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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

Garrett is one of the most recognized manufacturers of hand held metal detectors in the world.

The Super Scanner is the world's most respected and most utilized-hand-held scanner. It is used by security personnel and law enforcement agents numerous times daily, all over the world. The Super Scanner detects medium-size pistols from a distance of 9"; large pocket knives, up to 6"; razor blades, 3"; hatpins, 1"

Features automatic retuning (no adjustments ever needed). Sensitivity can be limited if ambient metal causes interference. Has a large scanning surface for quick, yet thorough scanning. Features an automatic battery check. No tools are required to change batteries. Is lightweight, yet very rugged. Housing constructed of polycarbonate-fiber reinforced material. Utilizes surface mount electronic component technology.

? One switch operation ? Ultimate sensitivity ? Does not require adjustments ?  Rugged, high-impact ABS case with reinforced coil compartment ? Detects medium sized pistol from 9"; large knife from 6"; razor blade and box cutter from 3"; foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1" ? Large 10" scan surface for quick, thorough scanning ? No tools required to change 9V battery ? Sharp audible alarm and bright red LED light indicates the detection of metal ? Momentary push button temporarily eliminates detection of nearby ambient metal such as rebar, metal walls, etc. ? Green LED light indicates ON; Amber LED indicates low battery; Red LED indicates ALARM.

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The Enforcer G-2 is compact and lightweight and will fit into a shirt pocket. This small wonder can find even the smallest weapon, yet will easily fit in the palm of your hand. Can be used anywhere with a minimum of fuss and bother.

Allows effective searches without touching the body. Features automatic retuning and battery check. Has optional earphone for silent searches. Is designed for long, dependable service under rugged conditions.

? Detects medium-sized pistol at 7"; large pocket knife at 5"; razor blade at 3"; hatpin at 1" ? Red Alarm light and audible alarm indicates a metal target has been located ? Easily slips into a shirt or coat pocket and can be held in the palm of the hand ? Operating procedures written on panel ? Rugged, high-impact plastic case designed to provide long, dependable service ? Engineered to operate under rugged conditions ? Automatic tuning, requires no adjustments ? Automatic battery check ? Optional recharging unit permits use of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries ? Optional earphone for use in noisy or loud environments.

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