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Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysUsing the latest ultrasounic technology, the SUPER DOGCHASER uses two ways to repel a dog. One is the discomforting but not harmful high frequency sound (20,000Hz-25,000Hz), audible to dogs but not to humans. And, the second is a super bright LED flashing strobe that temporarily blinds and confuses the dog. Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs up to 40 feet. Also has a training setting. Requires on 9 volt battery. Can be used as a flashlight.

The ultrasonic dog repeller emits a frequency ranged from 20,000 Hz to 25,000 Hz interval, which is hardly audible by humans but can be heard by dogs or cats. The dog repeller may harmlessly deter the approach of a dog or cat when properly used. The device will project these ultrasonic waves as you continuously press the power button and directly point the dog repeller toward the approaching unfriendly dog. The ultrasonic waves emitted from the dog repeller will discomfort the dogs and make them get away. This dogchaser will help the user establish a safe zone between the user and the unfriendly dog.

A built-in LED indicator will light when the power button is depressed. When the LED does not light or is not as bright, it is time to replace the battery.


  1. To remove the lid of the battery box, use the included screwdriver to unscrew it.
  2. Insert a 9V alkaline battery as indicated in the battery box.
  3. To ensure battery installation is correct, press the power button to see that the LED light comes on.
  4. Replace the battery box lid and screw it back on.
  5. Your Ultrasonic Dog Repeller is ready for use.
  6. A built in belt clip allows the user to carry the device easily.

To replace the battery simply repeat step 1 and take out the old battery. Insert a new battery by following steps 2-4.


  • Do not point the dog repeller directly at humans.
  • Do not test the device on your own pets or a familiar animal to prevent then from confusion due to loyalty instincts.
  • Do not let the unit come in contact with water.
  • Do not modify or tamper with the internal components.
  • Covering or painting over the front speaker can damage the device and cause it to malfunction or work improperly.
  • The device may not be effective on all canines. Age, temperament, illness or training may affect an animal's behavior. It will not be effective on a deaf dog.
  • This Ultrasonic Dog Repeller will help you create a safe zone between you and the unfriendly dogs, but always take normal precautions when confronting a dog in addition to using this device.
  • Worth Protection Security recommends carrying dog pepper spray in addition to this device as a back-up.

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