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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
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Why spend hundreds of dollars on a security system and pay monitoring fees when you can get the MACE WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEM for a fraction of the cost? This easy to operate security system will sound an alarm and dial up 5 preset phone numbers to let you know motion has been detected or a door or window has opened in your home. A land line with "tone" dialing is required.

How it Works:
1. When the door/window sensor or motion detector is triggered, it sounds an alarm and sends a signal to the base unit.
2. The base unit dials the first telephone number of your programmed list.
3. The person answering the call will hear a prerecorded alert message.
4. That person will have the option to listen in on the room, broadcast their voice through the base unit, or disarm the system.
5. If there is no answer, or if the person doesn't disarm the system, it will dial the next number on your programmed list.

Includes 1 base unit with AC adaptor, 1 Window/door sensor (wireless transmission up to 250 feet), 1 motion detector (range up to 8 yards) and 1 remote control with panic feature for arming and disarming the unit. Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays

$139.95 $114.88 each

Mace? Big Jammer

  • Strong 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace
  • Installs easily under door knob and provides added security for home or business.
  • Adjusts to fit most hinged doors.
  • End caps can be removed to allow for use on sliding glass doors as well.
  • Clean, baked enamel finish makes it attractive for in-house use.

PLEASE NOTE: The door brace is not designed as the primary locking device on your exterior door. It is intended as additional security used in conjunction with your current door hardware.

$19.95 $17.88 each

Dual Function Door Brace

(works on Hinged Doors and Sliding Doors)

NON-MARRING YOKE: (removable for sliding doors) Designed to work with most types of door hardware. Helps protect against finished damage.
DESIGNED TO FIT MOST DOORS: Simple push button adjustment requires no tools
HIGH STRENGTH STEEL TUBE: 20-gauge steel for greater strength
PADDED FOOT: provides sure grip on most floor surfaces and protects against finish damage.
PORTABLE: Collapsible, to fit in most suitcases and garment bags

$15.95 $14.88 each

Big Jammer is a strong 20 gauge steel adjustable door brace that installs easily under the door knob and provides added security for your home or business. The Dual Function Door Brace adjusts to fit most hinged doors and the end caps can be removed to allow for use on sliding glass doors as well. Clean, baked enamel finish makes this door brace attractive for in-house use.

This door brace is also an effective door locking mechanism you can use while traveling. With the Big Jammer door brace in place, you don't have to worry about someone opening your door even if they have a key. Ever been to a motel and all of the sudden you hear someone trying to get in? The desk clerk assigns your room to someone else and gives them a key as well! They won't get in with the Big Jammer preventing it. Gives you time to call the front desk or the police if necessary.

  • Ideal for Home, Dormitory, & More
  • Rugged 20-Gauge Steel Construction
  • Works on Hinged Doors
  • Adjusts to Fit Most Standard Doors
  • Collapsible, Easy-To-Store Design
  • Works on Sliding Doors

Mace" Motion Alert is a passive infrared system that detects motion in any selected area. Compact and attractive, it mounts easily (vertically or horizontally) near any entry area and is battery operated, eliminating any need for wiring. Unit can be coded with a personal security code and can be set to utilize a two-tone entry chime, instead of the alarm sound. Mounting screws included. 9-volt battery not included.

$34.95 $32.88 each

This compact, attractive Magnetic Door/ Window Alarm uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren. The base of the alarm is bolted to door or window frame, the actuator is connected to the window or door. The alarm is activated by opening the door or window. Great for any door or window, particularly those hard to protect sliding glass doors. Requires 3 lithium button cell batteries (included). Can also be used for window air conditioner theft protection. See also Hot Weather Theft Warning.

$7.95 each


The Mini Alert Alarm uses passive infrared technology to protect a room from intruders. Producing an infrared triangle, the Mini Alert creates an unseen barrier that's impossible to penetrate without setting off the alarm! Battery operated, the Mini Alert needs no wiring and can be easily moved to a new location. Mounting bracket included. Requires three "AA" batteries.

$15.95 $14.88 each


Mace" Window Alert is a 95 decibel glass breakage alarm that attaches to windows and set off by vibrations if someone tries to break through. Installs easily on any window. Solid, state-of-the-art design. Battery included.

$9.95 $8.88 each

Temporarily Out of Stock - Due back 3/27/08


Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysFlat Rate $8.95 Shipping and Handling will be added to most orders. (Continental USA orders only) Additional Shipping charges may apply for unusually heavy, expedited delivery, or orders outside Continental USA.


Mace" Motion Alert - Self Defense Article

Marcy poured everything she had into her little gift shop. She rented a little building at the edge of a trendy neighborhood and converted the upstairs into a small apartment for herself.

Although she wished she had more money in her budget for a more elaborate security system, Marcy figured she'd be able to reinvest some of the profits from her business into a high-tech solution pretty quickly.

In the meantime, she picked up a few Mace Motion Alert devices.

For a fraction of the cost of a hard-wired security system, Marcy installed wireless Mace Motion Alert stations throughout the building. Each one includes a keypad that Marcy could use to switch between a chime, which would help her keep track of customers moving through the store, to an alarm, which would sound if someone attempted to sneak into her upstairs living space. She installed each one in just a few minutes, using only a screwdriver.

A few days after her grand opening, traffic in the store evened out a little bit, but kept Marcy pretty busy. Every time a new customer would enter the shop, the Mace Motion Alert at the front door would welcome them with a discreet chime. Marcy could glance up from whatever she was doing to welcome her guests. Even if she were helping someone else, she would notice the chime from the back room, which sounded when her second Mace Motion Alert observed someone checking out Marcy's higher priced gifts.

One afternoon, a few of the neighborhood kids stopped in after school. Marcy wondered why kids would be interested in her shop, but hoped they'd at least tell their parents about it. When one of the kids started asking lots and lots of questions, Marcy wondered if she was being set up.

Sure enough, she heard the wail from the Mace Motion Alert she installed by her apartment. A second later, a petrified teenager bolted down the stairs out the door. His buddies hustled after him. Not only did the Mace Motion Alert prevent them from stealing any of her personal belongings, but she was sure that word would get out that her shop was off limits to thieves.

"Now," she thought, "I can take some of the money I was going to spend on upgrading that security system and hire myself an assistant!"

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