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Ladies, you will feel confident and in control when you carry a Lipstick Pepper Spray.

If he decides to make you feel uncomfortable or afraid, calmly reach into your purse or pocket, pull out what looks like your lipstick, remove the top and spray him right in the face. You will now have plenty of time to move out of harms way.

Keeping yourself safe is everyone's top priority. Give your safety an extra layer of protection with the Lipstick Pepper Spray. Contains no actual lipstick. These make great gifts for any woman in your family, especially those who don't want to carry a traditional pepper spray. View pepper spray laws.

Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysHowever, Michigan and New York are authorized to receive Bear Sprays and Dog Repellents. Click Here for Michigan Approved Sprays.

   Pepper Spray Pager

Designed for women, this powerful pepper formula is contained inside a common looking lipstick that houses a powerful self protection pepper delivery system. The Lipstick Pepper Spray is a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need into any environment where you might find yourself. Contains 5 one second bursts and sprays up to 6 feet.

Available in five classy colors. Buy several lipstick pepper sprays and give some to your friends

$12.95 $9.88


Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysFor other self defense options hiding in common unassuming objects, check out our pepper spray pens, pen knives, cell phone stun guns, or pepper pagers. Hide your valuables in plain sight in a diversion safe.


“Woman must not depend on the protection of man
but must be taught to defend herself.”

- Susan B. Anthony, 1871


   About Pepper Sprays

US Flag Flat Rate $8.95 Shipping and Handling
will be added to most orders. (Continental USA orders only) Additional Shipping charges may apply for unusually heavy, expedited delivery, or orders outside Continental USA.

Pepper Sprays can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to the states of Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin or the city of Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA.

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