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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

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How To Instantly Inflict Devastating Damage
From 20 Feet Away?
Using Nothing More Than A Paperclip And These
Viciously-Easy ?Power Throwing? Tricks Developed By
The Smallest Former Combat Expert To Ever
Scare The Living Crap Out Of Entire Biker Gangs, Skinhead
?Attack Squads? and Every Black Belt Jerk
Who Ever Dared To Make Fun Of His Size!

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Wait it gets even better! You can learn these "unbeatable" skills in an afternoon& and use them to be LETHAL with a knife, and truly SCARY with anything else you can get your hands on& including keys, pencils, broken glass and literally hundreds of other items that will always be around when you to TAKE SOMEONE OUT from across the room&

Here's one hell of a brutal "fight-solution" for you.

If your life is ever threatened by an attacker& no matter how big, mean, and ugly he is& I want you to throw a standard paper clip ? just like the one pictured here -- and embed it deep into his forehead from 16-feet away. I assure you&

He'll Run Like Hell&
And Won't Dare Bother You Again!

No& I haven't been drinking. Give me a chance to explain.

I've just got my hands on some very exclusive info on the lost art of "power throwing"" and I want to share it all with you. It's the real thing and this may be the last time you hear about this! So please& read on.

Here's what this is about: I call this power throwing" a "lost art" because there's just FIVE masters who understand this - and four of them are either dead& in prison& or just won't talk. So you simply can't find this anywhere for any price. I'm not kidding one bit when I say this is info is teetering on becoming a lost art.

But now I've arranged your one chance to know these secrets. You'll discover how to throw and stick anything - even objects that seem absolutely harmless with power& precision& and "dead-eye" accuracy. I'm talking about easily impaling targets with a fork& wooden stick& pen& pencil& car antenna& plastic stake& butter knife - damn near anything you can find lying around. You'll even learn how to instantly create your own "improvised" throwing weapons (practically from thin air) - and get them to stick into your target across an entire room!

This is powerful information that can be&

Learned Today -
And Used Tomorrow!

Now I want you to consider - just for a moment the transformation YOU will experience once you understand the secrets to stopping an attacker before he gets anywhere near your "personal space".

Now I want you to take a deep breath and think about this for a second.

You'll never again have to worry about going toe-to-toe with larger more aggressive attackers& or getting scraped to a bloody pulp while "grappling" on the concrete& or duking-it-out with someone who turns out to be a "golden gloves" boxer. Forget about the concerns of carrying around a gun& or practicing those special kicks& fancy punches& complex joint-locks or ANY of that nonsense.

Well now there's simply no need for it! In fact, considering that the our "mission" is to teach guys like you the easiest, quickest, most devastating fight secrets available - tricks to ending ANY fight in seconds without complex moves and hardcore training this entire "Dead-Eye Power Throwing"" program is a PERFECT fit. No special skills required& no need for endless practice& and certainly no need to be big, strong, or even in shape!

Nope. That doesn't matter at all because just having these power-throwing skills means&

There's NO Reason For You
To Even Get Your Hands Dirty!

In just a couple hours you'll suddenly be "untouchable" - which means you'll become calmer& more confident& even spiritually stronger. Now that may sound weird but it's true.

Because the benefits of knowing exactly how to "take care of business" from across a room will infuse itself into every part of your life. The fear you may have felt around overbearing individuals will actually disappear& friends and family will suddenly notice a quiet, sure-footed gravity around you& and you'll suddenly possess an Alpha "presence" that unconsciously gains instant respect from others.

You just don't want to miss out on having this kind of personal confidence and power.

Because now you can fire off a pen from your top pocket and impale him before he gets close. Or use a simple paper clip& piece of silverware& chunk of wood& whatever YOU choose to pull from your bag of tricks. You'll suddenly have the SAME advantage of a .357 - without the legal hassles and without the risk of having your weapon fall into the hands of your attacker.

Having this information in your "arsenal" is as powerful as&

Carrying Around A
Cocked And Loaded Gun!

It's that big.

Wrapping your hands around the wheel of this kind of raw power and confidence is HUGE stuff my friend. Don't take it lightly.

