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McDonalds Parking Spot Rage

Posted by Rob on Monday, 8 March, 2010

It seems McDonald’s is just a magnet for making news headlines with some sort of shenanigans. McNugget Rage, Hamburger Rage, now Parking Spot Rage.

Apparently this incident happened back in July 2008, but the assault conviction just went through the court system. Jurors convicted 52-year-old Vernon Brant of third-degree assault on 85-year-old Richard Albers in a Loveland, Colorado McDonald’s restaurant parking lot.

Brant and Albers had exchanged words previously over Brant parking his contracting pickup truck and trailer across Albers “preferred” parking spot. This is the parking spot Albers has grown attached to, using it almost daily for some 16 years. I guess that is when Brant does not double occupy Albers’ space…

The boiling point occurred when Albers decided to get out of his SUV and walk up to Brant’s truck while he was still sitting in the cab, obstructing the parking space. Upon tapping or knocking (banging?) on the door, Brant swung open the door, knocking the elderly man to the ground.

A witness testified Brandt then jumped out of the truck and grabbed Albers, cocked his fist and said, “you want to fight, you son of a b____?”

The prosecutor argued that no reasonable man would open the door in that violent fashion. Brant seemed to show further poor judgment trying to condone his action by saying that he wasn’t sure if it was a “nine-year-old child or a man with a gun outside” the door.

“His own words: ‘Could have been a nine-year-old,’” the prosecutor told jurors. “That’s reckless, folks.”

The case seemed to go back and forth, citing the victim was to blame for starting the altercation by approaching the truck in the first place without leaving well enough alone. There were other readily available parting spots.

Then the case swayed back towards the defendant who obviously over-reacted… I think they were both rather equally at fault. Stubborn old man clinging to a particular parking space, stubborn contractor for taking the parking spot he knew was bothering the old man…

Can we all just get along? Perhaps Obama will get involved like the odd Beer Summit for the Henry Gates and James Crowley case in Cambridge, MA and suggest a Hamburger Summit for Albers and Brant at the White House?

I’m Lovin’ It.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Latest Fast-Food Fad: Hamburger Rage?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 6 January, 2010

As if calling in an emergency 911 for running out fast food, or punching out the drive-through window for McNuggets wasn’t bad enough, now we have an episode of Hamburger Rage. Again at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Apparently this time, a customer not lovin’ the preparation of her sandwich demanded a refund.

Now this part still confuses me. In these past couple McDonald’s Rage incidents, the upset customer requested a refund and was refused. Since when can you not get a refund at a fast food restaurant? Isn’t the customer always right? Satisfaction Guaranteed? I mean it is a $3 burger, give or take.

I suppose if the customer already wolfs down the meal and then demands the cash back, that’s not cool. But if you order McNuggets, pay for them, then are told they don’t have any, I think you should get your money back.

This woman in Missouri who was captured on surveillance video appears to have enjoyed quite a few burgers in her life… The incident in particular on December 27, 2009, shows her demanding a refund for the subpar sandwich, then turning to a fit of Hamburger Rage after being denied her couple of bucks back. Employees did at least offer her a new burger.

Caught on tape, she tosses a bucket of water over the counter at the employee, a basket of straws, some cookies, a wet floor sign, pushed off a display case and a couple cash registers… Luckily there wasn’t many other objects within her reach.

Besides the surveillance tape, there were several other customers witnessing this fiasco, kids included. What a message this woman sends to today’s youth.

Unfortunately this woman calmed down enough to vacate the premises before the police showed up to haul her away. Authorities are asking anyone who recognizes her picture from the video to call in.

I’m sure they will find her; you know another fast food employee at any of the other several local joints she probably frequents will soon get a sighting.

Several, several years ago I had a stint working as a manager in a competing fast food establishment. I was “in-training” behind the counter with the training manager a few steps behind me.

An irate customer comes up to the counter and tosses a burger across the counter in my direction, stopping just before falling off on my side. Then the customer just stands there, like I know what the problem is already.

Having a good night so far and knowing the training manager is well within earshot, I politely ask the guy “How can I help you?”

The customer’s response was “There are freaking tomatoes in here!”

Looking down at the half-eaten item, I recognize this sandwich in particular is supposed to have tomatoes on it, so I politely reply “There are usually tomatoes on that, would you like another one without?”

Getting more upset, probably in part to my politeness, he responds “I already asked for no tomatoes and got this crap, now I just want my money back!”

In retrospect learning from the recent few McDonald’s episodes, I suppose I should have refused to refund him, to see if he would have spun into Hamburger Rage. Unfortunately back then, my response was “Hey, no problem.”

