KinderGard Home Safety Kit

Worth Protection Security
12 Pondview Drive, Litchfield, NH 03052
(603) 674-4159
[email protected]

"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
But They'll Sure Mess Up Their Day!"

Help protect your children in your home with the KinderGard Child Protection Kit. Don't let your baby become a statistic when most home accidents can be easily avoided.

Kit includes 12 items in all:
? 2 Cabinet Latches
? 4 Outlet Plugs
? Cabinet Lock
? Door Knob Guard
? 4 Corner Cushions

$9.95 each

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper sprays



Flat Rate $8.95 Shipping and Handling will be added to most orders. (Continental USA orders only) Additional Shipping charges may apply for unusually heavy, expedited delivery, or orders outside Continental USA.
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