are potentially talking about at least 20 tacos in this sack.

The second guy, irrationally taking his craving near the extreme, pulls out a gun and points it at the first guy. “Give me your tacos!” he barks. He actually threatens to kill him as he demanded the bag of tacos. Fearing for his life, the first man hands over the tacos, gets punched in the face, and goes home hungry.

El Taco Bandito flees the scene, obviously thinking to himself “Mmmmmm, TACOS! I gots me some Tacos!”

The only thing missing from this story would have been the creative use of some condiments, namely some makeshift pepper spray in the form of hot sauce in the suspect’s eyes. In this case it was probably best to just surrender the tacos and have the situation end itself.

On the other hand, if El Taco Bandito decided to push the matter further and attempt to make good on the life threat, some more serious retaliation would be in order.

What would you do when a ravenously hungry thug stuck a gun in your face and began making threats? What if he was hopped up on drugs and talking your way out was out of the question?

Perhaps Bob Taylor could help. He has put together quite a training DVD on this particular subject – Advanced Gun Disarmament and Weapons Retention.

This video is perfect for both the gun owner who does not want his weapon used against him, and the non-gun owner that wants to disarm an assailant pointing a gun in his direction.

Much of the material you would see concerns lethal tactics that you may be forced to use to save your own life. This is brutal stuff, and not for the faint of heart. Bob has made it easy to learn, and simple to use… so SWAT cops wouldn’t have to spend hours training. These are life-saving skills for the real world, where it sometimes gets nasty. And this is your ONLY opportunity to see them yourself.

I hope that some pepper spray and a stun gun would get you clear of most situations, but for those wishing to take it to the next level, this would be a good place to start. Besides, being able to only handle “most” situations will only get you so far.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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Former NFL QB Sacked by Taser

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 14 February, 2008

Josh Booty, former NFL quarterback was subdued by sheriff’s deputies with a Taser gun on the 55 Freeway in Santa Ana, California. He ended up with a black eye Wednesday after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Booty, the older brother of Southern California quarterback John David Booty, was arrested by the California Highway Patrol after being pulled over says Orange County Sheriff’s Lt. Hal Brotheim.

During the booking process, the 32-year-old Booty became belligerent and deputies used the TASER Device, Brotheim said.

“After being Tased, he was fully compliant,” Brotheim said.

That has to be the best quote ever!

Of course he was compliant afterward, you’d be surprised how their tune changes. Not so much of a tough guy running his mouth off to the cops anymore.

Works equally well against some belligerent thug harassing or threatening you or a loved one.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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