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Diversion Safes
Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays

Security experts estimate that a burglar will spend about 8 minutes in your home. He's in a hurry and will grab the most obvious valuable items. He certainty ain't that bright and will follow the course of least resistance. That's why Diversion Safes work so well. Sure these idiots who break into your house might know that Decoy Safes exist, but they are scared and in a hurry. These creeps just want to get in, grab what they can and get out of Dodge.

Hiding valuables in diversion safes make perfect sense.

We have a wide variety of personal care, household products and food containers with removable tops and bottoms. They look just like the real items. Your valuables can be secretly hidden inside these look-a-like diversion safes and kept in their seemingly rightful places. Each dversion safe is indistinguishable from the genuine product and is even weighted to feel full. Pick the ones that will blend in best with what's in your home.

7-UP Can Safe
$15.00 $9.88 each
Cherry 7-UP Safe
$15.00 $9.88 each
Dr. Pepper Safe
$15.00 $9.88 each
Beer Can Safe
$15.00 $9.88 each
A&W Can Safe
$15.00 $9.88 each
Arizona Tea Safe
$17.00 $12.50 each
180 Energy Drink
$17.00 $12.50 each
Barbasol Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Bathroom Cleaner


Suave Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Puncture Seal Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Spray Starch Safe
Carpet Cleaner
$20.00 $17.88 each
Desenex Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
JB Oil Treatment
$20.00 $17.88 each
JB Engine
$20.00 $17.88 each
Pringles Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Ajax Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
ScotchGard Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Dried Soup Safe
Temporarily Out of Stock - Due back 2/27/08
$18.00 $15.88 each
Peanut Butter Safe
$15.00 $12.88 each
Kibbles 'n Bits Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Fruit Cocktail Safe
$20.00 $17.88 each
Salt Shaker Safe
$10.95 $9.88 each
Stone Safe
$10.00 $8.88 each
Wall Socket Safe
$10.00 $8.88 each
Book Safe
Titles are chosen at random.
$20.00 $17.88 each
Flower Pot Safe
$39.00 $34.88 each

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays

About Diversion Safes
Flower Pot Safe - Self Defense Article

I have found that it's often the obvious that is overlooked. At the end of the story about the Flower Pot Safe, you will find a bonus offer just for you.

Mike snickered. Sometimes his sister, Beth, had the craziest ideas. Mike was at Beth's home helping her to put her affairs back into order after her husband's death. Today, he was photographing her valuables for insurance purposes. Beth had taken out a new policy and she wanted to keep her own records.
After Mike was finished with the pictures and preparing to head home, Beth asked him to wait -- she had two more items to photograph. She then pulled her wedding and engagement ring from inside the flower pot that held her Easter Lilies -- the same pot that held Poinsettias last December. Mike was humored and asked her about her choice of hiding places.

Beth generally kept the flower pot sitting on the kitchen counter when it contained flowers, and on the top shelf next to other empty pots when it didn't. Mike told her that he thought the flower pot safe was an odd place for her to keep her most beloved possessions. But, there they sat, right out in the open.

But Beth explained that the flower pot safe was, in fact, the safest place for her treasures. So safe, that her rings had recently eluded a burglar and a dishonest cousin. The burglar had found the silverware and the cousin recently took a fair amount of cash out of Beth's wall safe. The rings were not touched. She asked Mike, "Where would a burglar or a thief look first?" After thinking about it for a moment, Mike had to admit that if he were a burglar, he wouldn't even think to look for valuables in a flower pot. He was pretty certain that a burglar would go through drawers and closets, or break into any obvious safe he or she came across.

As Mike drove home, he thought about the various reasons a flower pot safe, or any diversion safe, would be useful. He lived in a low crime area, but he had a lot of company and so did his three
teenage boys. You'd like to believe that you can trust everyone, but the reality is that you simply can't.

Once he arrived home, Mike ordered two flower pot safes of his own.

Shouldn't you?

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