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How Would YOU Respond if Carjacked?  What if YOU or a Loved One Was Held at Knife Point?

Can You Effectively Protect Yourself, Your Spouse, Your Child or any Loved One From a Robber, Carjacker, Rapist, Intruder, Kidnapper, Terrorist or Anyone Else With Malicious Intent?

Every 22.2 seconds   One violent crime occurs
Every 30.9 minutes   One murder occurs
Every 5.7 minutes   One forcible rape occurs
Every 1.2 minutes   One robbery occurs
Every 36.6 seconds   One aggravated assault occurs
Every 3.2 seconds   One property crime occurs
Every 14.4 seconds   One burglary occurs
Every 4.8 seconds   One larceny-theft occurs
Every 26.4 seconds   One motor vehicle theft occurs

2006 FBI Crime Clock Stats

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self defense productsYour satisfaction is guaranteed. Whatever you purchase, we want to give you plenty of time to make sure you are happy with it. So, examine it, try it, use it for a full 60 days. See our full Return Policy.

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TASER Device Info
Pepper Spray FAQ, Pepper Spray Techniques Guide
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[Important] It is solely the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws regarding the purchase, possession and use of any item offered by Worth Protection Security.  If you are unsure, please contact your local or state authorities.  By placing an order, the buyer represents that all products purchased will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age.

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Don?t Hold Another Sleepy Fundraiser Without Reading This!

Oscar winner NICOLE KIDMAN is trying to raise awareness of violence against women. The actress, who is the goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) - helped launch the Say No to Violence against Women campaign. She says, "One in three women will encounter violence in some way, shape or form against them in their lifetime. So much of it is shrouded in silence. What we are trying to do is say this is something that needs to be addressed. A lot of it is taking away the stigma, creating awareness and not making it a silent pandemic. I want to encourage people of all nations to unite behind our call to end violence against women."

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Stun Guns and TASER Devices >
Animal Repellers
- Electronic Dog Repeller
- Mace Pepper Spray for Bears
- Mace Pepper Spray for Dogs
Safety Lights

- Bicycle Safety Lights
- 7-Function LED Light
- 9 LED Pocket Flashlight
- Pet Safety Light
- Cell Phone Flashlight
Home Protection
- Auto Dialer Intruder Alarm
- Pool Protector Alarm
- Voice Alert Driveway/Home Alarm
- Door Braces
- Mini Alert PIR Alarm
- Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
- Motion Alarm with Keypad
- Window Glass Breakage Alarm
- TeleSpy Intruder Alert
- Glass Breakage Alarm
- Electronic Barking Dog
- Wireless Home Security System
Hand Held Scanners
- Garrett Security Scanners
- Pro-Scan Security Scanners
Personal Alarms >
Spy and Surveillance
- Telephone Voice Changers
- Telephone Recorders
- Digital Surveillance Camera
- VISEC Surveillance Software
Diversion Safes >
Child Safety
- Child Guard Monitor
- KinderGard Child Safety Kit
- Computer Tracking Software
Butterfly KnivesKnives
- Folding Knives
- Pen Knives
- Heart Attack Keychain Knife
Other Stuff
- Nap Zapper Alarm for Drivers
- Ninja Throwing Stars
- Telescopic Steel Batons
- High Velocity Sling Shot
- Handcuffs, Legcuffs, Thumbcuffs
Telescopic Steel Baton- Keychain Kubotans
- Blowguns and Ammo
- Paintball Gun and Ammo
- AirSoft Spring - C02 Guns
- Pistol Crossbow
- 4 In 1 Auto Emergency Tool
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Instructional Fighting DVDs >
Target Focus Training DVDs (TFT)
- TFT - Striking Training DVDs
- TFT - Nuclear Weapons DVDs

- TFT - Surviving Training DVDs
Newest Products
- Mace Pepper Gun
- Pretender Cell Phone Stun Gun

