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Mountain Lion Pet a tad excessive?

Posted by Rob on Saturday, 13 February, 2010

I’ve heard of some strange pets in the past, but every now and then someone just feels the need to go against the grain.

I have a dog, which is about as common as a household cat. But this guy in Glocester, Rhode Island took housecat to the extreme. He had a 200-pound lion locked up in a cage, housed in a shed behind his home. Apparently no one knew of this unusual pet besides the guy and his wife.

It probably wouldn’t have made the news except the guy recently died (unrelated to the lion) and his widow was unable to continue to take care of the wild animal. Or if the guy was still alive, and he got mauled or eaten by the lion, that would have gotten some press. I can hear the reading of the will now… “And to my wife, I leave my pet wild mountain lion.” The the wife is thinking, “Damn it! I was hoping the freakin’ lion would go to Cousin Earl…”

The widow ended up contacting an animal sanctuary in Florida last month to help, and experts from the Animal Planet television network came up and removed the female mountain lion from the home. The town’s animal control officer Michael Merchant didn’t even know what was going on until the whole ordeal was over.

So what would possess someone to capture a mountain lion and keep it as a pet? How much fun can a mountain lion possibly be? Its not going to play fetch, or cuddle up in your lap… And it’s probably not going to eat Purina One cat food either. What a pain. Unless you are Steve Irwin or something, he might have thought a mountain lion as a pet would work, although I think he prefers crocks.

Kinda reminds me of The Hangover movie when they kidnap Mike Tyson’s pet tiger. At least tigers are cool.

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TASER Device scene in “The Hangover”

Posted by Rob on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

I finally caught the movie “The Hangover” this weekend… I know, I know, it’s been out awhile… I thought it was pretty funny, but the best scene was the TASER clip…

Rob Riggle playing a Las Vegas cop jabs a stun gun into Ed Helm’s neck, then a couple kids from a police station tour get to demonstrate a TASER Device on Bradley Cooper in the crotch and Zach Galifianakis in the face. Ouch!

I was reading somewhere that the director Todd Phillips was considering using real stun guns and TASER Devices during the shoot. That would have made the shoot pretty interesting, but the actors did a pretty good job selling the scene. Without the actual 50,000 volts, of course.

A person hit with a real TASER Device will feel dazed and confused for several minutes. The pulsating electrical current causes an involuntary muscle contractions ant the result is a sense of vertigo. It can momentarily effectively stun or render an actor or attacker unconscious. Yet, the TASER Device’s low electrical amperage and relatively short duration of its pulsating current, ensures a less-than-lethal charge. Moreover, a TASER Device does not cause permanent damage or any long-term after effects to the victim’s muscles, nerves or other body functions.

It may however leave a lasting psychological impression, one that the zap-ee will not soon forget.

Be Safe, Be Prepared.

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