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Prevention Tips To Keep Your Pets From Being Stolen

Pets are wonderful creatures, which give our home a jolly ambiance. You value your pet so much and they really deserve the care and the security they need because they are serving as your stress reliever, and sometimes a hero. It’s sad to know that sometimes there are intruders who are interested with your pet and intentionally steal them right from the premises of your home. Of course, pets cannot speak except for parrot, yet, they will not be able to reach you or call you whenever they were stolen. Yet, things will be ok now if you will just find time to follow these tips in giving your pet a secured environment and identity.

Provide unique identity

Speaking of identity, create a particular identification device or something for your pet just like a tag and collar. This will serve as a unique identification for them once they get lost. Yet, if they were actually stolen, chances are, these tags may be removed by the ones who stole them. As a solution to that, better use the microchip for pets that are now available online and from any pet store near you. This is a non-removable chip that will serve as an identity to your pet permanently.



The use of microchips

These microchips are provided with any details that would be needed in order for the authority or the founder to help your pet back home, such as your recent address. Make sure to update it regularly. Your name as the owner and always be sure that upon buying the pet, it is already named to you in the content of the microchip. These chips are good for all types of pets. The DSPCA or the Dublin Society for Prevention of cruelty to Animals is the one authorized to return your pet back home. They are working as charitable institution for pets and a non- government institution.

Practicality and insurance

Microchips are actually not expensive as when you will hire someone to find or reward the founder. This is quite a practical and sure method of finding your stolen or lost pet. Avoid those traditional methods of finding them through fliers and prints because if they were actually stolen, there will be no longer intentions from the thief to give what they have stolen back. You will just waste your money, time and effort.

You love the company of your pets, so, you must never leave them too because they will feel the same way—abandoned. These creatures are sensitive enough, most especially dogs. As much as possible never leave them at home alone once you and your family is on a long trip or vacation. As much as possible, better bring them with you so that you can give them proper attention in feeding and of course, time for bonding.  You should try rewarding your cats with things like homemade cat treats. Believe it or not, pets love you more than your human best friend could. That’s the very reason why you should treat your pet as if they are so special.

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