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Burglar-Proofing the Doors in Your House for Extra Security

They say it’s better to be pro-active instead of being reactive. This statement holds true in the case of protecting your home against burglars and home invaders. One of the main things that a burglar uses to break in is the front door. That is why it is essential to invest in securing all your doors against burglars and thieves.

  1. Strong Security

All outside doors should be strong and as well as solid and kick-proof. That implies you need a strong wood door, or no less than a door with a strong wood center. Different choices are fiberglass or metal. On the off chance that you pick a metal door, ensure that it has inside support and a lock piece, to keep a hoodlum from twisting it open with an auto jack. While strong steel doors are a good option, one of the main problem faced with such type of doors is rusting. The best alternative are wooden doors made out of solid and pure wood. Make sure that one of the 10 best wood routers has been used to carve out the door as well as any other wood items that are available around the house; either for décor purposes or for security purposes.

  1. Go Windowless

Door windows permit light to channel into your entranceway and they look welcoming, but at the same time they’re a home security risk. In the event that the window is situated within the arm’s reach of your lock, it is very easy to crush the window and open your door from within. In the event that you are installing another door, pick one without a window. In the event that you as of now have a windowed door – or can’t help but get a door with a window – you’ll have to take a couple of additional efforts to establish safety. Pick strengthened glass, and consider including beautifying bars or metal fortification.

  1. No plants

Everyone loves colorful flowers and lush green plants, but in this case, they ought to be nowhere near your front door. Never plant bushes, hedges or trees to cloud your doors; they make it too simple for a criminal hide behind those and afterward do the deed without anybody noticing.

  1. Install a Deadbolt

They say a door is just as good as its lock – and they couldn’t be more right. Indeed, even the strongest reinforced steel door can be killed by one quick kick if your lock does not hold strongly to the door. While picking a deadbolt, run with a brand name and don’t pick the least expensive model. (Note: We’re not saying you require a $150 deadbolt, simply don’t pick the $5 display from the neighborhood dollar store.)

  1. Extra Protection

Discussing deadbolts, you can even introduce an extra, one-sided deadbolt. These deadbolts don’t have keyed access to the outside, so they must be utilized when you are home (to connect with the lock from within), however a burglar will not be able to bypass such a lock. These locks can save you from a dangerous home invasion while you’re out and about enjoying with your friends and family

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