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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

This is the identical training that has saved
the lives of cops and soldiers...
and yet a lot of people are hoping
you never discover it!


Are You Finally Ready To Learn
The "Top-Level" Handgun Skills
That Can Save Your Life?

Everything you'll ever need to know about using a gun, from surviving combat firefights... to clearing a "hot" house (alone)... to dealing with hostage situations (even with your own family)! Everything... all revealed by the most respected "gunman" in the world today!

This is the most amazing weapons training ever offered to civilians... in fact, big-city SWAT team cops never get this kind of intense personal training. A few Special Forces soldiers get it -- the handful at the very top of the ranks. And some federal agents get it -- those guys who are trained to guard our nuclear plants. (That is now the most sensitive and dangerous job in the world -- the number one target of terrorists, with radioactive material more valuable than gold at risk.)

This kind of hyper-intense, hands-on training is RARE... and the fact that the famous Bennie Cooley has agreed to do it, personally, made this...

The Most Important Self-Defense Event Of The Century!

We'll brief you on Cooley in a second. It's a fascinating story... one that many top level cops, Special Forces soldiers and "combat level" federal agents already know by heart.

What you are about to witness isn't just some wannabe bo