- Red/Blue Cell Phone Stun Gun

- Double Trouble Stun Gun
- Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun
- Wireless Home Security System
- Multi-Function Rechargeable Stun Gun
- UFO Multi Function Alarm
TASER® X26C™ Package
New Yellow TASER® C2™
SafeFamilyLife™ Safety and Security Kits
Stun Master Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight
Stun Master Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun
Stun Master Rechargeable Pen Stun Gun

Pink 950K Cell Phone Stun Gun
Cute Pink Pepper Spray for Women

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Self Defense Products, Safety Equipment, Pepper Sprays, Stun Guns, TASER Devices and other Less-than-Lethal Weapons are an Unfortunate Necessity in Today's Society. Prevent Crimes Before they Start.

Want to know what's going on
when you're not there?

We also carry a full line of Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams, Spy and Surveillance Equipment for your home or business.



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Crime is an Unfortunate Reality Everywhere!

Big cities, small towns, high income, low income, even rural communities. Meth labs are hidden in rolling hills of small town areas - soon meth addicts are breaking into homes and hijacking cars where violent crime were virtually unheard of only a year ago.

RAPES... In 2006, there were an estimated 92,455 forcible rapes reported to law enforcement. The Northeast reports the highest percentage of rape, while the month with greatest number is July.

ROBBERIES... An estimated 447,403 nationwide robbery offenses occurred in 2006, with the highest percentage reported in the Southern states. 14.3% of these robberies occurred in homes while a whopping 44.5% occurred in the street.

ASSAULT... An estimated 860,853 nationwide aggravated assaults occurred during 2006. 18.1% of these reported the use of firearms, 15.8% used knives or cutting instruments, 29% reported use of other weapons such as clubs or blunt objects and 20.1% accounted for the use of personal weapons (fists, hands, feet, etc.).

CAR JACKINGS... Each year, around 38,000 car jackings happen with an approximate report of 75% of the victims facing a dangerous weapon. 63% of these carjacking incidents happen rather close to the victim's home, typically within 5 miles or so, including 17% that occurred closer, either at or very near the home... occasionally in their own driveway. Carjacks that were 50 miles or more from the victim's home only accounted for 4%.

Emergencies can occur anywhere, and preparedness matters

Think of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or earthquakes in Haiti. Think of the flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest. Think of the wildfires in California. God forbid you are ever caught there as a homeowner, worker or tourist when the looting, pillaging and mayhem hit... But if you were thrown out on to the street to fend for yourself and protect your family, you'd be much better off equipped with a TASER Device, stun gun or at least some MACE in your pocket

Most people are "under-protected" and admit that
"they ought to do something about it?"

Don't be that guy (or girl), do something about it. Get yourself a Stun Gun Emergency Flashlight to keep in your truck or car. Most families probably need two. Small businesses such as trucking companies or security services might might need twenty... If they are not provided by your employer, ask or provide your own. Don't wait until it is too late.

Key chain pepper spray should be a staple item carried by every woman and every teen age girl? The Child Protection Kits are a must for homes with toddlers? Every homeowner needs safes to hide valuables. Hidden safes that look like cans of soda, beer or soup? even a simple, complete, Home Security System would benefit any homeowner or apartment dweller. Do you have yours?

The long haul truck driver, delivery van driver or traveling salesman: they need a security product for their car, a portable door alarm for their hotel or motel room door. Parents need nanny-spy-cams and voice intercom systems.

Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray should be on the packing list for every camper, hiker or hunters.... The NapZapper, an over-the-ear alarm that awakens a drowsy driver should be ready to be worn in any car or truck driving later at night. Don't make excuses for not being prepared, Be Prepared.

Is there a day that crime isn't in the news?

Child abductions, rapes, robberies, assaults, car-jackings, break-ins and home invasions are headlines every day. Everyone can use a slight edge. Shouldn't you be protected?

It would be nice to believe that nothing will happen to you, but the reality of it is that an ounce of protection could be worth more than a pound of cure. What is Worth Protection to you? Your belongings? Your family? Your personal well-being?


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