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Instant Checkmate for Home Security

Keeping your home safe is a number one priority as a homeowner, keeping yourself and your family safe from intruders and threats. As well as keeping all of your precious possessions safe and sound from theft and damage.

One way to keep your home and family safe at all times is performing background checks on the people going in and out of your home, professionals and tradesmen and women who come into contact with your home and family. It can also be used for checking the reputation of online merchants you buy through sites like Ebay for example. Whatever use you have in mind for your home and family it can be adapted for.

The best way to do this is background check software that does the job at an affordable price. This is where Instant Checkmate comes in as one of the popular background check software packages available at the time of writing.

The website is set up with an intuitive design, simply enter the first and last name of the person of your choice and their location and wait for the software to do its job and search all the relevant databases for information. Everything is hosted in the cloud which makes for faster processing of your report and no need to download any files to your family computer, with an approximate waiting time of five minutes but less than you would spend gathering the same type of information manually.

There are different priced packages available to make everything as affordable as possible and to get the best value package to suit your circumstances. Not every has the same budget as large businesses in order to perform background checks so check out the five day trial period for 5 days before you commit.

For a dollar more you can purchase a single PDF report with your search information compiled for $1.99. This is great for home owners who only have the budget for a single search but not suitable for a large businesses. A premium report packed with more in-depth information from a wider range of sources and databases comes in at $20.

Then there are three different monthly subscription options to choose from. Consider these packages if you want to do regular checks each month, for homeowners this isn’t generally required but we’ll cover them below just in case. The more months you pay for the less you pay per month.

First of all a one month subscription for a fee of $22.86.

Next up a three month subscription for a fee of $44.58

Finally a six month subscription for a fee of $59.16

What you’re paying is Instant Checkmate’s unique software to scour a range of government and public databases as well as criminal databases for information on the person of your choice.

Even though most of this information can be found online but Instant Checkmate quickly and conveniently gathers all the essential information and complies it all into one easy to read and understand report covering a few specific check points.

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