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Does Mace work on Geese?

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 21 April, 2010

I monitor which keyword phrases produce hits to the blog off of Google for SEO. Every now and then I get an unusual phrase showing up that directs a Google visitor to the site. So far this week, the best one was “Does Mace work on Geese?”

I’ll have to admit, I never really thought about using pepper spray on a goose. I do have several geese living at our pond. We start out with our regularly returning goose family at the beginning of each spring, and they hatch about a 1/2 dozen chicks (which grow very fast in to fully grown geese). Then by the end of the summer, there are several other geese attracted to the pond. I haven’t ever counted, but we end up with a well over 50 goose gaggle.

I’m not going to go out and hose one down with pepper spray to see what happens. I don’t want a goose-hugging hippy PETA agent on me, and I like my geese as I have never been attacked by one. But I’d have to make the educated conclusion that – Yes, Mace and pepper spray would in fact affect a goose, if you are being attacked by one.

Pepper Spray is an inflammatory agent, when someone – human, canine or bird is sprayed with OC pepper spray, they would become temporarily blinded by the burning spray dilating the capillaries in their eyes. Additionally, if the target is capable of breath, the breathing tissues suffer instant inflammation, restricting all but life support breathing, as well as causing nausea and the target to cough uncontrollably.

So pepper spray should have little to no effect on a vampire or zombie goose, but a regular old Canadian goose would have a rough time.

The problem with pepper spraying an aggressive goose is that their heads are very small compared to a human. If you have a stream spray pattern on your pepper spray, you will find it extremely difficult to hit the target goose in the face. You would be much better equipped with a fogging model, which requires you to be less pin-point accurate.

It seems if there appears to be a goose attack epidemic somewhere requiring Mace, Alfred Hitchcock’s estate should be notified that The Birds may be ready to get remade into The Geese… I guess it could happen.

Have you ever been attacked by a goose?

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Unique Pepper Spray Products

Posted by Rob on Wednesday, 3 March, 2010

One of the biggest concerns of using pepper spray is the fear that once deployed, the product may overspray backwards and affect the user as well as the attacker. Of course this may be an issue if you spray into the wind, or if you are in a close quarters area. However, if self defense was an iPhone, there’s an app for that… (Note: These are not actual iPhone apps…)

Typically pepper spray comes in a stream spray pattern and a fogger cloud pattern. There are others, but these are the most common. If you have ever used Windex, or other spray bottle cleaning products, you probably have turned the square shaped head of the spray bottle. There is an off, stream and spray setting. Your pepper spray stream models shoot out in a stream pattern much like this stream setting. You would need to read your package, but most of the stream model keychain pepper sprays go about 8-10 feet. The larger pepper spray cans may shoot the stream in the 12-18 foot range, depending on the product specs.

The fogger models shoot out a fog of pepper spray, resembling an aerosol air freshener, such as a standard can of Glade. The fogger spray pattern is much less precise than the stream model, allowing you to engulf the target in a cloud of OC spray, rather than having to get a direct spray shot to the face. But as you can imagine, the fogger has a greater possible chance of overspray if you are not careful.

Mace Pepper FoamNow for the pepper spray apps…

Mace Pepper Foam is a 10% OC Pepper formula that contains the popular UV Ultra-Violet marking dye. The pepper foam sprays in a thick foam, much like shaving cream. This OC foam acts like a “blindfold” and disorients an attacker while also causing the same “burning” and closing of the eyes as any normal liquid pepper spray would. The foaming action causes the attacker to want to wipe off, or rub out the foam from their eyes. This in turn, causes the foam to foam up more and grinds the pepper into their eyes.

Mace Pepper GelOur next pepper spray app is the Mace Pepper Gel. This formula suspends the OC in gel instead of a liquid stream, much like a cross between ketchup and honey. Sure that may sound tasty, but this is far from a delicious condiment. This Pepper Gel formulation also results in several advantages, such as a longer distance, sticks on the attacker’s face like glue, less contaminating, and non-flammable.

Both the Mace Pepper Foam and Gel are ideal for auto, personal (walking, running, etc.), or home use. These new pepper foam and gel formulas are one of the newest and most ingenious products available in our self defense spray line.

Mace Pepper GunOur last iPhone-like self defense pepper spray app is another revolutionary self defense product. The new Mace Pepper Gun, one of the most accurate defense pepper spray available.

