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How to Secure Your House Plant’s Life

House plants are terrific for improving your home’s overall feel and look.  When you have live houseplants in your home, your home look and feel much more vibrant and you and your family are much healthier since plants creates more oxygen for your home.  House plants are not just for decorative purposes.  They can make your home life a lot simpler when you invest in an herbal plant with medical benefits such as the Aloe Vera plant or when you use your house plants as a barrier between rooms.   It is quite hard work to keep these plants alive and in good condition when you are keeping them indoors.  Here are some great tips to ensure that your house plants are as secure and protected as possible so you can enjoy them for longer.

How to Secure Your House Plant’s Life

Find plants that are suitable for indoor planting

When you choose your house plants you have to ensure that these plants can live without sunlight or require very little sunlight.  Aloe plants and snake plants are some of the best examples of the perfect indoor plant since they require little water, have little maintenance and can go for long periods of time without any sun exposure.

Make sure you choose the right pot

The pot you keep your house plants in has a lot to do with the health of your plant.  Different plants have different needs which need to be researched before you decide on the right plant for your home.  Some plants can be kept in just a little bit of soil while others have very deep roots and require a much bigger pot.

Make your own compost

Good compost is an absolute must for any potted plant, especially house plants.  Store bought compost is often loaded with lots of toxins and unhealthy minerals due to the speeded process in which this compost are made.  If you want your house plants to be healthier and to last a lot longer then you should start making your own compost.  You simply must check out the Geobin compost bin if you are considering the best ways to make compost because these bins are super easy to use, they are super affordable and if you have the right compost ratio you should be able to create the best possible compost.  When you have your very own compost bin you can recycle all of your plant materials in the garden and you can control the quality of the compost that is created by adding the right ingredients and to your compost mixture.

Make an auto waterer for potted plants3

It is easy to forget to water all of your houseplants.  A DIY auto waterer is just what you need if you have trouble caring for your plants or if you love them too much and end up drowning them.  Auto waterers are easy to make and will ensure that your house plants are safe and secure when you leave home or when you simply forget to water them.

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