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FREE Pepper Spray Promotion
FREE canister of pepper spray on your first order when you sign up for our Mailing List. Free Promotional Pepper Spray Discount Code will be sent in your first e-mail after confirmation. Actual promotional model may vary depending on total purchase price of order. A minimum 1/2 oz. Pepper Shot ($9.00 value) up to a 16 oz. Wildfire 18% ($40.00 value) will be added to your order shipped to an address legally able to receive pepper spray products. Promotion subject to pepper spray availability and may end at anytime. SIGN UP AND PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW to take advantage of this limited offer! View pepper spray laws.

Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

However, Michigan and New York are authorized to receive Bear Sprays and Dog Repellents. Click Here for Michigan Approved Sprays.

Pepper Spray

Pepper Shot 1/2 oz.
Pepper Shot 2 & 4 oz.

Pepper Spray Tri-Pack

Pepper Spray Pen

Wild Fire 18% Pepper Sprays

Pepper Spray Pager
Stunning Ring

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Booklet

Bear Sprays and Dog Repellents

Mace Defensive Spray

Mace Pepper Sprays
Mace Pepper Foam
Michigan Approved Sprays

Triple Action Pepper Sprays

Pepper Spray Hot Walkers

Mace Leatherette Key Chain

Mace Hard Case Key Chain

Mace Pepper Batons

Mace Pepper Gel

Mace Pepper Gun NEW

WildFire 18% Pepper Spray

Wildfire 18% .5 and 1.5oz Pepper Sprays

  • Only $8.88 - $10.88

  • "New! Superior Formula"

  • 3 Million SHU's ! UV dye

  • 8 Powerful Models

Wildfire 4oz Pepper Spray

Wildfire 9oz Pepper Spray

Wildfire 1lb Pepper Spray

Wildfire 18% 4oz Pepper Sprays
  • Only $14.88 -$15.88

  • "Hottest Spray Available!"

  • Stream or Fogger models

  • Rated at 3 Million SHU's

Wildfire 18% 9oz Pepper Sprays
  • Only $26.88 -$28.88

  • "Hottest Spray Available!"

  • Pistol Grip or Firemaster

  • Rated at 3 Million SHU's

Wildfire 18% 16oz Pepper Spray
  • Only $36.88 -$38.88

  • "Hottest Spray Available!"

  • Pistol Grip or Firemaster

  • Rated at 3 Million SHU's

Pepper Shot 1/2 oz Pepper Sprays

2 & 4 oz. Pepper Sprays

Pepper Shot 1/2oz Stream

  • Only $4.88

  • One of the Cheapest Prices on Internet

  • 4 models to choose from

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's

  • UV marking dye

Pepper Shot 2 and 4 oz Pepper Spray

  • Only $12.95 - $15.95

  • Available in Stream or Fogger

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's

  • UV marking dye

Pepper Shot Tri-Pack Pepper Sprays

  • Only $18.88 ($30 value)

  • 2 oz stream, 1/2 oz keychain

  • 1/2 oz auto - UV marking dye

  • "Full Pepper Protection!"

Lip Stick Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray Pens

Pepper Spray Ring

Lipstick Pepper Spray

  • Only $11.88 - 5 Colors

  • "Designed for Women"

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

  • Powerful Pepper Spray!

Pepper Shot Pepper Pen

  • Only $8.88

  • "Looks like a writing pen"

  • Cone shaped mist

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

The Stunning Ring

  • Only $29.95 - Refills available

  • Available in Gold or Silver

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

  • "Confidence Close at Hand!"

Mace Pepper Spray Batons

Mace Pepper Guard

Mace Pepper Spray Gel

Mace Pepper Spray Batons

  • Only $33.88

  • "Smallest Design"

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

  • 5 Colors plus refills available

  • Cone shaped foggers!

Mace PepperGard 10% OC

  • Only $10.88 - $17.88

  • 4 Powerful Models

  • Police Model Available

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

Mace Pepper Spray Gel

  • Only $17.88 - $27.88

  • "Sticks like Glue!"

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV dye

  • Most Powerful OC formula!

Pepper Foam

Michigan Approved Defense Sprays

Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray

Mace 10% OC Pepper Foam

  • Only $17.88 - $20.88

  • Thick foam covers the face

  • 2M SHU's - UV Marking Dye

  • "New! Most Popular Seller"

Michigan Approved Models

  • Only $13.88 - $15.88

  • Choose OC or Tear Gas!

  • "Quality you can count on"

  • All with UV Marking Dye

Mace Triple Action Pepper Spray

  • Only $12.88 - $23.88

  • 10% OC, Tear Gas, UV Dye!

  • "Confidence! Peace of Mind"

  • 6 Models - Foggers Available

Walking Weights with Pepper Spray

Mace Leather Case pepper spray

Mace Hard Case Pepper spray

Mace Pepper Spray Walking Weights

  • Only $18.88

  • Two 1 lb. Walking Weights

  • 10% OC 2M SHU's - UV Dye

  • "Great for Exercise Enthusiast"

Mace Leather Keychain Models

  • Only $11.88

  • Leather Keychain Model

  • 5 Colors to choose from

  • 10% OC - 2M SHU's - UV dye

Mace Hardcase Keychain Models

  • Only $13.88

  • Hardcase Keychain Model

  • 5 Colors Available

  • Glow in the dark key ring!

"Tactical Use of Defensive Sprays" Booklet - $4.88

"Learn the most effective way to use your defense spray." This handbook contains essential tactics and techniques that you'll want and need out on the streets. It teaches how to choose, carry and shoot your spray, what to do about multiple assailants, date rape protection, and much, much more.

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About Pepper Sprays

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysFor even more Pepper Spray Information, check out our
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Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to the states of Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin or the city of Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA.

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