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Mexican Navy Intercepts Drug Shipment to US

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 18 June, 2009

The Mexican Navy has intercepted and seized a cocaine shipment bound for the United States.

Not necessarily unusual news. There are reports of illegal drug smuggling and other contraband items confiscated all the time.

Drug cartels are routinely going to great lengths in attempts to conceal their illegal cargo and get stuff across borders. The simple mislabeling boxes doesn’t work anymore.

“40 crates of [ S O A P ], huh? Let’s pop one open and see here…”

Some of the more creative ways include packing narcotics inside sealed beer cans, living room furniture, crates of hollowed out religious statues, the list goes on and on.

Remember that story about the “soiled diapers” stuffed with sausage?

But back to the latest bust by the Mexican Navy. Probably the most creative attempt I have heard yet…

Over a ton of cocaine was stuffed inside 20 frozen shark carcasses. The sharks were gutted, filled with slabs of cocaine, and frozen to be passed off as a shipment of seafood.

When initially discovered by X-rays and drug-sniffing dogs, the crew attempted to convince the Navy officers that the packages were a conserving agent to keep the seafood fresh. Not buying the ruse, the conserving agent was further tested to reveal its true composition.

Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico has been patrolling almost 50,000 federal police and military troops across Mexico in attempts to crush the powerful smuggling cartels’ efforts. However, heavily armed drug traffickers with huge arsenals of grenades and automatic weapons are far being defeated as violence has begun to spill over into U.S. states like Arizona.

Since the Mexican Navy has spilled the beans, it looks like we will have to stick to our normal diversion safe products for now. Our development into the Frozen Diversion Safe Shark carcasses will have to cease. Which is unfortunate, because that would have been pretty cool.

No pun intended.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Frozen Chicken, Spicy Sausage and a Can of Soda

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

A man in Jackson, Michigan couldn’t quite help himself from getting in a load of trouble last week. Unfortunately, the article did not go into too much detail, as some of the additional background must have been good.

First off her ended up stabbing his mother with a fork. Again not enough details into this portion, so we have to assume the mother is fine.

Next, while riding a stolen bike, he got into another altercation with another woman. Since the fork was no longer readily available, he resorted to using the only other thing he presently had at his disposal. A ten pound plastic bag of frozen chicken.

As much as this begs to be quite humorous, the man struck the woman on the head with the chicken. However since this was no toy rubber chicken, but a solid hunk of frozen fowl, the object opened up a large gash on the woman’s head. She required medical treatment in the amount of 5 surgical stapes to close up the wound.

He is only being charged with one count of felonious assault, while prosecutors dropped additional assault, larceny and other charges. He faces up to 4 years in prison and up to a $2,000 fine.

To continue with some odd food related shenanigans, a woman in Texas was fined $300 for attempting to smuggle some sausage from Mexico this past Friday night. I am not familiar with the exact U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations for bringing meat across the U.S.-Mexico border, but apparently the custom inspectors decided to ruin this woman’s barbecue plans.

To make this incident interesting, the 21-year-old Southern Texan attempted to hide the chorizo (several links of spicy pork sausage) inside of baby diapers. The diapers were folded to look used, to which the woman declared several “soiled baby diapers” to the border guards.

Failing to get one over on these astute border agents, the suspicious “chunky diapers” did not cut it. The diapers and sausage were confiscated after closer inspection. Luckily for the agents, it was spicy sausage. I’m pretty sure if the diapers were truly soiled, the agents would have been quite unhappy to have to open and prod dirty diapers stored for later refuse.

Not that it would be practical to stuff with sausage, but I wonder if an actual diversion safe would make it past the customs screeners? I mean if you had a some diversion safes that looked like closed cans of soda in your car, perhaps stored in some ice in a small cooler, would the border agents make you pop the tops off a six-pack of Mountain Dew?

I wouldn’t advocate testing this for real at a customs booth, but these diversion safes are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, and are even weighted to feel full. You aren’t going to be able to squish too much sausage in each one, but I wonder if they would take notice.

I would imagine U.S. Customs and Border Protection guys are trained to look for drugs and other contraband items, but most burglars in your house would pass right by these. Stash your valuables in plain sight in a can of soda, household cleaner container, book or flower pot. No one would even know the difference.

I’m pretty sure I would have to pass on the diaper sausage at the BBQ. We are already not supposed to drink the water down in Mexico, I’d have to imagine improperly stored raw Mexican chorizo might miss some USDA standards…

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