The super strength OC pepper spray formula is contained in disposable cartridges that can be replaced when empty. These cartridges use an advanced Bag-In-A-Can™ technology delivery system that allows you to spray a constant stream, reaching up to 25 feet, from any angle! Think hand held super-soaker squirt gun, spraying pepper spray.

There is even a trigger activated LED light helps you to accurately aim the Pepper Spray Gun and even momentarily distracts your attacker in the dark. This self defense unit includes an OC Pepper cartridge, a water test cartridge (practice makes perfect), and batteries for LED light operation in the package.

You can also buy extra replacement water cartridges for more practice, practice, practice…

All pepper spray products are inflammatory agents. They will all induce coughing, choking and nausea, as well as dilating the capillaries in the eyes, resulting in temporary blindness. Once you spray an attacker with pepper spray, you should immediately flee to safety and call the police from a safe distance. Pepper sprays with UV marking dye will aid in the identification of the assailant, that is if a blinded, coughing, choking thug flailing around on the ground isn’t evidence enough.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your self defense arsenal.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Practice, Practice, Practice using your Self Defense Products.

More Information:
Pepper Spray FAQ, Pepper Spray Techniques Guide

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Self Defense vs. Self Offense

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 16 February, 2010

The term Self Defense is actually a misnomer, what you really want is Self Offense. But it is 10 times harder to market self offense, everyone wants to hear self defense. It sounds nicer. To most people, offense is what the aggressive, black cowboy hat wearing bad guys do. Offense is what the street thugs with bad intentions do. No good person wants to be like the bad guys…

OK, so lets reverse the thinking for a minute. Do you want to chase or be chased? Think cheetah vs. antelope. The chaser always has the advantage, and the chased only has to be caught once. Then it is over. Dead antelope.

But what if the antelope decided that at the split second he was about to be chased – he would turn the tables and attack the cheetah? Sure the cheetah is stronger and faster, but what if the antelope forcefully and unexpectedly kicked the cheetah in the throat? Or gouged out his eyes? Hey, the cheetah started it. Or, less realistic for the antelope example, but when we revisit the human being scenario, what if the potentially chased person was armed with powerful pepper spray or a cell phone stun gun?

You want action to action, not reaction. As soon someone conveys their intent to harm you, BAM! It is on. Shift your gears to the offensive and make the creep sorry he made the mistake to mess with you. Be it with pepper spray, a TASER C2, a Stun Master stun gun or a flurry of martial arts strikes and kicks, let him have it.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Take Control of the Situation.

Action to Action, it won’t make you a bad guy, and it may save your life.

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Non-Believer Finally Changes Her Mind

Posted by Rob on Monday, 15 February, 2010

Over the past several years, I have received many, many orders for self defense products. Whenever I get a new order, I check the name to see if I remember them as a past customer making a repeat purchase. If I remember the name, I’ll look back through previous orders to see what they purchased last time. More often than not, they are now buying something for a friend or family member the second or third time.

But this past weekend, I received a surprise order from a name I remembered for a different reason. We’ll call her Amanda. For about a year and a half, I have been receiving “hate mail” as I called it from good old Mandy on a fairly regular basis. I never really bothered me much, and I never felt the need to respond, but I’ve put up with her calling me violent, saying I promote violence, and even once calling me a “warmonger”, all because I sell pepper spray, stun guns and other less-than-lethal self defense weapons.

She obviously visited the website and blog rather often because she routinely commented on various new products and statements I have made on the blog over the past several months. All expressing negative opinions. I just kind of laughed her off, she seemed to have quite a bit a free time. I did wonder if she was singling me out, or going after other dealers too?

Like I said before, I never responded to her e-mails, but she was persistent nonetheless, seemingly knowing I was at least reading them. Since she never purchased anything from Worth Protection Security, I didn’t feel the need to waste anytime dealing with her critique. I’m in business to sell self defense products to willing customers. If I spent all my time trying to convince people that didn’t want to protect themselves that they should, I’d never get anything done. I’ll write some general persuasive blog posts to argue my case, but I’m not going to one-on-one argue with someone. Even If I feel my point is more correct .

