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Protection for the Richest

The rich and famous always have someone behind their backs, and it is usually difficult to determine who it might be or where an attack might come from as they’re being watched by millions of eyes all over the world. Although some people can be properly protected with only a bodyguard or 2, there are others who require a lot more protection than just that. Sometimes they need to be put behind an impenetrable castle and even that might not be enough to ward off an assassination attempt.

Home Security

There are some people like Mark Dubowitz who are not famous enough to require body guards, although their ideas may invite scorn from some people. On the other hand, people as such as the president of a country, for instance, are famous enough for attempted assassinations, and in some cases, even successful assassinations. In order to prevent that, such people hire hoards of security guards, and both the country and these select few guards are responsible to rally around them and ensure their safety.

People as such also live in homes with high security to ensure that they’re not killed in their sleep, and more importantly, to ensure that their family members aren’t kidnapped or murdered. There are many different fortresses that the rich and the famous can choose to live in, and among all the different possibilities available to them, let’s take a look at some of the most technologically advanced ones.

  • Bunkers: No, we’re not kidding. Bunkers can actually be an ideal place to live in for a rich and famous person. Although they’re generally used in the case of natural disasters, you can actually live in style and continue with your lavish lifestyles in it. These bunkers are not only good for defense, but they also contain everything, from spas to amphitheaters, costing as much as $1,550,000.
  • Safe core: If you already live in a house that has panic rooms, this will only enhance that technology, as these safe cores contain everything that you need in order to ensure that you can survive an attack. It is a fortress unlike any other and it can easily maintain a whole family for more than a week, so you will have nothing to worry about and can rest comfortably until the danger has passed.
  • Bulletproof doors: These are not just the things out of action movies anymore, as they can be easy implemented in the lives of those who are constantly under threat of an attack. Billionaires around the world consider it to be an essential in their homes, as this not only shields them from bullets, but also helps the victims seek refuge during an attack. They cost approximately $400,000 for each door.

There could be various reasons for why a person’s life may be in danger, and the danger increases by tenfold when it concerns someone rich and famous. There are many other kinds of home protection that one can opt for, and if you want to learn more about them, read http://www.therichest.com/expensive-lifestyle/lifestyle/advanced-home-security-for-billionaires/

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