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Oh When the Saints, Go Marching In…

Posted by Rob on Monday, 8 February, 2010

I’m not particularly a New Orleans Saints fan; I root for the New England Patriots. That is, The Patriots and any team playing against Payton Manning…

That was a stunning comeback win last night. The onsides kick to start the second half was great. The clutch interception, pretty much sealing the game was timed perfectly. Drew Brees is the man, at least this year.

Manning just choked big time, much like if he ingested a cloud of good old N’awlins pepper spray.

The Super Bowl commercials were okay, I’ve seen better in previous years. It seemed the advertising budgets are not what they used to be. I did like the Doritos shocking dog collar, the Brett Farve 2020 MVP parody and the Dodge Charger spot. Hey, I like those Vampire shows… The Green Police ad was a little over-the-top.

I wasn’t too impressed with the half-time show. I know The Who are legendary, but meh… I think they could have found a better, timelier entertainment option. Who dat, indeed.

I haven’t heard much of a Super Bowl police blotter yet, just a couple random shootings in the New Orleans French Quarter, but from reading the news reports, that isn’t overly uncommon in that area anyways, Superbowl weekend or not.

So Congrats New Orleans Saints on your first Super Bowl win! And Thanks for deflating Payton Manning’s head a little bit, a record breaking 106.5 million Americans witnessed. That’s gotta hurt.

Be Safe, Be Prepared. Are you ready for some BASEBALL?

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Defense Wins Football Games

Posted by Rob on Monday, 4 February, 2008

They say that defense wins football games.

This past Sunday, the NY Giants never rested as their Defensive line came at New England from every angle and every position. New England Quarterback Tom Brady was harassed, harried and hit from every direction. His Offense had no chance as the Giants did what no Defense had done to them all season and handed New England their first and last loss of an almost perfect season.

Defense wins football games. Sure you need offense to put points on the board, but on the field, when the defense can shut you down and limit your chances, it is a sad day in Beantown. Or any town for that matter.

New England never saw it coming. Perhaps the Patriots were a little too confident? Perhaps the Patriots were a little too cocky? Perhaps this was exactly where the Giants wanted them, and took full advantage of the situation.

“We were stopping the best offense in football,” said NY Defensive End Michael Strahan. “We were making them look mediocre. Of course, they were surprised.”

Game Over.

Off the field, the same thing rings through. Defense still wins. An Offensive creep doesn’t expect a strong Defensive Line when attempting to steal your purse or wallet. An Offensive criminal doesn’t expect resistance when attempting to assault, rape or otherwise injury you or a loved one.

A shot of pepper spray in the face or a zap from a stun gun is much like a Defensive Cornerback blindsiding the Offensive Quarterback with a bonecrushing sack. Level the playing field, and pack the best defensive tools at your disposal.

We recently introduced a few new products into our arsenal which are available to you. A new RUNT 950K Rechargeable Stun Gun and the new Mace Pepper Gun. Both products have incredible creep-stopping power and would be great free agent additions in the off-season.

Fortunately, my Patriots can look forward to next season . Football is only a game.

Your safety or the safety of a loved one is no game. Next season is too late. Make sure your Defense is ready to defend right away.

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?

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