From now on there'll be no need for you to get upset& fearful& or angry at anyone who threatens the lives of you and your loved ones - no matter how big, mean, and skilled they are.

Calmly take care of business from a safe distance. No more having to risk serious injury in hand-to-hand encounters. You'll know the simple, easy to learn, and wildly devastating tricks to throwing and sticking damn near ANYTHING - Stopping Any Attacker In His Tracks
From 10-20 Feet Away!

Here's why I'm telling you all this: In just a couple fast hours you'll have 100% control of ANY fight from a safe distance, allowing you to always be one step ahead of your opponent even highly experienced "dirty tricks" street fighters and black belts. He'll be shocked& stunned& and scared as hell when a piece of fence wire suddenly sinks deep into his thigh bone before he can even get into your spitting range. And when the full realization hits him that the tables have turned and he's the target& he'll stumble back in fear& panic& then scramble off like a wounded animal.

Believe me he'll want nothing more than to&

Get The Hell
Away From You!

That's how fast it'll be over. What's more& this will scare the living hell out of any "back-up" friends who may have been planning a classic "gang-bang" attack. They'll be running for the hills.

It's true! Everyone who sees this "Power Throwing"" in action is absolutely astonished at how easy it is to learn and how mega-effective the results. It's almost unbelievable to see a small and unassuming man pick up a wooden stick and effortlessly drive it straight through a thick plaster wall from 20-feet out.

The trick is knowing HOW it's done - and it's not very hard!

Still having trouble believing all this? That's okay I'm used to people being suspicious& at first. But like I said what you're about to learn is something only FIVE people have mastered and just ONE willing to share it with you.

You Don't Want To Be
The One Caught Without These Skills.

Here's the ONE guy willing to teach you this: Through certain inside "contacts" (which I am not going to tell you about) I was approached by Bob Taylor. He's considered one of the country's most experienced experts in counter insurgency operations; state, local and federal law enforcement agencies use him frequently for training. He is also a specialist in counter-terrorism for African, South American and Central American governments.

Bob Taylor is just 5 feet 6 inches tall, and maybe 140 pounds soaking wet (on a good day). Small features. Thin arms, thin legs, thin neck. You'd never pick him for a fighter. Too little.

Nevertheless, Bob Taylor is widely regarded among the elite martial arts world as perhaps the best "self educated" street fighter around. Nobody who knows about Bob's fighting abilities would ever willingly go up against him without packing a loaded shotgun. Hand to hand, you will lose a fight against him, no matter how big, or muscled, or experienced you are. Why?

Because He Fight To Live&
And He Fights Dirty As Hell!

Bob developed his unique style of "dirty fighting" during his 40 years of formal training, bar brawls and street fights, bounty hunting and busting up narcotics gangs. He served his country well as a "hot-zone" combat soldier in Vietnam, worked as a private eye, a personal armed bodyguard to superstar rock groups (like Aerosmith, the Who and Led Zepplin), and a canine handler for 11 separate jurisdictions. He's also a recognized "Chi Master" - at an infamous Soldier of Fortune convention, he drove a steel rod through his forearm, tied it to a new Ford Mustang, and dragged the car 287 feet... without blood, without pain, without scarring. (Don't try this at home.)

What's more, Bob is among the few world-class masters left in the forgotten art of "throwing". He's a master at creating improvised weapons - practically from thin air - then sticking it through ANYTHING - from flesh to metal. I've seen him stick an unsharpened coat-hanger through a car door at ten feet. Astonishing!

But what's really exciting is that&

Bob's Now Willing To Reveal
These Wicked Power-Throwing Secrets To YOU!

It's all on two DVDs called "Dead Eye Power Throwing"".

