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Protecting Our Animals at Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center

When it comes to protecting animals, Green Chimneys is the place for that in New York. The Green Chimneys is a great place to spend time over the weekend, or over the weekdays if you have time. It is a great place to go and learn, and a break from the notorious city life. Opened for the children in 1948, the Green Chimney gave them the opportunity of interacting and caring for animals. This is a place that gives people the opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate it through their Farm & Wildlife Center.

The Farm & Wildlife Center hosts more than 300 farm animals, including wildlife that are permanently injured or imprinted. Green Chimneys was also made with the children with special needs, having a program where the main criteria for each animal’s presence is that they thrive in the care at Green Chimneys and play a supportive role in educational and animal-assisted therapy programs for children. One other aspect of the farm is Horticulture at the farm, enabling students to participate in gardening activities and vocational training in the Educational School Garden and at Boni-Bel, a multi-acre sustainable farm.

The Farm & Wildlife Center is also a public attraction, hosting thousands of visitors for enjoyable and educational farm tours during open weekend hours and favorite annual events such as Little Folks Farm Days, Fall Harvest Festival, and the spectacular Birds of Prey Day each June. The visitors to Green Chimneys are encouraged to come and learn more about the wildlife recue and rehabilitation.

At the Wildlife Center, there is an education center, animal triage care area, large display and flight cages, woodland paths and naturalistic habitats. There is also resident wildlife, both local and exotic such as the Andean condor, Griffon vulture, numerous hawks, falcons, and owls, several crows; and permanently disabled bald and golden eagles.

Licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Wildlife Center rescues and cares for diverse species of the birds mentioned below, with the aim of releasing as many of them as possible back into the wild. The animals that are permanently disabled are left to stay at the center. Here is the list of some of birds:

  • Hawks
  • Falcons
  • Eagles
  • Owls
  • Vultures

Green Chimneys Farm & Wildlife Center Reviews

There has been nothing but positive reviews about Green Chimneys, and we are going to try and figure out what people liked the most about it. For most of the visitors, according to Trip Advisor, it was a great place to connect with birds, most of which could not be found in cities. For the kids, particularly, this was the most enjoyable thing. Other people could not believe that there were still free things that could be enjoyed in this world, even completing the farm tour with some lemonade.

Other reviewers thought that this was a place with a great learning experience, since it was actually hands on. They got to see what they were learning about live and not on TV or books. Some loved the watersports, kayaking to take the stress away as they kept fit.


Overall, I think that this is a great place to visit. It is a learning trip into fresh air and wildlife amongst other things.

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