Now that I mention it, it did seem like I hadn’t heard from her in awhile, so I guess I was about due for some sort of contact. So imagine my surprise, when the next time I see Mandy’s name, it is on a order form, actually buying some of the products she previously condemned?

Mandy wrote a rather long message in the comment field of the order, which was good, because I was rather shocked to she her purchase. In her comments, she very eloquently states that she was wrong in her past objections, and I was right. She went on to tell me that one of her closest friends was attacked and severely beaten late last month, and is still recovering in the hospital. She is expected to spend several more weeks in bed, but isn’t expecting any permanent damage.

Her friend did, however confess to Mandy “I wish I had something I could have used to defend myself.” Talk about a wake-up call, which Mandy says those words “hit her like a ton of bricks.”

Her order included 2 canisters of Mace Pepper Gel, a couple of Wildfire pepper spray key chains, and a couple other self defense products. I imagine she was tooling up herself and her friend at least.

Unfortunately, the non-believers and even the on-the-fencers wait until something up close and personal happens to themselves, a family member, or a friend before they decided to protect themselves. It took this brutal attack on a close friend to change Mandy’s mind, but it shouldn’t have had to get to that. But, some folks need brutally vivid evidence to walk right up to them and smack them straight in the face.

Mandy did mention that she fully intended to carry her personal protection items from now on, not just buying them and leaving them at home. That is extremely important. There is nothing worse than actually owning a self defense product, and not having it on your person when you need it most. Carrying a stun gun, TASER, pepper spray, or a telescopic steel baton should be as habitual as putting your wallet in your front pocket (tip for you), or grabbing your car keys on your way out the door. I’ll never go anywhere without first patting myself to make sure I have everything I need on me at all times, wallet, cell phone, keys, and self defense items.

This means even on short, quick runs to the convenience store to grab a coffee, or slurpie. That means even when you to go to the doctor’s or dentist’s office, or even the post office. I carry something on me everywhere I go, except for checking in at the airport (but you can pack self defense items in a checked suit case to be retrieved immediately after landing).

As the late, great SGM Ed Parker once said, “He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.”

Don’t be the one that waits, don’t be the one that hesitates, and don’t let a friend, family member or yourself get severely beaten before you are ready to take action. Be Safe, be prepared, and act now. Protect yourself and loved ones now, and avoid Mandy’s situation.

Hopefully you may only need to protect yourself or a loved one once in your lifetime. Personally I hope you never have to, but wouldn’t you rather be ready for anything, instead of wishing you had something while lying in a hospital bed?

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Shady Pepper Spray Deal

Posted by Rob on Friday, 12 February, 2010

I was walking down the aisle between desks at my Dilbert cube job the other day. This co-worker sees me and waves me over to him.

“Hey man…” he whispers.

Playing along, I whispered back “What’s up?”

He looks around cautiously, lowers his head and voice, and whispers “Hey man, do you still sell those self defense products?”

Still playing along, I look side to side cautiously and whisper back “Yeah man, why are we whispering?”

He ignores my question and continues to whisper “Do you think I should buy some pepper spray for my wife?”

I thought it was kind of an odd question so I replied “I don’t know, do you think you should buy your wife some pepper spray?”, and yes I still humored him and whispered.

Smartly, he did answer this question by saying, I mean whispering “Yeah, sometimes she works late, and then stops off at the gym or grocery store. I don’t like her walking alone in the empty parking lots by herself.” I believe that’s about what I made out; I was getting kind of annoyed straining to hear him whisper.

At this point since we were being all secretive and shady drug dealer like, I wished I was wearing a long trench coat so I could look around cautiously and open up one side of the coat, and display my wares like they were stolen or fake Rolex watches. I would have pulled out my smart phone and let him look at the webpage on my phone, but I had let the battery run out overnight and had to leave it in my car charging.

Assuming he wouldn’t be comfortable going over to his cube and typing up the website on his PC since he was already nervous, I suggested that we head out to the parking lot during lunch and I could “hook him up”. There I go again sounding all drug dealer like… no wonder he kept whispering and looking around…

When we got out to my car, I handed him a catalog, and showed him a few items I had on hand. He found a few things he wanted, and another couple things I didn’t have on me that he wanted to order.

“I don’t suppose you take credit cards do you?” he asked.

