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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

These Blowguns are .40 caliber, precision manufactured with seamless
T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing and guaranteed for life.

blowgunThey are not toys but the real thing. With all the new improvements, you can expect ranges over 250 feet and muzzle velocities as high as 350 feet per second or more! In fact, the darts can penetrate 1/4" of plywood with no problem! 100% USA made. Each Blowgun comes with 12 target darts, mouthpiece, muzzleguard, foam grip and a dart quiver. Can shoot darts and paintballs.

Blowgun History

The first blowguns began to appear over 40,000 years ago in many different parts of the world. Although crude, these primitive weapons were extremely accurate. It is not known exactly where blowguns originated, however, it is generally believed that they appeared simultaneously in many parts of the world. Back then, blowguns were made from bamboo or other hollowed out wood. Blowguns are still used today for hunting wild game by Amazonian Indians in South America, and by Pygmies in Africa. They were also used by Japanese Ninjas, prior to 1500 for silent assassination with poison darts.

Blowguns have been used for several 1000 years by native Americans as survival weapons. Although rarely used as a weapon, blowguns do play an important role in tribal wars. North American Indians relied on the extreme accuracy of the blowgun for hunting and for skill games. The art of blowgun making is still taught to anyone wishing to learn at many Native American festivals and on reservations. Although over 40,000 years old in technology, the blowgun still holds the fascination of young and old.

Today, blowguns with tranquilizer darts to help maintain today's wildlife. Herpetologists find the blowgun extremely useful in capturing elusive lizards with stun darts. Today, many people are finding that blowguns offer quite a challenging sport. With different darts to choose from, blowguns are finding their way into everyday society. With the introduction of paintballs and stun darts, the blowgun offers a wide variety of sporting activities. These blowguns have removable sections, and as a result, paintball adaptors have been made so that people can use blowguns as back up weapons. Some may even play it similarly to slingshot paintball.

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Blowgun target darts--100 or 250 pack

blowgun target darts

Paintballs--1000 pack

$29.95 each

Paintballs--100 pack
$7.00 each

Paintballs--250 pack
$14.00 each

You may wish to add an Paintball Magazine Quiver set to your blowgun. The magazine set allows you to carry up to 80 paintballs on your blowgun. (Paintballs and blowgun not included).

$7.00 each

The Splatmatic accessory transforms any .40 caliber blowgun into a semi-automatic paintball gun. Remove your blowgun mouthpiece and attach the Splatmatic to the tube. You can load up to 20 paintballs into the tube supplied with the Splatmatic. Every time you press the button, one paintball will load into the barrel. (Paintballs and blowgun not included).

$9.00 each

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