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Can Home Security Work with Good Design?

We all want to feel more secure in our homes.  Whether it is to protect our families, keep an eye on our valuables, or both, installing various security measure often seems like a good idea.  However, certain pieces of security equipment can be considered an eyesore.

Not only that, if security equipment is easy to spot, it may also make those looking to break into your property more inclined to try and disable the equipment.  If you are looking for ways to disguise your security equipment within your home and landscape designs, consider the following tips to get you started.

Indoor Security Equipment

If you take the time to model your space after a Juan Pablo Molyneux design, you don’t want to interfere with the overall look with intrusive security equipment.  Luckily, there are some very elegant ways to up the security of your home without having to conflict with your design.

For example, solid doors offer more security than hollow doors, and they are available in styles that will suit any design.  The same can be said for quality door locks and hinges.  If you have a safe for your valuables, consider keeping it tucked away in a closet or cabinet.  Some can even be hidden in the walls or under the floor, allowing them to become almost invisible within the space.

If you don’t like the look of your alarm box on the wall, consider the following trick.  Take a picture frame that is larger than the alarm box, and add some depth to the back of the frame to allow the alarm box to fit inside the frame, behind the picture.  Mount the frame to the wall on a hinge, and you now have a custom cover for your alarm box.

Most window and door sensors are fairly discreet by design, so no extra effort may be necessary to keep those from standing out.  Security camera DVRs may blend in with other family room electronics, or can be place in closets or cabinets to keep them out of site.  These DVRs do not need to have a television connected in order to record information, as long as the DVR is appropriately setup and connected to the network, so do not normally need to be kept in more public spaces.

Outdoor Security Equipment

Just like other exterior lighting options, motion lights come in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  If you do not care for the appearance of your current motion lights, then start shopping around for alternatives.  In some cases, any light can become a motion light with a little tweaking, but it may be best to work with an electrician instead of adapting the wiring yourself.

Security cameras can also stand out against your home.  If you want to make your security cameras less noticeable, consider placing it inside a form of housing.  For example, a camera may not be as noticeable if it is placed inside a bird house with the lens peeping from the whole in the center.  Similarly, some lighting fixtures can be redesigned to hold cameras.

Similarly, cameras can be somewhat disguised through careful consideration of their placement.  Cameras placed near certain plants or trees may be less noticeable, but you should confirm that the view from the camera is not obstructed by the vegetation.

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