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Celebrities, Their Diamonds, And Their Influence on Us

Even though we don’t always acknowledge it, celebrities play a major role in influencing many things in our lives. One of the foremost things that they influence is our sense of fashion. Even though we might not always afford the designer outfits that the celebrities wear, we find ourselves looking for similar outfits, but within their budgets. The moment that a celebrity is spotted wearing something that impresses people, designers from across the world can be seen running in order to put up similar to sell to the fans.

This does not only account for outfits, but also vehicles, jewelry and even places to dine amongst other things. We are going to look at how celebrities and their diamonds influence us. We can start by remembering the time when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, giving her an 18-carat blue sapphire and diamond ring. Shortly after that, the diamond industries were booming despite the fact that this was the same ring that Prince Charles had proposed to William’s mother, the late Princess Diana. The ring became popular because it stood out among classic, white diamond rings, and it belonged to someone of higher authority, someone whose fashion and lifestyle everyone wants to follow. Immediately, jewelers all over the world started creating replica rings, because people wanted this ring. A few years later, we’re still in love with that ring, and we’re guessing that Kate Middleton’s finger isn’t the only one accessorized with such a ring today.

Nobody would ever have imagined that a few jewels would stay in our memories forever. We already know that diamonds are forever, but don’t know which ones. We find that some go unnoticed, while others get all the attention. It is at this point that we can say that celebrities and other important people that are always in the news bring about an impact when they wear them. You’ll find diamond experts taking a closer look and make an effort to determine the 4c’s of that particular ring, that is, the carat, the cut, the color and the clarity. I guess that’s just how society works. Just remember, that when you’re storing these precious diamonds of yours, you need to have the ultimate security in hand to avoid burglaries that could lead to their loss.

Lugano Diamonds

Lugano Diamonds was first established in Israel as a diamond cutter. They then later opened their first retail location in Newport Beach, California in 2005. Moti Ferder was the president and design director, bringing in his vast knowledge of the diamond industry and transforming Lugano into an international jewelry brand with creative, wearable works of art. The Lugano Salons ensure that buyers have the ultimate experience, being warm, exceptional, inviting and modern, and they make the experience a memorable one. They have unique designs that can be found in their salons or on their website.

Moti Ferder, being the founder of Lugano, and with all of his experience in the field, rubs shoulders with top designers around the world, and some of them include Amy Vieth, Marion Palley, Diane Cannon and Margaret Larkin. This is because diamonds make a great part of fashion design. They can either be worn as accessories, such as rings, or they can be put on fabrics. Lugano Diamonds is one of the most renown diamond companies in the world and so you should expect to see Moti Ferder hanging out with even more designers in the future.

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