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Oh When the Saints, Go Marching In…

Posted by Rob on Monday, 8 February, 2010

I’m not particularly a New Orleans Saints fan; I root for the New England Patriots. That is, The Patriots and any team playing against Payton Manning…

That was a stunning comeback win last night. The onsides kick to start the second half was great. The clutch interception, pretty much sealing the game was timed perfectly. Drew Brees is the man, at least this year.

Manning just choked big time, much like if he ingested a cloud of good old N’awlins pepper spray.

The Super Bowl commercials were okay, I’ve seen better in previous years. It seemed the advertising budgets are not what they used to be. I did like the Doritos shocking dog collar, the Brett Farve 2020 MVP parody and the Dodge Charger spot. Hey, I like those Vampire shows… The Green Police ad was a little over-the-top.

I wasn’t too impressed with the half-time show. I know The Who are legendary, but meh… I think they could have found a better, timelier entertainment option. Who dat, indeed.

I haven’t heard much of a Super Bowl police blotter yet, just a couple random shootings in the New Orleans French Quarter, but from reading the news reports, that isn’t overly uncommon in that area anyways, Superbowl weekend or not.

So Congrats New Orleans Saints on your first Super Bowl win! And Thanks for deflating Payton Manning’s head a little bit, a record breaking 106.5 million Americans witnessed. That’s gotta hurt.

Be Safe, Be Prepared. Are you ready for some BASEBALL?

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Super Bowl: Game, Commercials, Police Blotter

Posted by Rob on Monday, 2 February, 2009

In case you missed it, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII last night. Highlights included one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history, 100-yard interception return by James Harrison and a crucial game winning Touchdown reception by Santonio Holmes in the closing moments of the fourth quarter, both by Pittsburgh.

I was only watching the game because it was the Super Bowl, and I didn’t want to miss any cool super bowl commercials. Sadly, they didn’t seem as good this year with everyone cutting back on spending. Without the Patriots to root for, I settled on cheering for the Steelers. One of my sons sided with me and my other son, who likes red, sided with the Cardinals.

The Doritos snow globe commercial was pretty funny, and the GI Joe trailer looked awesome. I liked Jason Statham’s Audi spot and Godaddy always has good commercials, this time with Danica Patrick in the shower. Conan O’Brien’s Bud Light commercial was funny, but very disturbing at the same time, much like the SoBe ballet. Disturbing. The rest were kinda meh… maybe next year’s marketing budgets will be better.

I only watched the first 3 quarters, and started to get bored. I was thinking the Steelers pretty much wrapped it up. I effectively missed the “real action” during a spectacular last quarter when Arizona surged ahead after a 13-point fourth-quarter deficit, only to have Pittsburgh comeback and win by 4 with less than a minute to go.

The Super Bowl highlight reel released by the Tampa police included 26 arrests at Raymond James Stadium, 18 ejections and 4 small planes that breached the secure air space above the field.

Local authorities said nine people were charged with selling counterfeit tickets and one person was charged with selling counterfeit NFL merchandise this past Sunday.

Two other people allegedly tried to snag tickets to the game by swiping one fan’s tickets outside the stadium, but they ended up dropping them while trying to flee from officers. These tickets were worth about $800 apiece.

They also had a driver charged with DUI, during a crash that somehow involved a police horse. The horse and its officer were not injured.


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