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Safety comes first, secure your home

There is most probably nothing at terrifying as waking up in the middle of the night with that feeling that someone is in your house. Hearing glass shatter as your window is smashed or hearing footsteps that don’t belong to one of your family members is the most numbing feeling one can experience. Thievery and crime has been around for ages, read more. Your home is your haven, your sanctuary and most definitely not a place for invaders. When asked what the worst part was for victims of a burglary they will mostly say the feeling of invasion in their space. Someone that doesn’t belong in your home shouldn’t have access to your home. That responsibility is yours and you should take the initiative by investing in the best security equipment you can find. Burglar bars and security gates are a necessity and a good alarm system can end up being your only lifeline in a dangerous and dire situation.

Friends of mine recently had their home renovated and spent quite a bit of money on new fittings and furniture. I was envious of the new keetsa mattress she ordered online. They thought of everything but upgrading their security at their rejuvenated home. They had a break 3 weeks after the renovations were done. The worst part is that their insurance policy was not updated which meant they ended up losing a fortune. We joked about it after the hype saying that the new keetsa mattress was so comfy that they didn’t wake up during all the action. Unfortunately it really isn’t a laughing matter. It is a reality we all have to deal with on a daily basis. If your home is not secured with sufficient security equipment you are increasing your risk of experiencing a home invasion. It is all good and well to believe you are protected by the baseball bat under your bed but what if six armed guys appear in your bedroom and you are half asleep, unaware of what is happening? The baseball bat will most definitely not do the trick. This is almost never a good time to be brave because you and your family’s life hangs in the balance.

You always have to be one step ahead with hazardous situations like a burglary.  Make sure that you make it as difficult as possible for them to get in through windows by installing burglar bars. Add trigger alarms to certain parts in your home to be sure that you will be the first to know that there is someone in your house that doesn’t belong there. To a lot of people security equipment might seem like a waste of money but the reality is you are making an investment. An investment in your safety is one that should never take the backseat and should always be considered priority. Your home is your pride and joy and your life even more so. For further tips on how to avoid a burglary click here.

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