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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

Notorious "Death-Metal" Bodyguard
Reveals The Simple Secrets
Defeating Huge... Pumped-Up... "Insane" Attackers
-- Even MULTIPLE Opponents --
No Matter What Your Size or Strength!


Have you ever been to a "Death Metal" concert?

If not -- that's okay. You'll STILL want to read this web page right away. What I've got to say about the violent "mob mentality" at the heart of one of these concerts has everything to do with protecting yourself and your family. So please read on.

Here's what's happening: Right now I've got a BRAND NEW instructional package that will show you exactly how to instantly END a fight against larger& more aggressive& "up-close" attackers -- (even multiple attackers) no matter what your size, strength or skill level may be -- guaranteed!

The expert who will teach you these astonishing secrets is Mark Parra. At 44-years-old, he's just 5'8", and maybe 150-pounds soaking wet. Not a big strong young man by any means.

But his size and strength doesn't matter one bit. He's known by "insiders" around the world for his astonishing abilities to take down violent opponents TWICE his size -- even if they're numbed-out on drugs and attack in groups. His skills are nothing less than astonishing and it's why he was&

Hand-Picked To Protect
"Death-Metal" Band Members
From Crazed Fans!

He did this during the now infamous "Megadeth/Pantera" World Tour. If you've never heard of these musical groups don't worry -- let me clue you in.

These groups are two of the most insanely popular "death-metal" bands in the world. And to make matters worse they toured together. You can imagine the kind of security nightmare that created.

These "metalcore" concerts were literally packed with angry young "mosh-pit monkeys"& violent pasty-faced meth-heads& and out-of-control headbangers whose vicious flailing and slam-dancing are intended to&

Make Sure Everyone
Is Left Battered& Bleeding& Or Worse!

Forget the days of "feeling breezy" with Kenny G. This crowd is nothing less than a dangerous and near riotous mob notorious for their extreme disregard and violence toward all others. It's no joke.

Take guitar player "Dimebag Darrell" for example. Once a guitar-shredding hero for the death-metal band Pantera he was attacked and killed while playing onstage in Columbus, Ohio. Three more people were also killed that night -- including the guy who originally attacked Dimebag.

Parra continually fought off drunken, cranked-up, violent fans twice his size as the driving music gradually whipped the crowd from excited& to wild& to out-of-control& and finally into an insane mouth-foaming frenzy. And it's then that band members start crapping their pants scared that the monster