As I slid over to the register to retrieve his $3, he quipped in “Don’t those idiots back there know how to make a freaking hamburger correctly?”

I just kind of ignored it, knowing the 16 year-old punks in the kitchen probably could care less about what the ticket said anyways. I started to hand back his cash, but at this point the training manager stepped in. She grabbed an employee application and slid it in his direction across the counter and said “Here you go!” before I could hand him his money.

Now puzzled, the customer replied “What is this for?”

She told him “Since you seem to think you’d be able to do a better job, we’d love to have you aboard. Should we start you in the kitchen or straight to management?”

He just looked down, took his money and quietly left as she stood there smiling.

I worked there for another 6 months or so, waiting for the proper opportunity to “hand out an application”, but it never presented itself.

I wonder if it would have worked on the Burger Rage woman in Missouri last month?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Order More Chicken McNuggets

Posted by Rob on Monday, 4 January, 2010

Note to McDonald’s Managers everywhere: Order more chicken McNuggets and stop running out of stock. Seriously, just order a few more cases to have on hand in the freezer. You know you have the room. This will prevent the growing problem of McNugget Rage from occurring at your restaurant.

The most recent account of McNugget Rage was Toledo, Ohio just this past week. According to the local police, a female customer in the drive-through became “upset that chicken nuggets weren’t available” and consequently “punched out the drive-through window,” after being told her order was not able to be filled.

The woman was treated in the hospital for injuries sustained in the fast-food altercation and the drive-through window will now have to be replaced.

She pleaded not guilty to the felony vandalism charge and was ordered not to have any contact with the restaurant. Not that she would anyways, they ran out of McNuggets! This is unacceptable!

Perhaps the McDonald’s down the road is sufficiently stocked with the delicious poultry morsels. Perhaps the chicken tenders at Burger King would be a suitable replacement. Losing loyal chicken nugget customers is bad for business.

This type of gross negligence will not be tolerated. Next week while preparing your food order, you are expected to comply with this request and increase your projected numbers for McNugget consumption and in turn, increase your McNugget order.

McNugget Rage is no joke and can easily be prevented with proper planning.

You are all lucky this woman did not call 911 to report this incident like last March in Florida. Remember, a full customer is a happy customer.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Prevent McNugget Rage.

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McDonald’s in North Carolina Not Lovin’ It

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 18 March, 2009

Two men armed with a power saw cut their way into a McDonald’s this past Tuesday morning in NC and rob the place.

According to Police reports and store surveillance video, a couple guys climbed on the roof, sawed a hole through and entered the restaurant at 2:12 AM. McDonald’s apparently does not have any motion detection alarms installed?

Once inside the building, it took another hour for the men to break into the manager’s office and then do some more cutting, breaking into the store’s safe.

“It took some work to get through that safe,” says Cherryville Police Lt. Mike Allred. “They went through several saw blades. We found several blades at the scene and are checking them for fingerprints.”

They didn’t have to cut their way out of the building, the men just opted to escape through the side door with the $4500 dollars they found in the safe.

Police figure that the 4-foot wall on the roof shielding the heating, air and other equipment provided cover for the suspects as they sawed the hole in the roof and broke in.

McDonald’s employees discovered the break-in around 4:30 AM Tuesday when they arrived at work, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Surveillance tapes provided a general description of the two men, and a gray pickup truck was seen in the parking lot at the time of the incident.

“There may have been a third suspect driving the vehicle,” Allred says.

We had an article awhile back, Inside the Criminal Mind: Home Burglary where we discussed some of the Points of Entry for burglars, one being a sledge hammer through the roof of some homes.

Not sure a sledge hammer would have worked here, It definitely would have been louder. Apparently no one noticed the sounds of the saw ripping through the roof at 2 AM in the morning.

Someone posted a comment on the original news story talking about all the work involved to get this mere $4500 and they should just get a job. I did the math. Three guys (if you count the suspected driver), 2 hours or so of work, $4500 total (tax free) equals an astounding $750 an hour.

Unless you are getting AIG bonuses, you aren’t going to find that kind of payout in this economy.

While locals were stunned by the burglary tool, they were not shocked by the burglary. They expressed a certainty that more people in unemployment lines may end up finding themselves in police line-ups.

“I feel like we’ll be hearing more of it as times get worse,” says one neighbor. “A lot of people have families and they are going to try to do whatever they can to get money.”

Even Lt. Mike Allred agreed, “With the economy the way it is, I think you are going to see a little be more of this,” he says.

What are you doing to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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