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Easy DIY Ways to Help Protect your Home against Burglary You Might Not Have Known

House alarmThere are many ways that you can protect your home against burglary. They range from keeping firearms in your home to have at your disposal in the event of a break-in to protect your home, belongings and family; to electric fences and security alarm systems. There are also some other ways you can protect your home yourself easily that will increase your safety on the home front.

First on the list is the “If you can’t see them, they still can probably see you.” situation. What this statement entails is the yard surrounding your house. Especially the placement and growth of trees and shrubbery around your home. You do not want to have shrubbery in front of windows that block your sight of the lawn and anything that’s outside on it. Mainly, an unwelcomed visitor. Keep your lawn on point by keeping shrubbery, especially by windows cut down so that you have a good line of sight of your property. Overgrown shrubs make for great nighttime hiding spots for potential burglars. They can see you, but you can’t see them.

For instance, it’s not just nighttime alone. Extensive shrubbery growth can even hide people in daylight as well. You could be in your kitchen preparing simple diabetic recipes for yourself and your family, or going about learning ways to cook the least carbs in a dessert. You’re paying attention to what you’re preparing to cook; such as reading a cookbook, gathering ingredients, and prepping them to make a meal. The last thing on your mind is to be gazing out of the window. Even if you were to, you wouldn’t see much as you have let bushes and shrubs cover up your vision of your outside lawn. Someone could be there just watching and waiting for the right moment that could put you and your home in harm’s way.

Criminals aren’t all as stupid as we would like to think. Efficient burglars do their homework before they decide on who or what to target. The best way to protect your belongings is to keep them out of the peeping eyes of a potential burglar. You want to keep items that could be tempting to a burglar such as computers, TV’s and other electronics from being showcased right in front of a window for the world to see. Not only what you have, but the layout inside your home. Burglars are big on window shopping, so don’t make it easy for them to browse your home and goodies.

Another simple way is not to show off your latest purchases to everyone who walks or drives by the street. What is meant by that is when you make a big purchase or expensive purchases, don’t be quick to put the boxes out on the street for the garbage men to come and get. Anyone looking for a good score will see that you have recently purchased high-end products just by seeing the boxes outside your home. Instead, keep the boxes inside your home or garage until the actual garbage day instead of having them sit outside your home for a week.

Take control of your home, family and safety by finding ways to protect your home in addition to other means you may already use; such as alarms or firearms. Sometimes the simplest small detail can protect you from a potential disaster waiting to happen.


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