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Thief steals 66-year-old bicycle from an 83-year-old woman

Posted by Rob on Friday, 10 April, 2009

In 1943, then 17-year-old Ruth Slovenski received a bicycle as a gift. For 66 years, Ruth took care of and looked after that bike. To this day, she still rode that bike. Well that was until earlier this week when a man stole her antique blue Huffy from the front of a nursing home in Lewiston, Maine.

Apparently the 83-year-old woman left her bicycle unlocked near a mailbox while visiting some friends at a local nursing home. About two hours later, she returned expecting to hop on her bike and head home, but the bicycle was gone.

Security video from the nursing home revealed a man wearing a hat and dark clothing riding away on a bike that fit the following description: Blue Huffy bicycle with wide fenders and a large metal basket.

I’m thinking there probably aren’t too many of this or similar models still around on the street. Police reported that Slovenski expressed the bike had great sentimental value.

I did some quick research, but depending on the actual condition of the 66-year-old bike, it could actually be quite valuable. There is a Vintage 1950s Huffy bike on eBay for about $3000.

It is not known if the bicycle was stolen because it could be a valuable antique or if it was just some creep being a jerk and stealing an easy target on the side of the road.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Lock up your bike.

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