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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

"All Your Fancy Fighting Skills
Won't Earn You An Extra Second
Against This Devastating
New Natural Streetfighting System!"


Why are black belts, boxers, Ju Jitsu wrestlers? and especially those silly macho "military" guys who claim to be so tough? scared to death when faced with these amazingly simple new fighting secrets?

Well, let me tell you something. You need to hear this: Almost all those super-hyped fighting systems are?

Pure Over-Rated Garbage!

Real fighting? especially the vicious, no-rules attacks and fights you're very likely to see in the street? has changed forever! Almost everything you know is obsolete, and I don't care how long you've been training or who you've trained with.

Worse ? if you are ever forced to actually use anything you've learned ? and if you're like 99% of the guys out there trying to put together a few "guaranteed" skills to protect yourself and your family ? you will likely get hurt if you attempt to use any fancy stuff against an experienced streetfighter or mugger.

Every fighting system seen is just too complicated to master in a reasonable time (and they're just lying to you if they say different)! Those military guys are the worst too? anyone who knows the SEALS and Army "elite" special forces work knows these soldiers use weapons to fight with? NOT their hands ! Hand-to-hand streetfighting is the least important skill they need or seek? and they learn a few "basic" hand-to-hand skills almost as an afterthought !

The truth is, when these "elite" soldiers are pitted against an experienced, world-class streetfighter?

They Lose!

Let me tell you a very short story that may be the most important one you ever hear in your life: Just outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, there's a beat-up warehouse where certain "unusual" types of people like to gather. If you're a stranger out here, you're not just unwelcome?

You're Meat!

And it's very easy to tell if you're not one of the "in" group: These guys shave their heads and tattoo swastikas on their scalp. They're permanently pumped with a steroid-and-amphetamine rage. They wear jack boots, carry chains, knives and baseball bats? and they never, ever fight fair. All fights are three, four, or a dozen to one.

They're Skinhead Neo-Nazi's ? probably the most vicious and dangerous punks roaming America. (Compared with Skinheads, an inner-city Compton gang of Crips or Bloods look almost like Boy Scouts.) Skinheads never need a reason for violence ? just being alone and close enough to jump will make you an instant victim .

These Sick Jerks Actually Enjoy Hurting
And Humiliating People!

Anyway, on this particular night an ordinary-looking man named Chris Clugston made the mistake of driving out to this isolated warehouse. He thought he was going to see a band play music, maybe find a nice girl to dance with, have some fun on a hot summer night. He didn't have much money on him ? after paying the "cover" to get inside and ordering a beer, all he had left was one little nickel in his pocket. Remember that ? a single nickel. Not even enough to leave as a tip at the makeshift bar.

Chris didn't know what to make of all the skinheads giving him the "evil eye". He thought they just had really bad haircuts and silly taste in clothes. He felt no fear? in fact, as he passed a table of them, he reached out and good-naturedly rubbed one of them on the scalp. "Nice haircut, fella," he said.

Three skinheads stood up and quickly cornered him. The band played on.

Now, you have to get this scene right to understand the importance of what happened next: The smallest of the three Skinheads coming at Chris was his same size; the others were taller, more muscular, heavier. They were reaching for objects in their pockets (it was too dark to see clearly) smiling with relish for the stomping they expected to hand out. No one in the warehouse had the slightest urge to help or stop the fight. There was nowhere for Chris to escape.

In less than a second, he suddenly realized he was about to be jumped by three experienced streetfighters? and if he didn't do something right NOW ?

His Life Wasn't Worth Much More
Than That Nickel In His Pocket!

Well, what would you have done? You know, in your heart, you run the risk every day of being in the same situation? cornered by punks who want to do you (and your family, too, if they're nearby) serious harm! It's not even connected to robbery anymore ? they don't want your nickel, they want the thrill of stomping your face into hamburger.

It could be in a parking lot downtown, in a movie theatre, outside your local Seven-Eleven?

Or In The Cool Darkness Of Your Own Bedroom,
Late At Night!

Have you seriously thought about what will happen to you during real-life crunch time ? where your life (and that of your loved ones) aren't worth a plugged nickel?

Back in that lonely Tulsa warehouse, Chris didn't have time to think. He didn't need to? in a blink, he turned that nasty situation around 180 degrees ? and those three Skinheads, even though they were poised and ready to attack, found themselves suddenly thrust into a world of pain and confusion. But Chris didn't use anything that even remotely resembles karate, or Judo, or Tai Kwan Do, or even boxing or wrestling. No. Instead?

Chris Did Something
These Experienced Fighters Had Never Seen Before ?
And Hope They Never See Again!

There were other Skinheads in that old warehouse that night? but they didn't bother Chris! Not after they saw what he did (with an absolutely chilling calm and sense of confidence) to those three streetfighters who cornered him! There was something in his eyes? something the first 3 punks missed in the dim light? that now warned the rest of them away.

The fight didn't take three seconds ? because while two of the Skinheads went down hard immediately, the third broke and ran, and Chris couldn't catch him! These guys have been spotted around Tulsa occasionally since then, and they're still "jumpy". There isn't a flicker of that punk fire left in their eyes. Even the guy that got away (thanks to his reflexes of sheer, pants-wetting FEAR) won't go near anyone who even vaguely looks like Chris anymore.

The people who saw what Chris Clugston did that night all report the same thing: It was like nothing they'd seen before? the quick moves looked too easy and simple to have actually worked?

And Yet The Results Were Instant
And Devastating Beyond Belief!

What Chris (the most normal-looking and likable guy you'll ever meet) used is the strangest fighting technique imaginable ? unlike anything you have ever seen before? and yet (for guys like you and me) it is absolutely the most ruthless and effective fighting style ever devised!

  • Hard-core street fighters end up being bullied by people half their size using this system!
  • Trained boxers can't land a punch!
  • Wrestlers the size of Jabba the Hut get tossed into walls like puppies by women!
  • Karate black-belts never get a chance to strike ? and any defensive move they make only gets them hurt more seriously!
  • Even the highest-level "elite" training in the U.S. military won't help a soldier last beyond a few seconds in hand-to-hand combat against this new, utterly-