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Cold Weather Crime Rates

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

When the air gets frigid, and the snow starts to fly, it’s just a simple fact that things start to slow down. No one likes to brave the cold weather more than they have to. This in turn, means less people to target and fewer criminals out to commit their acts. Like supply and demand… and being lazy.

Sure there are still burglaries, muggings and whatever other nasty crimes going on in the winter, just less of them. Let’s face it criminals are lazy. You go out and get a job, work hard, make some money, cash your check and then some loser on the street mugs you and steals your wallet, iPod and cell phone. Why work when you can just rip off someone else who does? Hrrm, that kind of sounds like this redistribution of wealth crap, Obama’s answer to the US economic troubles? Well that’s another story.

Back to lazy criminals. So basically you have fewer criminals willing to camp out behind the bushes in the freezing cold or less hoodlums hanging out on the streets causing trouble because it just isn’t fun to stand around freezing your butt off. And it’s just too hard to run away with your loot in 2 feet of snow and on icy streets.

Many of the areas that have been recently affected by the sudden back-to-back(-to-back) Mid-Atlantic blizzards have noticed a temporary lull in criminal activity. Don’t get too excited, it won’t last long.

Once the streets get plowed or the snow starts melt, the stir-crazy thugs will be back in business. The economy isn’t getting any better, and the criminals are not getting any less lazy.

Once the good weather hits and spring has officially sprung (it isn’t too far off, no matter what that stupid groundhog says), the thugs will be back in full force.

Get yourself ready now; don’t wait until the streets are hopping.

If you are living in a location that isn’t experiencing Jack Frost Winter Wonderland conditions, you probably are not getting any seasonal breaks and should be tooled up year round. Just in case. You never know when the next lazy thug may target you for a redistribution of your wealth… or worse.

Be ready to redistribute your supply of pepper spray or voltage from your stun gun. Fair is fair, right?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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