This was the point I felt it necessary to point out that 1) these products are 100% LEGAL and didn’t need to whisper around about like he was looking for pot, and 2) yes I have a legitimate business, and take cash, check and yes, all major credit cards.

He kind of laughed and indicated he wasn’t exactly sure, but wanted some items to protect himself and his wife in case anything happened just the same.

“Oh, so all of these items aren’t just for your wife who works late?” I wanted to ask, but I figured I tortured this poor soul enough. I figure the lecture about “how carrying self-defense products do not make you less of a man” could wait until next time.

But this whole incident did shed some light on a common misconception some people must have. Self defense products aren’t just for the meek. Men and women can both benefit from arming themselves with pepper spray, stun guns, TASER devices or any other available self defense weapons.

Haven’t they ever seen Dogg the Bounty Hunter? He’s a pretty rough and tough man’s man, and he is always packing a can of Mace defensive spray or a telescopic steel baton… Of course he is willingly putting himself into harm’s way on a regular basis, so you can imagine he would routinely want to make sure he has an advantage.

Also, you won’t find a manly police officer without a firearm, pepper spray, TASER Device or some form of baton or billy club with them at all times while on duty (and probably a couple of those items when he is off-duty).

But even if you are Joe average citizen, it doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself in a compromising situation when you might need to defend yourself or a loved one. You never know, and you’d rather be safe, than sorry.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Product Review: The Stunning Ring

Posted by Casey on Friday, 22 January, 2010

One of the cornerstone self defense products in Worth Protection Security’s line is called The Stunning Ring.

Honestly if you ask me, it is definitely more than just a big log of metal wrapped around your finger. A real Black Onyx Stone fixed in this silver or gold plated ring speaks volumes about its beauty and “disguise”.

Stunning Ring pepper spray

To a normal eye, the Stunning Pepper Spray Ring might just stand up for just an engagement or wedding symbol. However, Worth Protection Security made sure that this ring stays on and serve two purposes:

1 – That is, self defense and personal security from your run-of-the-mill street thugs and nasty hoodlums from those damp alleys.
2 – And to make it look real and pretty around your finger altogether, by coming out in fashionable style and prominent glossy coating.

This elegant ring is usable by both men and women due to its nifty and compatible unisex design and protects you while you work, on a date, jogging, or anywhere else against an attack, act of violence, rape, or other crisis. The Stunning Ring can be worn at all times and makes a perfect gift for that special someone you love.

Just like Worth Protection Security states, “An ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure”, so take a deep notice of those things going around in your surroundings. We know that women would just hear those stories about a girl ending up in trauma after having a rape assault against her, or just some thugs snatching a purse off an old lady a few blocks away. But no one actually pays a lot of attention to such details and they are all shrugged off from their brains in the next few days, no action taken.

If you are still thinking that “How could this ever happen to me?” or possibly “I am a man or woman who could never end up being cornered somewhere”, then you are actually waiting for the worst to happen. The Stunning Ring is your personal protector which can always come in handy, if need be. It is filled with OC Pepper Spray, which can leave your assailant quite immobilized for over 30 to 40 minutes. In addition, you can always refill the ring, once it runs out of that pepper spray.

Although we still hope that you don’t end up in a situation which requires the usage of The Stunning Ring but then again you can never drop your defenses in today’s time and age. Order it now and add one to your arsenal to get secured from a lifetime of unknown and threatening crimes.

Be Safe, Be Prepared,


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Boston Defenders 1, Colorado Burglars 0

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 7 January, 2010

I love stories like the first one here.

Earlier this week a knife-wielding thug attempted to steal the purse of a South Boston woman just before noon at the intersection of Dorchester and Telegraph Street.

“Give me your purse,” the suspect said.

How about some pepper spray instead? The woman whipped out a canister of OC pepper spray and lets the thug have it in the face.

He dropped his knife and took off purse-less, but the woman was able to ID the guy and he now has a warrant out for arrest.

This next story, I’m not quite sure what to think.

So, this loser in Colorado breaks into the home of his buddy’s ex-wife…

Unfortunately for the suspect, the woman was in the house baby-sitting the burglar’s children. Even with the bandana on his face, the kids recognize dear old dad… Talk about awkward!

Local Authorities arrested him on suspicion of second-degree burglary and other charges. Suspicion of? Are you kidding, his children caught him.

