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Need an advantage when coming into contact with an attacker without giving away your defense? The pen knife is what you're looking for! The pen knife is a nifty self-defense item and looks exactly like any regular pen. However, it secretly conceals a small, useful and very sharp blade.

Versatility is an accurate description of the penknife. It's great for self defense, but also comes in handy as a utility item. The sharp little knife can serve as a letter opener, box cutter, or any other small utility cutting jobs. Another great feature is this pen actually works as a pen!

The lightweight pen doesn't get in the way of everyday travels and is small enough to be taken with you on a trip to the store, on your way to work or left on your desk a work. In no way is it heavy or too large to carry. The small, compact, and lightweight frame is a great plus to this innovative item.

There is nothing difficult about the operation of this pen knife. It is easy to use as a pen and just as easy to use as a knife. The top is simple to pull off, revealing the knife, but safe enough to carry without accidentally hurting yourself. Its sturdy design prevents the penknife from being easily broken as well.

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Pen Knives are actual pens that could save your life. They look like an ordinary pen, but feature a 2.13 inch blade that is revealed by pulling the pen apart. Pen knives come in Black, Silver, or Gold. Please specify preference when ordering pen knifes.

These pen knifes are easily concealed so you can take them with you just about anywhere. No one will think that this expensive looking writing instrument actually contains a knife that can be unsheathed very quickly. Nice looking and writes nice too! Keep one in your shirt pocket and keep one in your binder so you'll always be prepared.


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For another deceptively useful self defense item pretending to be a common writing implement, check out our Pepper Pen.

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