Let's talk about the first DVD that deals with specific Power Throwing" techniques. You'll learn everything you'll need to know about the advanced fundamentals to quickly developing your own "throwing" skills. Here's just a taste of what you're about to discover:

  • The wildly effective "back hand" shot. Even little kids who can't tie their own shoes can use this to stick a weapon deep into targets. NO coordination skills required - but the results are stunning!
  • The amazing secret "physics" behind power throwing". Even scientists are puzzled at why "drag" and gravity are almost totally irrelevant when it comes to true power throwing", (it's the trick to getting almost anything - even paper clips - to stick from 10-20 feet).
  • The awesome "double tap" secret to using BOTH hands. It's like having a double barreled shotgun and guaranteed to leave ANY attacker humiliated and running for his life. He won't have a clue where these shots are coming from!
  • The simple "geometric" reasons why you NEVER want to use your wrist. Learn to fire any weapon with 100% accuracy and "penetration" power. It's all super easy with NO complex skills to master.
  • Why "weight distribution" doesn't matter a bit. You'll use the same technique to throw a dinner fork as you'll use to throw a 10-pound stick - simple once you see how!
  • The cool "Wrong Hand" throwing technique that allows you to use your "weak" hand to throw. It may draw some "throwing-like-a-girl" laughs - but they'll shut-up quick when they see how much power and damage you're delivering with this one throw.
  • Two secrets to "foot placement" for firing with power and accuracy while on the move. Seems the "opposite" at first - (which is why everyone does this wrong) but Bob shows you why this is the one right way.
  • The trick to achieving 3 different kinds of "tumbles" to your throwing weapon. These secrets will have you mastering power, penetration, and accuracy at varying distances. Anyone watching won't know HOW you're doing it!
  • A very cool "feign" that'll trick your attacker into "planting" himself - making him an easy target to hit. He'll have no idea that you're setting him up like a bowling pin.
  • The principles of "Point, Accuracy, and Power" that will allow you a wicked "foot shot" for when you want him to "stick around" without hurting him too bad. This will get his attention fast and have him obeying your every command.
  • An easy to understand "hand size" rule of thumb that will instantly and dramatically increase your throwing accuracy.
  • A very cool "rapid fire" tactic that will thrill and delight you. Watch in amazement as Bob Taylor teaches you how to "machine gun" off a variety of objects (including a dinner fork& butter knife& piece of thin wire& a screw driver& and more). Within seconds your target will look like a wounded porcupine. Believe me& NO man can withstand this onslaught.
  • A mean little "underhand pitch" that allows you to conceal your weapon and suddenly fire it while on the move. A dirty trick that will end it all fast!
  • The sneaky& nasty& and devastating "quarter-turn reverse grip" throw. He won't see this one coming and there's nothing he can do about it even if he does. This is the nuclear bomb of throwing moves - the one secret trick you'll want to save for when you really need it!

    And MORE& a lot more! Simple "arching" techniques that generate massive power shots& An easy "palm throw" that ensures total accuracy in tight quarters& The secrets to choosing "expedient" weapons to attack from "outside a man's range of influence"& Why a fixed blade or folding knife is NOT designed to be thrown& The "windmill" throw that uses maximum "shoulder radius" for super-accurate long shots& when to throw straight at a target and when to angle your shots& How a simple wooden dowel can be the BEST training tool for developing a true power throw" ... and tons more. Way too much for me to cover here.

    And that's just the first DVD.

    The second DVD is called "Improvised Throwing Weapons" and goes deep into using "expedient weapons". This is where you discover how you distract& stun& maim& or kill using damn near anything lying around. You'll learn:

    • The TWO most important things you need to know about choosing an expedient weapon - and how this guarantees you'll immediately recognize what'll work as an effective (and possibly lethal) throwing weapon and what won't.
    • How just 25 seconds (and with NO tools) you can triple the impaling power of a simple a "butter knife". It's a simple trick that turns a ho-hum weapon into a fierce throwing weapon. You've GOT to see this one to believe it!
    • The amazing secret to throwing and spearing with a tree branch and why you don't want to start with dry wood. Bob shows you the simple process to instantly creating a devastating wooden weapon in seconds!
    • Why you'll want to aim some shots straight into his face. Follow what Bob tells you and your attacker will be running for cover like a wounded animal.
    • How to literally DOUBLE the sticking power of a standard dinner fork. In less than 20 seconds you'll have a weapon that will inflict horrible damage from 15-feet away.
    • How to transform a glass mirror into dozens of wicked "throwing knives". You'll discover how to easily throw them like "hollow-point bullets" - shattering deep inside your attacker. Plus Bob shows you the simple "scraping" trick to throwing glass shards bare-handed - with NO chance of cutting yourself.