Kinda like those old Scooby Doo episodes when the bad guy gets foiled and says “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those dang meddling kids…”

Not that we are keeping track, but score 1 for the pepper spray savvy woman is Boston, 0 for the scumbag burglar in Colorado.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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Two teen girls arrested in accidental pepper spray discharge

Posted by Rob on Tuesday, 24 March, 2009

Two 14-year-old girls from Westover Middle School have been charged with possessing a weapon on campus and simple assault after a canister of pepper spray discharged in a classroom this past Monday in Fayetteville, NC.

A teacher was taken to the Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment and thirteen students received medical attention at the school. None of the injuries sustained were serious.

The report states that a key chain pepper spray was accidentally discharged while one of the girls was looking for something in the other girl’s purse.

Now this was not criminal mischief. It would be one thing if this was a smart ass punk deliberately spraying a classroom with pepper spray as a prank. Then go ahead and charge the kid with the misdemeanor charges that these girls are facing. Expel them, charge them with a crime, no problem.

Unless this story gets clarified that there was malicious intent, which seems unlikely, basically we have a 14-year-old girl, getting in trouble for having a personal protection device.

Now if this girl pulled out the pepper spray during a Columbine or Virginia Tech type incident and disabled a crazed shooter before a rampage, she’d be a hero. But no one took Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold or Seung-Hui Cho down before it was too late.

If this girl was walking home from school and got attacked by a rapist or kidnapper and was able to defend herself and disable a sex offender long enough to get arrested, she’d be a hero.

I bet she doesn’t carry pepper spray now, and if her, her friend, or any other student gets assaulted and is unarmed, I hope there is a teacher close enough to help out. Or the 0.01% chance there is a cop standing on the same corner, yea right.

Sure this was an unfortunate incident, and it sucks that a teacher and a over a dozen students caught a minuscule whiff of OC spray, but does it really warrant criminal charges? The one girl is being charged with simple assault on the teacher. Come on now.

What I would rather see is the school and local police use this as a learning opportunity and do some training classes and institute some personal protection instruction. Teach them something useful for once.

Pepper spray is not the bad guy, but basically they are making this teenage girl one. That’s as bad as blaming a Taser (inanimate object) instead of a poorly trained police officer. We have thousands of well-trained cops out there and hear nothing about their good deeds, just the small percentage of bad cases. Over and over again. After hearing the media dwell on the same case 20 times, you’d think there were 20 separate incidents, not just the one.

I understand the feeble attempts at the Zero-Tolerance policies in school, but seriously… who are the ones following the rules? Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold or Seung-Hui Cho? Um… no, the dangerous criminal psychopaths disregard what ever rules you have posted on the wall.

I’m all for punishing the first punk who pulls out the spray during a silly argument with another student and does something stupid in the hallway. But I bet if students thought there might be some resistance if one of them gets the bright idea to bring an assault rifle to school and go postal, perhaps less incidents would occur? I don’t know.

I mean the police are several minutes away on a good day, and that elderly security guard armed with a walkie-talkie and a clipboard is about useless. Sorry Gramps, you mind as well be a Walmart greeter.

I wonder what the death count would have been if a dozen students pulled out a pepper spray and hosed down Harris, Klebold or Cho before they got on a roll? Boo hoo if the teacher catches a whiff, better than catching a bullet to the chest.

I had a post a while ago, 300 Reasons to Learn to Defend Yourself. It talked about how back in the day, parents actually taught their children how to defend themselves, their land, and their country. Responsibility and duty was actually passed down from generation to generation. Amazing concept.

I remember back when I was in the military and we were all learning how to fire an M-16 in boot camp. Guess who already had a leg up on the training? The city folk losers that ran around playing with cap guns, or the hard working country boys whose fathers taught them how to hunt, shoot and handle firearms at an early age?

Sure we all eventually learned, but it is always nice to have a head start and a slight edge.

Everyone wants to complain about the youth of America, but no one wants to take any responsibility for them. Not that the grownups in the political or financial sectors are setting a good example lately…

I think punishing these two teenagers is sending the wrong message.

Before someone goes all liberal on me, again, I’m not talking about arming a bunch of kids and letting them duke it out, or spray it out on a whim. Children or teenagers can be responsibly taught incremental self defense concepts over the course of their entire schooling. I’d see no problem with a responsible 14-year-old girl carrying a key chain pepper spray after being taught how, when and why to use it. Maybe that pedophile hiding in the bushes might think twice if he thought the girl was going to inflict some serious pain if he tried anything.

