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Easy and effective tips on how to burglar proof your home

Everyone wants to feel safe and protected when they are in their own home. Equally, people want to have a peace of mind that their possessions and valuables are safe, when they leave their house for an extended period of time.

However, people often don’t put in place the appropriate measures to prevent burglaries from occurring. They either do not have any security systems in place, or they have chosen cheap, low quality options that are of little to no use.

Investing in proper security will pay off in the short and long term, both in the peace of mind that you will have, and the potential burglary that was avoided in the process.

Here are some useful tips that you should implement into your home security system.

Easy and effective tips on how to burglar proof your home

Make sure that your door security is up to scratch

The most common form of entry into a house by burglars is the front and back doors. They are most vulnerable around the area where the lock of the deadbolt is inserted into the doorjamb. A burglar can break through the door with a good kick.

Many doors that you see today only have the strike plate secured in place by one inch screws, meaning that it is extremely easy to kick it in. You should always ensure that these screws are a t least 3 inches long in order to provide adequate security and resistance. You should also reinforce the strike plate and door frame in order to increase the security of the lock.

If you often lose your house keys and are worried about people potentially being able to use these keys to gain entry into your home, you should look into getting a smart lock, which requires no physical keys.

Instead, you can use a keypad, finger scanner, or your smart phone to quickly open your door. This eliminates the risk associated with hiding a spare key somewhere in your garden. These systems are easy to use, as well as being easy to install. If you are using your smart phone as a key, make sure that you have the capabilities to charge your electronics on the go.

Eliminate any potential hiding places

If you have any dense or thick shrubbery located near your property, this is a good spot for burglars to hide, particularly so if the area is also not well lit. By keeping them cut back, nobody will be able to hide in the bushes or use them as cover when sneaking around your property. You can reduce your waste by using a composter.

Having motion sensor lighting outside is another great deterrent, as it will detect any movement, and shine a bright light at the potential intruders. Burglars are looking for easy and hassle free houses to break into, so this is a great deterrent.

Utilise portable house alarms

While it is a good idea to have a whole house security alarm, they can often be expensive. If you are working with a low budget, you can get portable alarms that you can place on doors and windows. These will sense when the door or window is opened or broken, emitting an alarm.

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