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How to Secure Your Home for a Vacation

A vacation is a great way to take some time to relax, but that can be easier said than done if you are worried about the security of your home.  Whether you are going to be gone for just a few days, a couple of weeks, or more, taking precautions before you go can provide valuable peace of mind.  Before you find your tickets on airsteals.com, consider getting the following security products installed.

Intrusion Alarms

Besides locking your doors, the most common way to secure your home is with a home security system designed to detect intrusion attempts.  Having sensors attached to the windows and doors, as well as integrated motion detectors, can alert you and the authority in the event of a break-in.  There are a variety of systems available, some offered through professional security services, by telecommunications providers, or through self-install kits.  With the number of options available, you are sure to find one that will suit your needs and budget.

Home Automation

Home automation products can help give the appearance of someone being home, even when you are away.  Whether you set up certain features on timers, like interior and exterior lights, or want to be able to control them remotely via app-based connectivity, being able to change the appearance of your home while away can suggest that your home may not be as empty as it seems. Besides lights, televisions, radios, and sprinkler systems are also wise choices to place on timers.

Mail and Other Deliveries

Having mail, newspapers, or other deliveries pile up can be an indication that no one is home.  While a few days of mail in a mailbox may not be incredibly obvious, if multiple items begin to pile up on your doorstep it can be seen as a pretty clear sign that no one is home.  Whether you place a hold on your mail, temporarily stop newspaper delivery, or work with a neighbor to have the items picked up every day, preventing these items from gathering up on your property can be a good idea.

Make Sure Your Doors are Not Hidden

Before you leave on vacation, take the time to trim back any hedges, trees, or other foliage that may prevent a passerby from being able to see your front door easily from the road.  While many people prefer to use fences and hedges to add privacy, this privacy also makes it easier for a potential burglar to hide from sight while attempting to gain entrance.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Any valuables that can be seen easily through a window may be too enticing for a potential burglar to ignore.  Do not leave items, such as jewelry and electronics, in a place where they are easily seen.  The same can go for items such as spare car keys, cell phones, expensive tools, or other items that may indicate you have high priced items in your home that are easily accessible.

Store High-Value Items in Unique Locations

If a break-in does occur, storing items in unlikely places can help prevent burglars from finding them.  Many burglars head to specific areas first, such as the master bedroom and any medicine cabinets.  If you do have valuables in your home, consider storing them in unexpected locations.  A small container stored on the top shelf in a kitchen cabinet may not stand out as it would inside the sock drawer.  By using a little creativity, your valuables may be too hard to locate before the burglar decides they need to leave the property.

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