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"Our Products May Not Kill Anyone...
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A new (Patent Pending) formulation of pepper spray which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream. This Pepper Gel formulation results in several advantages, longer distance, stronger pepper, sticks like glue, less contaminating, and non-flammable. Ideal for auto, personal (walking, running, etc.), or home use. This new pepper gel formula is the newest and most ingenious product available in self defense sprays. View pepper spray laws.

Secure purchase on stun guns and pepper spraysPepper Sprays can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts or Wisconsin.

However, Michigan and New York are authorized to receive Bear Sprays and Dog Repellents. Click Here for Michigan Approved Sprays.

  • Large Unit Size: 45 Gram
  • Fire-Rate: 7, one second bursts
  • Effective Range: 18 feet
  • Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying.
$19.95 $17.88 each


  • Magnum Unit Size: 79 Gram
  • Fire-Rate: 13, one second bursts
  • Effective Range: 18 Feet
  • Flip-top safety cap to prevent accidental spraying.
$29.95 $27.88 each


Mace Pepper Foam
  • Longer Distance: Conventional aerosol sprays reach up to approximately 15 feet. Mace Pepper Gel?s spray can reach a distance up to 25 feet.
  • Sticks Like Glue: The thick gel formula sticks to the face of an assailant leaving them temporarily blinded, which allows for a safe escape.
  • Stronger Formula: The extremely powerful 1.4% capsaicinoid concentration is hotter than many other pepper sprays on the market, but the unit is non-toxic and causes only temporary discomfort.
  • Less Contaminating: Streaming pepper sprays can contaminate a home, mall, hospital, or business with an uncomfortable pepper scent that will take several hours to dissipate. The gel formula minimizes cross-contamination and is ideal for indoor use because it allows an assailant to be sprayed without contaminating the surrounding area.
  • Shelf Life: Pepper Gel units are effective for up to three years.
  • Decontamination: The gel formula allows for a shortened decontamination period by using soap and water or a decontamination spray. (Not that we expect you to share that information with an assailant!)
  • Price: Mace Pepper Gel is less expensive than electronic, less-than-lethal personal defense devices on the market.


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