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How electric toothbrushes can help bleeding gums?

Do you observe blood while brushing and flossing? If yes, then, you are certainly, suffering from some disturbing gum diseases. Often, Gum diseases occur because of the poor oral hygiene and improper eating habits. Almost 40 to 60% of people ignore their gum problems and later, suffer with chronic oral issues. Most of the people could not follow all the precautions and many are not even aware how they can prevent these gum diseases.

In last few years, electric toothbrushes have become the big gun of dental industry. People have started trusting these toothbrushes and usually, prefer them for their entire family. Do you know electric toothbrushes have potential to curb many oral diseases including gum disease? To understand this fact, you need to comprehend how exactly electric toothbrushes work.

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Electric Toothbrushes and their working

Electric toothbrushes are automated brushing gadgets which streamline our brushing habit and make it fun for us. Electric toothbrushes follow oscillating rotating technique which helps in cleaning our teeth and makes our gums stronger. The best part about electric toothbrushes is they curb the unnecessary pressure applied on gums and save them from damage.

When we think about oral hygiene then it is not just about cleaning teeth but involves many other important aspects such as stain free teeth, healthy gums, fresh breath, etc. Hence, we need a tool that can take care of all these dimensions. Electric toothbrushes have all the cards which help in various gum problems and prevent them from various external invasions.

How they help in bleeding gums

Most of the people could not find out how exactly, electric toothbrushes help in gum bleeding and other problems. Here are some of the pros of electric toothbrushes answering above question:

  • Provide more number of strokes in per minute: Electric toothbrushes are very powerful as compared to standard toothbrushes. They provide more number of brush strokes in one minute, which helps in cleaning mouth completely. More strokes remove bacteria faster and protect the gum from their coating which is the main cause of gum bleeding.
  • Easy to handle for wrist: Electric toothbrush does not bother wrist and helps in getting correct angle. When toothbrush gets correct angle and timing, it cleans the mouth more effectively. It also, circulates blood in the veins and makes the gum stronger. Usually, stronger gums do not experience bleeding.
  • Stops Unnecessary Pressure on Teeth: One of the prime causes of gum bleeding is unnecessary scrubbing and pressure. Electric Toothbrushes curb this pressure and apply only required pressure on teeth and gums. Most of the electric toothbrushes available in market also have pressure sensor, which indicates whenever less or excessive pressure is applied on teeth and gums. This way it helps to protect gums from bleeding.
  • Require less effort: While using electric toothbrush, it requires less effort, yet it provides ultimate cleaning experience. Better the cleaning experience is, lesser will be the bacteria. We all know that gum bleeding is mainly associated with bacteria. And, electric toothbrushes are an epitome of cutting edge technologies which helps in complete oral hygiene.
  • Highly effective: What else makes electric toothbrushes useful is their top notch efficiency. If compared with standard toothbrushes then, electric toothbrushes have all the positive figures to help in gum bleeding. It is important to evaluate various features of toothbrush and select the best suited option for your daily use.


The credibility of electric toothbrushes is proved by their branded endorsements. Apart from that, dentists also recommend electric toothbrushes to their patients in order to minimize gum bleeding. A large number of people have shared their experiences about these tools and as per stats people who use electric toothbrushes in their daily routine experience less gum bleeding as compared to the others.

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