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Worth Protection Security
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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

Looking for a gift for the person who has everything?

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysA gift certificate from Worth Protection Security would be the perfect choice.  What could be worth more than a gift of personal safety and peace of mind.  Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversary, Housewarming or just because.

Our gift certificates can be purchased in $50, $75, $100 and $150 denominations and they are good towards the purchase of anything and everything on this site!  (Higher denominations can be specially ordered.)

The best part is, right now you can get one for 10% below face value. That means:

a $50 gift only costs you $45.00

a $75 gift only costs you $67.50

a $100 gift only costs you $90.00

a $150 gift only costs you $135.00

Delivery Options:

We can "e-mail" you an electronic gift certificate in about 24 hours (nothing formal, just a "GC number" that you can use right away, save it for later, or give the number to someone else to use)


If this is formal gift for someone else, we can "mail" you a presentation gift certificate. (Via US mail, could take a week or so to arrive depending on the mail service in your area)

Specify in the comments box at checkout. (If you don't specify, you will receive the electronic version sent to the email address you use at checkout)

Gift Certificates come in $50, $75, $100, and $150Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays


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