Sigh, Leonidas would be sad. (If you are missing that reference, you needed to read the 300 Reasons to Learn to Defend Yourself.

Be Safe, Be Prepared, Don’t cry, it’s only Pepper Spray.

(OK, you might cry a little, but you aren’t going to die)

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Pepper Spray (Not) Out Of Stock

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 5 February, 2009

Due to recent reports of kidnappings and attacks around the Bakersfield, California area, self-defense items are flying off the shelves at the few local outlets that stock these items. Within the past couple weeks, there have been at least two reported kidnapping and one attempted abduction against women.

This trend is not uncommon after such events as personal protection is now on the minds of both men and women. Sadly, it seems to take a tragic event to remind people that the need is real to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Many of the local stores that carry Pepper Spray, Mace and other personal protection items are running out of stock because countless people have come in looking for items to better protect themselves.

“Since the attacks, we have seen Pepper Spray fly off the shelves and other self-defense modes such as Tasers and firearm sales have increased since then,” says one of the local employees.

Shana, one of those customers looking to buy self-defense items says she works at a restaurant during the late shift and is very concerned over the recent attacks.

“I have to walk out to parking lot a night time. I have had a couple strange men approach me in the parking lot. It scared me to death so I want to make sure I am protected and defend myself,” says Shana.

Besides pepper spray, people concerned about their safety and want to buy personal protection have many options. Knives, stun guns, kubotans and telescopic steel batons can be used at close proximity to your attacker. C2 Tasers shoot electric prongs up to 15 feet, giving you some distance and of course, firearms are available plus many other items.

Male customers buy items of self-defense for the women in their life as well as for themselves.

“I’m buying self-defense stuff for my sister, girlfriend and my mother. I’m looking into getting them pepper spray on the key chain. It’s easy to use and better for self-defense,” says John, who is concerned about the safety of himself and others.

The best place to purchase the widest variety of these self-defense items are online retailers, such as Worth Protection Security. We even have one of the lowest prices available for keychain pepper sprays, starting at $4.88 each.

Local outlets are typically few and far between, and usually only have a few items to choose from. Then, if there is a local incident, their meager supply runs out quickly. has plenty of pepper spray available, and even if we are short on one kind, we have plenty of other models. Way more than the local shops stocking 5 at a time.

Don’t wait for the news report.

Protect yourself now. You never know, and I’d rather be safe than sorry. How about you?

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Little Old Lady Stops Robbery with Pepper Spray

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 31 January, 2009

Here’s a heart warming report out of Jacksonville, Florida. It took place after a robber tried to snatch a purse from a 77-year-old woman at a Kangaroo Express.

A “one-man crime spree” was brought to an abrupt halt by a 77-year-old woman with a can of pepper spray, Jacksonville police said Wednesday.

A 20-year-old guy was arrested Tuesday about 5:30 p.m. shortly after a robbery at a Kangaroo Express store in the 8300 block of Baymeadows Road. The Chief of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said the man entered the store, pulled a gun and pointed it in the clerk’s face, then demanded money.

According to the police report, when the contents of the cash register didn’t satisfy him, he decided to snatch a customer’s purse. The unwilling victim, Gladys Gehrig, fought back and responded with a container of pepper spray attached to her key chain.

“She got him good in the face,” said the police.

Police picked up the suspect a short distance away.

This creep was linked to six other robberies throughout the month of January on the city’s Southside by witness ids and some surveillance footage.

He was charged with 14 felonies and held in lieu of bail.

Don’t mess with this Grannie’s purse!

So for all those whiners claiming the average citizen is incapable of defending themselves and the best bet is to offer no resistance and “let bad things just happen”, take a page out of this 77-year-old woman’s book and get a clue.

You do not need to be a victim. Tool up with some self defense gear, practice using it so you are comfortable enough to deploy it, have a plan, and be safe.

Send the Message to Yourself and to Others That You Value Your Safety…

When there is no where to run and words alone cannot ward off a would-be-attacker, a Stun Gun, Taser or Pepper Spray may level the playing field.

It is Better to Have It and Not Need It… Then to Need it and Not Have It…


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