Delta Seal Camp

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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

This is a series of elite combat courses
that were hosted by actual
Navy SEAL and real U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers!


Are these high-level combat skills too powerful for the public?

The Shocking Story of How the Feds
Are Trying to Prevent You From Getting
This Elite Combat Training!

When the production company brought together former Navy SEALs and DELTA Force soldiers to teach their spec-op level armed and unarmed skills to a small group of ordinary civilians for 4 intense days, word quickly got back to Washington ? and the whole thing sent shockwaves throughout the entire Defense bureaucracy!

Top-level government "higher-ups" started asking serious questions and even conducted "private" investigations. 3 different privately owned training locations suddenly "clammed up" and said the camera crew couldn't rent their facilities for our Camp!

It was clear that the "Powers That Be" didn't want to share such highly-valued military-level skills with ordinary civilians. But they did it anyway!

There will never be another DELTA/SEAL Training Camp at any price! The "Powers That Be" simply made it impossible !

However, they didn't stop that production company from videotaping the entire Camp.

If you are finally ready to become 100% certain you've done all you can to protect your home and family from any assault from any type of criminal scum... and quit being a walking target for the robbers, rapists and psychopaths prowling your streets...

Then This Will Be The Most Important Message
You Ever Get!

Here is what it's all about: This course is a series of elite combat courses that were hosted by actual Navy SEAL and U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers (with real-life combat experience )... who, for 4 incredibly intense days, shared everything they knew about close-quarters weapons and unarmed combat. And they shared it all with civilians like you... the ONLY time in the history of the U.S. military that this kind of high-level training was revealed to anyone not already inside the Special Forces!

These training camps will never be held again! They cost $3,750 just to attend... and everyone who came raved about what they learned and came away with. The camps were the most complete training in "elite level" military hand-to-hand and firearm expertise ever offered to anyone outside the Special Forces. It was a dream come true for anyone who ever wanted to learn (and master ) the inside secrets of brutally-efficient hand-to-hand combat and expert-level handgun training... the kind of knowledge that will make even the craziest streetfighter think three times before trying to take you on... and, if he does come after you, he will suddenly (and painfully) realize...

He's Made A Very Serious Mistake!

And now it's over. These amazing camps will never, ever be held again. Now, even that opportunity is gone forever...

Slammed Shut By Outside Forces
We Simply Cannot Fight Anymore!

That means you can never attend a DELTA/SEAL training camp like this yourself - even if you have the