    And more. Easy tips (they'll take just a couple seconds) to a turn a ball point pens, pencils, even paper clips, into deadly missiles& How specific weapons dictate which target you'll fire at& Just how "deep" certain thrown weapons will penetrate through clothing and flesh& which weapons will shock him, and which ones will kill him... exactly how to deliver devastating facial shots& and a lot more.

    Absolutely stunning information! And you know it'll all work in the "real world" because Bob "sticks" his weapons into thick slabs of beef "rump roast" (stuffed into a pair of Levi jeans), and straight through tough Archery Plastic Foam designed to stop arrows shot from an 80-pound compound-bow. ALL his targets are much tougher than human flesh - PROVING this power throwing" really works!

    Okay - a lot of this stuff isn't pretty, so do me a favor. Learn it all& then keep it to yourself. Don't show this to your co-workers& your family& or your friends&

    This Will Be
    YOUR Secret!

    And for Pete's sake don't let any kids see this. Because the next day they'll be sticking bike spokes into the schoolyard bully from across the playground. Believe me you don't need this kind of trouble.

    Because this "Dead Eye Power Throwing"" gives you unbelievable power. Your size or strength doesn't matter one bit anymore. I don't care if you're tiny and frail - these skills will suddenly make you a 600-pound gorilla - an undefeatable beast that can inflict vicious, brutal, potentially lethal devastation on your attacker. And the best part is that it can all be learned after just ONE viewing of this material.

    No need to announce your skills - they'll be broadcasted loud and clear to anyone who can recognize total confidence. You don't have to say a thing!

    And what's almost funny is that any fool who starts messing with you is like a weasel sniffing around an armed bear trap. He has NO CLUE just how much danger he's toying with. YOU'LL choose when to spring the jaws on him. Surprise, surprise! It won't take long for this punk to realize he's made a horrible mistake.

    I only ask that you use this material wisely. Demonstrate mercy when you can. It's a big responsibility just knowing this stuff.

    So here's what you need to do now: Simply click on the order button below:

    The price for this entire package - two DVDs, nearly two solid hours of intensive instruction is just $97. So you're already getting a great deal here.

    It's a generous offer that I can ONLY make because I'm so confident that you'll love this and won't want to let it out of your hands. This is the real thing.

    But there is just one catch: The company lawyer is going absolutely nuts over the brutal nature of these "Power Throwing"" secrets. He thinks I should forget about marketing this all together. So for once I'm listening and placing SEVERE restrictions on this material.

    I Will Simply
    Destroy Your Package.

    It'll be gone forever.

    Anyway, I expect ALL the packages - just 188 of them - to be gone in less than a week. But if they're not - in just 11 days I'll fire up the DVD shredder and get rid of anything left in the warehouse.

    Because much of what you'll learn is "over the top" - but when your life's in jeopardy - when women and kids are depending on you - well& I don't care what anyone says& nothing is too violent when you're protecting that.

    So yes& this is nasty, but it's also easy to learn. Just watching these DVDs will give you the instant advantage in any fight. In a couple of fast hours, you will be able to take care of ANY dangerous situation from the comfort of 10-20 feet away. No duking it out& no risking your own blood. You'll suddenly be an untouchable force to be reckoned with.

    But don't sit around thinking about this. There isn't much time. You've got NOTHING to lose. So call today, or mail in your order right now. This is a genuine bargain& and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to finally learn these secrets.

    P.S. Like I said it's two DVDs - nearly two full hours of brutal, vicious and very nasty "Power Throwing"" training. You'll discover the most cutting-edge "throw & impale" methods for keeping your distance while still inflicting severe damage on your opponent. But the brutal nature of this material forces me to destroy anything left in my warehouse after just 11 days. If I don't hear from you by then - you won't ever see it again.

    $97.00 each

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