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The Cyber Eye is a Digital Surveillance Camera that senses an intruder and automatically records and saves images to memory.

It's easy to install and very small (2-1/4" High X 3-1/4" Wide X 3" Deep).

This infrared B/W digital surveillance camera will take pictures automatically whenever someone moves in front of it and then digitally store the pictures within the micro-camera. This allows you to retrieve them later just by plugging the camera into your TV/VCR.

This camera is great for catching someone sneaking around your house or you can put it in your car and aim it out the window. Since it works by changes in the picture and not motion, you can take pictures through glass and it will still work beautifully. You can set the pictures to be taken at 1-60 second intervals. (UP TO 680 pictures) The unit will automatically add a time and date stamp to each picture.

Captures images at night using Infra Red LEDs.

After you return to the site, you can view the saved images by disarming it with the remote and connecting it to the RCA video input jack of a TV or VCR using the included cable. It's that easy! The camera can also take pictures on command by pressing the EMERGENCY button on the remote. Use the 3-button remote to navigate your way through the images, or erase them if desired.

Images are stored in nonvolatile memory, so you won't accidentally lose them during a power outage or when you unplug the unit. You can then view the images back by turning the camera off with one of 2 key fobs provided. They will also allow you to press the emergency button on them, thus turning on the camera to take pictures at that moment.

After viewing the pictures you may erase them or copy them to a VCR tape. The camera also has a 8mm lens, and built-in infrared allowing the capture of images of people in the dark (up to 10 feet away). This camera includes with 2 remote controls, a power adapter, and a video cable.


We are replacing this item with a newer, cheaper, and better product (takes video, not just snapshots) very soon

Accessories to allow you to get creative with the Cyber Eye. Place in your car, put in a birdhouse, arrange in a plant...

CyberEye - Self Defense Article

When Jimmy discovered plans for a row of executive townhouses on his street, he wondered if his new neighbors would attract burglars to the neighborhood.

So Jimmy installed a security system that calls the police department during break-ins. Staring at the sensors and the controls, he wondered if it was enough.

That's when he bought his CyberEye.

He mounted the CyberEye facing his front door and his bay window and set it to capture an image every fifteen seconds.

Months later, Jimmy took his family to the movies. They drove right past the construction site, where a backhoe had severed a fiber optic cable. Jimmy didn't know it then, but his entire neighborhood had lost their phone service!

Meanwhile, a plain white van parked in front of Jimmy's house. Three men wearing hooded sweatshirts sauntered up the lawn. One produced a crow bar from his sleeve and smashed right through that beautiful bay window.

Before Jimmy's neighbors heard the alarm bells, those felons had vanished. With no landlines, the alarm system could not contact ANYONE.

Giggles turned to gasps inside Jimmy's station wagon when they pulled up to their home behind two police cars. Never losing his cool, Jimmy led the detectives to his television, it had been too heavy for the thieves to snatch and activated the remote control for his CyberEye.

Even with no lights on, the infrared lens captured everything: the broken window, the first thief climbing in and opening the front door for his companions... everything.

It even captured all three of them, taking off their hoods, staring DIRECTLY into that lens.

Not only did the cops know exactly who they were dealing with, but the CyberEye put a time stamp on each frame. Now the investigators knew exactly WHEN the crooks made off with Jimmy's things.

That date stamp came in handy the next day, when Jimmy's insurance adjuster looked at the tape Jimmy made by connecting the CyberEye to a VCR. The agent always hated tracking down receipts and evidence for homeowners' insurance cases. This time, he could see who was asking what items and when.

Jimmy got even more good news that week. One of the ringleader's so-called friends saw his picture on the evening news. That 'friend' wanted the small reward from the neighborhood watch association, and he told police where to find the burglars.

Even the fanciest lawyer couldn't talk his way around that powerful image of the crooks, with their hands on Jimmy's things, stamped with a time and a date for everyone to see.

Jimmy's insurance company fixed the window and replaced all of the stolen goods. And Jimmy's neighbors ask him constantly about his CyberEye. He tells them every time how it was the best purchase he ever made.

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